Revelations And The Veil: September 16th Lunar Eclipse In Pisces

By Raven Fon

This Friday’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse might not be visible to everyone, but its energy will certainly be felt by all.

September 16th marks the second lunar eclipse of the year, and the final eclipse of 2016. Unfortunately, if you are in North or South America, you won’t be able to witness the event.

The shaded areas will have the best visibility, according to Time and Date.

So what does this eclipse have in store for us? Let’s get to it!

Just as with any full moon, the lunar eclipse is a time to focus your attention on all the varying kinds of relationships in your life. There will be help from this eclipse in many ways: breaking away from self-limiting thoughts, and gaining clarity in our lives and how we see ourselves.

It’s going to have a dark side too- where there is light, there must be darkness. All of those deeply hidden and dark emotions you have been carrying with you for the past few months are going to come to the surface. This is so you can reevaluate them and determine if they are helping you in your purpose, or hindering your progress.

And we can’t forget about the Saturn Square Neptune (SSN) which will be affecting our internal struggles until the end of this month. SSN helps us all to gain a clearer understanding of our boundaries and barriers, and assists us in defining which ones we need to break down, and which ones we need to build. Additionally, SSN will continue to challenge us to make sure we are pursuing our passions and our goals- if we’re not, we should expect some conflicts to arise.

September’s Lunar Eclipse is all about the truth. If you’ve been hiding from something or ignoring an aspect of your life, it is all about to be revealed; the veil is lifting. When we acknowledge the truth, when we look it right in the face, only then can we make an intelligent decision on how to move forward. Hiding in the shadows keeps us stagnant. 

Yes, the truth can be painful at times, we all know this. But if we are to live an awakened life, and expand our consciousness, we have to admit the truth within ourselves and our lives. Going through this pain will help us to grow and flourish where we need it the most. 

When things arise and you start to notice them, don’t push them aside- they’re important messages from the Universe! You are strong enough to handle the truth, and you are strong enough to keep moving ahead.

With the truth comes emotions. Sometimes those emotions and feelings can help us to release pent up frustrations we might have had. Seeing things clearly will be a challenge, with all those feelings in the way, so we need to maintain focus on the goal- the truth.

Doing something creative is the best way to channel this energy, and it helps us to let our mind subconsciously clear out those cobwebs. Do some writing, paint, listen to or play some music…these are excellent ways to channel those angry or frustrating feelings.

There is only growth with this Eclipse. Allow these energies to help you, move and shape you. They will help you to see beyond the veil, and grow from our revelations. After all, the truth will set you free.

h/t Forever Conscious