These Nuns Grow Weed To Heal The World

Marijuana and the legalization of the drug has been a racy subject for quite some time. However, many people believe that marijuana can help chronic illness and anxiety. Some religious groups have strong stances against the legalization of pot, but one group of nuns have decided to start growing weed themselves to help the world.
Being A Nun

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Being a nun isn’t easy, that is for sure. A nun’s job seems to never be done. They are always trying to better someone’s life and are constantly praying. Some nuns are not all traditional though.


Helping Others

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There is a group of nuns in California growing weed to help others. Of course, not all nuns are out there growing weed, but the nuns from Merced, California are.

Spreading The Word

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Sisters Kate and Darcey shared videos of their business online. The videos have drawn a huge amount of attention to their practices.

Not The Norm

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They are a little different than your normal run-of-the-mill nuns. In fact, the nuns only consider themselves to be nuns. They are not religious or even of the Catholic faith.

Praying On The Product

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The “Sisters of the Valley” send out only organic products and no chemical alteration is done to any of the weed. Each jar that is sent out to a customer is prayed on before sending.


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Marijuana sent out from their facility is used for back pain, migraines, and even some hangovers. However, the state of California is trying to make their enterprise illegal.

Fighting To Grow

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This new ban that the state is trying to pass won’t likely affect the “nuns” at all though. For one, God is on their side. Plus, the nuns plan to fight the ban with everything they have in them.

A Feminist Movement

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“It’s more for me about the sisterhood and the feminist movement, to live and work with other women and to do a positive thing for the community—and obviously for the world since we ship it everywhere,” said Sister Darcey.

Selling The Product

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The product in which the nuns put out can be purchase on Etsy. They make claims that their products can help treat a lot of different ailments.

Praying For Legalization

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Both women hope to keep their operation legal. Kate said that they just hope that the state—and the country—will just “Embrace, regulate, and tax” the product.

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