These Intricate Mandalas Are Painted With Gold To Create Divine Light

By Raven Fon

Asmahan A. Mosleh is a UK-based artist who does more than just create beautiful mandalas- she puts her heart, soul, and time into designing and painting these intricate works of art. Mosleh spends between 8 and 54 hours on a single mandala, and you can clearly see why they take as long as they do.  The pieces, often gilded with gold leaf, are published on her Instagram, @murderandrose.


The intricate designs start with a pencil outline which are then traced in pen, and ending with a colourful detail of paint. Pearls of gold are added as finishing touches that give the mandalas a bit of texture, and add light the in-depth designs. Mosleh also works straight from start to finish, and immerses herself in the entire process. She insists on completing one before moving on to a new design.

Which one do you like the best?







All images courtesy of @murderandrose

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