Do You Hold More Male Or Female Sacred Energy? This Test Will Help You Find Out!

Most people understand that there are male and female energies in the world, but most people don’t understand that both male and female energies exist within every single person.

When I have to check the male or female box, I check female. But I also know that I have plenty of male energy circulating within me, twirling around the female energy, and that this unique dance — the rhythm, the pace, the frequency — is what makes me me.

Without adequate feminine energy, you don’t feel connected, valued, nurtured, or appreciated. Your intuition seems irrelevant, and quite frankly, non-existent. Without adequate male energy you don’t feel supported, focused, purposeful, or successful. Your work ethic seems lackluster, inconsequential, and quite frankly, non-existent.

And as is everything else in life, this balance inside of you is delicate. There are periods of your life where you will step more into your masculine energy; your strength, focus, and risk-taking. And then there are periods where your feminine, more patient, kind, and telepathic energy will shine bright like a diamond. Curious as to when it is time to allow various sides of you to shine? Book an appointment with an energy healer or astrologer who can help provide a little insight as to what lays ahead and what energy would be more beneficial to let flow a little more. Or, take some time to tune deeper into what you authentically need (yes, easier said than done). But take a look at the list below to see which characteristics call your name as characteristics you know well, and characteristics you need to call in. Look at your life and identify the pillars in which you could benefit from a stronger sense of Self, and the pillars that are begging for you to value and nurture others.

And while you’re on this journey (because a beautifully endless journey it is) learning more about yourself, and playing with this new ebb and flow of masculine vs. feminine creative energies, use this knowledge to help better understand your tribe — the people you have chosen to surround yourself with. Identify your loved ones whose energy needs a balancing act, and see where you then may be able to help shift their point of view (ahem, that’s my inner feminine speaking). Use the female energy to teach, the male energy to motivate, and the HEART to understand that, regardless of which box you check, finding a personal balance that feeds, nourishes, and inspires you is always an energetic exchange.

Take this test below, created by BrightSide, to determine which sacred energy you hold more of:


Thanks to Gabby Lester-Coll at Sakara for the written content of this article.