3 Reasons Why Strong People Attract Difficult Relationships

Life is never a bed of roses for strong people.


They always feel the need to go out and tackle every obstacle they encounter, to solve every problem that comes their way, and to pass every test that life places in front of them. And in the end, they go home only to discover that their one true love in life is upset with them for the hundredth time this week, since they forgot their turn to do the dishes. From an outsider’s perspective, you would imagine that their life is all peaceful with everything sorted out, but this view couldn’t be further from the reality.


Sometimes, the hardest test in life for a strong person is to actually be part of a successful relationship. And it’s not unheard of to experience both physical and mental violence in these relationships, along with some forms of manipulation or constant quarreling. Why is this so?


Why do strong people attract difficult relationships?


The answer to this puzzling question might just lie in the fact that a strong person feels like they’re completely in their comfort zone, and this perception starts to change when co-existence comes into the picture. Having already handled all of life’s struggles by themselves, this new relationship brings with it more tests and baggage for the strong individual to deal with. One explanation in this regard is their desire to go through a new process of self-discovery, growth, and learning time and again, much like a repeat of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.


There are three distinct relationships that a strong person is attracted to:




Strong people are attracted to this relationship so much that they usually end up having more than one relationship of this type.




A lot of work needs to be placed in this kind of relationship. It can be exhausting. And it can be stressful. But at the same time, it can be very rewarding. Growth and learning remains the main aim here.


The self-discovery discussed above is actually achieved in this relationship. This happens because when you’re so invested in a relationship and when you get so close to a certain partner, both of you become very familiar with each other’s flaws and imperfections. A soulmate relationship doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s going to last forever, but the effects of this relationship can.


Strong people have the tendency to be healers. They’re the people you go to when you need a consoling hug, an ear to tell your stories to, a shoulder you can cry on, and a sponge that can soak up all the sadness in your life. So they end up attracting the people who need this kind of strength in their life.

The benefits of this relationship won’t necessarily be one-sided, unless the other partner starts taking advantage. And if that has become the case, just abort mission NOW! Additionally, if the strong partner starts to feel emotionally drained from healing the other person all the time, then just take a step back and try enjoying being in the company of your other half.


The amount of baggage that life gives you can be enormous. And it’s never quite easy to break away from the shackles of things that happened ages ago. They can make you feel confused. They can make you feel annoyed. And they can stop you from moving ahead in life. This kind of relationship feels like it’s hitting you full-on, especially at the beginning when the euphoria of something new and exciting is at its peak.

This is followed by an extreme pull or revulsion, depending completely on the mood of both the partners at a certain time. Releasing old pain and suffering can feel very rewarding and therapeutic. Maybe this is why the Universe continues to throw strong people from one karmic relationship into another, cleansing and purifying them along the way.


What can a strong person do? (In a nutshell)

Just let go. Allow yourself to start operating on autopilot when you’re in a relationship. Like the cliché goes: “Just go with the flow”

Get rid of all the obstacles that come in the way of your reception of love. Due to their independence and freedom, a lot of strong people don’t emotionally let people in. This minimizes the likelihood of being vulnerable and getting hurt, but it also minimizes their chances of finding true love.

Allow all your experiences to strengthen you as a person and as a lover. Allow these experiences to nurture you, to teach you, and to help you grow.

Keep concentrating on the self. If you love yourself truly, you will reach all your goals in the relationship with more ease.

If your relationship is difficult, just embrace it and keep moving forward. Sometimes, the most difficult relationships in life also prove to be the most helpful.

Would you consider yourself a strong person? What hardships have you seen in your life? Share them with me in the comments below!