Numerology Predictions: WHAT DOES THE YEAR 2017 HOLD FOR YOU?

What do the numbers add up to, for 2017? How are the universal energies likely to manifest?

Many of us are trying to make sense of where things are heading in 2017. Are we trying to break new ground, or is it a case of ‘more of the same’? Are the changes we are all experiencing helping us to move in a more positive direction? When looking at 2017 in the context of numerology, we can gain insight into the universal energies at work during the year 2017.

2017 will be a Universal 1 year

Number 1From a numerological standpoint, 2017, when you add them up: 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and that is distilled down to: 1 + 0 = 1

So, in 2017 we’re in a 1 year!

A numerological perspective on the world in 2017

ONE is a number of beginning. 2017 bids us all to start something brand new, something that expresses our uniqueness, that uses our leadership abilities, that opens us to new perspectives. 2017 as a One year is a time to think and act independently. It’s also a year to put our leadership abilities and unique talents to use in the greater world, to practice cooperating without losing individuality.

The number 1 is the maestro, the director of activities and events. 1 is a number about beginnings and new initiatives of all kinds. At best, 1 symbolizes leadership and can get a lot done. At worst, number 1 energy of itself can be aggressive, cruel and even violent due to its pointed, narrow focus and approach. Understanding these basic vibration can help to manifest the positive attributes and recognize and overcome the negative.

2017 marks an Universal 1 year of this millennium.

There is much more that could be said about the numerology of 2017 and the Universal Year 1. This basic mode of understanding is based on Numerology, a close sibling of Astrology, so to speak. Both systems offer qualitative perspectives as is the way of Metaphysics, rather than the merely quantitative perspectives of material science. The quantitative and the qualitative serve as polar opposites, ends of the same pole, the male and female, Yin and Yang of dynamic interplay and balance.

2 – For a start we need to look at the number 2 which is in the leading position, and therefore dominant in the number 2017. The vibration of the number 2 is one of sensitivity, receptivity and the desire to nurture; it creates a need for harmony, and a willingness to achieve this through diplomacy and caring for others. These are all supportive, ‘feminine’ qualities, and -yes! – We have a whole millennium ahead of us in which each year will contain the powerful influence of the number 2. Astrologically, the 2 is associated primarily with the Moon, planet of feelings, instincts and imagination, and ruler of the ‘mothering’ sign, Cancer.

Seen in this light, the key to the new millennium is the development of a more heart-centred, feeling-based approach to life. You could say that we are in the process of evolving from the individualistic, self-centred focus of the number 1, which dominated the previous millennium, into a more co-operative, mutually supportive, peaceful world community under the influence of the ‘2’.

If you’re wondering where all the global violence and destruction fits into this, perhaps it’s forcing us to face the central issue that the ‘us vs them’ mentality is no longer viable in our new millennium. The 2 is the number of sharing, and now – more than ever – the problems facing humanity need to be shared. We need to learn to share our resources, on a global as well as a personal level.

0– The zero in 2017 prompt conscious decisions to co-create this new evolutionary journey with the universe: it’s not a passive process that happens by itself.

The zeros occurring each year from 2001 to 2099 reflect deep, unseen power of new energies forming in our collective unconscious. These latent forces need to be molded through our conscious effort, to bring about constructive changes. The zero in 2017 indicate the enormous potential for creating a new direction. Zeros have a ‘hidden’ energy with latent power that needs to be handled wisely and creatively.

In astrological terms, there is something very Plutonian about the zero. Pluto is a planet with powerful (often hidden) energies which bring transformation through facing the darker truths of life but, like the zero, Pluto’s energies need to rise out of ashes of destruction to create forms that reflect the evolution of new truths.

1– Number ‘1’ is the number creation, of God, the great omnipotent spirit of life. The Yang. The number of consciousness, light, Genesis, ego. It is the beginning, from which all the other numbers are created. One can be divided into any number leaving it unaltered and so represents the Spirit which can enter all things without changing. It is immovable because whether multiplied or divided by itself one remains the same. This does not happen with any other number. It is the number of aim, ambition and action.

7– The number 7 is associated with Neptune, the planet that dissolves obstructions to our spiritual growth & attunes us to inspirational, universal energies. This number rules occult mysteries, magical ceremonies and clairvoyance. It is an indivisible number and therefore compared to God. The bible says that on the 7th day God rested, and all things rest under the influence of the number 7 in order to reflect and contemplate. 7 is the number which governs the rhythms of life. In antiquity there were 7 planets which had influence upon events on earth, and which linked with the seven days of the week. There are 7 colours in the spectrum, seven notes in the musical scale. 7 occurs frequently in nature – flowering plants of a pure strain have seven petals – the lotus being one such type. Buddha is often represented sitting in the heart of a lotus.

So what will 2017 be like, since it’s a “1” year?

The Numerology of 2017 shows that the year 2017 will bring new beginnings and much activity. The pioneering spirit makes way for new inventions, new discoveries, or new creations. It’s energy will brring originality, new ideas. New leaders (committees, chairpersons, etc.), new ideas, or new additions to things done for the surrounding area. Its wide implications could include cities, towns, counties, etc.

Events and opportunities emphasise BEGINNINGS, CHANGE AND PROGRESS, such as:

  • Development of new ideas.
  • Expanding existing interests.
  • Increasing status and/or recognition.
  • Meeting new friends or business associates.
  • Turning avocation into vocation.

Sometimes, one strong change triggers a sequence of events which forces substantial alterations in almost every facet of the life. In brief, individuality, ambition, initiative, new directions, or adding something new to established enterprises.

