April 20th Pluto In Retrograde: A Struggle Of Power Versus Powerlessness

Crystal B from Crystal B Astrology says this about Pluto retrograde:

“Power in all shapes and sizes is about to come into focus.

Power vs. powerlessness are the focal points.  Who has it and who doesn’t are likely questions that may begin to crop up in your mind.   You could be asking these questions about yourself … or someone else.

If you find yourself thinking about where you stand in the power play department –  there’s a planetary reason behind it.

Pluto, the planet representing power, is getting ready to turn backward and head into his annual retrograde beginning on April 20th, 2017. When a planet gets ready to turn their energy, in this instance POWER, gets intensified.  It’s called a stationing effect and it’s important in the events department.   This motion is similar to a planet taking a bit of a rest and the resting place can light up certain areas of our lives.

Given all of the planetary combinations that have taken place lately, Pluto’s turn is important.  His heavy emphasis on power could play out in several different ways in each of our lives and it’s important to be aware of what’s going on.  Feeling almighty and totally on top of your game is one way Pluto’s turn could play out.  This is the Pluto we all welcome in our lives.

However, Pluto doesn’t always work in the way we want and many of us don’t welcome his influences.  When he’s working against us, thoughts of powerlessness crop up.  Feeling like your power has been totally stripped away can also come along with that.

The power play theme will likely peak on April 20th and then begin to wane as we move past this date.

It’s always most intense in the days leading up to the actual station, especially since we’re currently in a Mercury Retrograde.  Pluto will be going retrograde until September 28th, 2017 when his essence will be emphasized again.  If you had an impactful end of March period, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling Pluto’s energy again now with his turn retrograde. We can use this station to our advantage and get in touch with where our power lies.”

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Tanaaz from Forever Conscious says this:

“Pluto has been in a wild dance since the end of last year with both Jupiter and Uranus. The combined influence has been pushing many people to go outside the box and do something radical or different. We might see another hint of this with Pluto’s important turn back.

As Pluto slips deeper and deeper into retrograde, you are going to be called upon to delve deep into your soul and search those darker parts in order to bring them to the light.

It is time for you to assess where you are, where you are heading and what changes you want to lay down for the future.

During this phase, Pluto is going to unlock the secrets of your past and give you the depth of insight to let go, move forward and step into a place of power.”

Sources: Crystal B Astrology | ForeverConscious