New Moon In Aquarius Brings Extremely Powerful Transformative Energy Shift For New Beginnings

The New Moon for January is coming up fast, and there are a few things you need to know about these powerful energies. So don’t freak out- everything WILL be okay.

This new moon makes no aspects. However, it is defined by a square between Venus in Pisces, and Saturn in Sagittarius. On the very same day, nonetheless.

The Aquarius season this year, is all about Saturn. What’s funny, is that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. The energy of Saturn’s restraint goes well with the Aquarius’ detachment. Keep in mind that these energies might not feel great at first, but it’s unavoidable, and must be dealth with if we are to grow. I know “Just deal with it” sounds harsh, but that’s what must be done. This is not a warm and fuzzy message, but this is not a warm and fuzzy Moon. The underlying vibe of this New Moon is somewhat lonely, a little cold, and served up with a dose of independence. A Venus/Saturn square means the blockages you encounter are going to force you to use your own resources. Aquarius energy is about being an individual- a unique and strong individual.

Notice there is a theme here?

We need to remember that this is a New Moon, and as such, this is a new beginning, and a chance  for us to embrace a fresh start. Aquarius energy will point you to your future, whether you have limits on yourself or not. (Remember to “go with the flow” and don’t resist change.)

There is something else happening in the cosmos that holds significance as well. The Mars – Aries ingress occurs on January 28th, one day after the New Moon. Mars, the planet of action, comes home to its sign of Aries, the first sign. This is an extremely beneficial time to embrace new beginnings and change. Mars in Aries supports new initiatives, fueled by courage, passion, and independence.

However many restrictions and responsibilities you are facing right now, please understand that this will pass, but it’s up to you to work through these changes. Again, it might not be pleasant, and the temptation to ignore your responsibilities will be great- but do not ignore your duties and goals during this time. You’ll end up finding out that creates a LOT of extra energetic work in the long run (and if you’re exhausted now, wait till later.) So don’t give up! Flow through this time of change and try to look at the world with open eyes and an open mind.

I promise you, you’ve got this.

Written by Raven Fon for