Ways to Work It:

  • Leadership – that means you and me. People are going to feel embolden to blaze new trails, take the bull by the horns, pioneer in some highly unique and individualized fashion. Don’t be afraid to follow your nose when an idea or ideas “pop” into your head: -)
  • Individulization – yep, we’re all going to start honoring who and what we are as individuals and most likely, acting upon those facets of ourselves. We will learn this year to enjoy our uniqueness instead of being with the “herd” mentality. 2017 it is a year of moving off into your own direction, never mind what others are doing: -)
  • Self-starter – a lot of things from the left-over 9 year (2016) may not have gotten attended to like you might have wanted. Maybe your dreams, your move, your change of job had to wait and your particular needs were put on the back burner. No more. Not in this year. This is the year to self start, to do things you’ve been wanting to do, but just haven’t gotten out of the gate to do ’em. Now, you will have that opportunity.
  • Letting your own star shine – In 2017 is time to quit hiding your light under a bushel basket, as the saying goes. It’s time to embrace who and what you are, your skills, your talents, or your developing skills and talents. This is the year to go learn, get educated, refine your skills and talents. The important thing is to begin the process.
  • Confidence in yourself – is going to start welling up from the deepest parts of all of us. The confidence to believe in ourselves, to move on that knowledge and begin to spread our wings so that we can fly where we want to go.
  • Ideas – thousands of ’em! – 2017 is a year of ideas, new thought, new perspective or perhaps looking at the same old thing in a new and provocative or fascinating way. Everything is up for change in a 1 year! You thought you had chaos in your life last year? Huh. Wait.This is the year of getting off the starting blocks and beginning to run toward your dream, your vision or goal. Now, the shackels, the delays, are behind us. You have nothing but room to run now–so start planning how you are going to get there. Be prudent, be organized and realistic about this. But, as the ad sez: “Just do it!”

Numerology and astrology can be used to study, weigh and reflect upon the past yet it is the now that is ever our concern as the key point between the past and the future and so we return to 2017 as the number on our calendars and hopefully make wise and practical use of the guidance it can offer to us on both individual and collective levels.

Calculate your Personal Year Number for 2017

Your Personal Year Number will shed light on the themes and issues you will encounter in 2017. It is easy to calculate a Personal Year if you follow these steps:

  • Write down your date of birth ie
  • Reduce the month and day to a single digit number as follows:
  • Next reduce your year to a single digit:
    Ie 1981
  • Add the two digits calculated together to get 7.
  • What is the value of 2017?
  • Add your number ie 7 to the value of 2017 ie 1 to get 8 which give you your Personal Year for 2017.

Numerology 2017: Personal Years – Summary

Numerology 2017 for Personal Year 1

Your personal year for 2017 is conditioning you to assert your will. Number 1 symbolizes the beginning of a new numerological 9-year cycle. It’s time for new achievements. Listen to your thoughts and desires and decide what you want to accomplish in the nearest nine years.

Numerology 2017 for Personal Year Number 2

Your 2017 personal year number shows that the main features of this year will be diplomacy, cooperation and patience. You expect a serious partnership, so be ready to make important decisions and act together, because other people can have strong influence on your business and plans.

2017 Numerology for Personal Year 3

Your 2017 personal numeric vibration will condition you into self-expression and self-enhancement. It’s time to take advantage of your abilities in oral culture. Writing the book, lecturing, singing, playing on stage will help you to express yourself. Prove to everyone that you are a self-confident person that you know how to take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and you are not afraid to do this.

2017 Numerology for Personal Year 4

Your 2017 personal year numerology suggest that hard work is the main characteristic of this period. Please, be patient, neat and practical. Stop being lazy and try to move your personal pleasure aside. Only hard work and good organizational skills will help you to achieve these goals and high results. You need to conduct properly your own affairs.

Numerology 2017 for Personal Year 5

Your 2017 personal year numerology brings a focus on changes. It’s time for new friends, travel, new ideas and possibly a change of place of work. It is possible that you will want to change the previous place of residence, you will want to buy a new house or to move to another city or country. It’s time for changes, they will open up new opportunities for you to grow and develop. It’s time to abandon everything old and unnecessary and start a new life.

2017 Numerology for Personal Year 6

Your 2017 personal vibration is quite favorable for marriage, birth of children, the creation of a new family or a reunion of old. Vibrations of this year are closely connected with household chores. You may want to buy or build a new house. Decorate the place where you live, create coziness, but don’t forget about the world. Remember, love and sympathy are guaranteed to you only if you give them to others.

Numerology 2017 for Personal Year 7

Your 2017 personal year is a conditioning force for knowledge and wisdom. This is time when you should rest and take care of your health and deepen your knowledge. This year is also favorable for adequate estimation of your strengths and opportunities and for continuing further self-improvement.

2017 Numerology for Personal Year 8

Your 2017 personal year’s numerology shows that the vibrations of this year have a big influence on your achievements. If you have planned and prepared everything in advance, if you worked the whole previous period to achieve these goals, this year should be for you very promising. Now your ambition, wise judgment and good business qualities are of greater ever value. Keep moving in the right direction and success does not make you wait for long.

Numerology 2017 for Personal Year 9

Your 2017 personal numerology for the year is a number of transformation and endings. Completion is a key feature of this period. Next year a new cycle will begin, so you should renew broken relations. It’s time to finish the nine-year cycle. In 2017 it’s time to say goodbye to everything old and outmoded. This concerns both business and private life. This applies to some people that only make you feel irritation, anxiety and discontent.

Thanks to Astrology Club for this in-depth article.