5 Tips To Master This Week’s Electric Full Moon In Aquarius

You say you want a revolution? Here comes the Aquarius full moon to stir up your righteous urge for social justice—or the impulse to fight for what’s fair. Aquarius is the sign of groups, teams and humanity. It’s all about the love of our brothers and sisters (cue the Hair soundtrack), but gets squirmy under the heat of too much passion, emotion and one-on-one connection. This is friendly, convivial energy at its best—platonic, playful and decidedly NOT romantic. But who cares? Aquarius is irresistibly fun, likeable, and adorably goofy—a good time to be shared by all.

Clarissa from Viva Combusta!a give us further insight from her article Full Moon (Maybe Lunar Eclipse) In Aquarius August 18th, 2016:

“The Aquarius Full Moon brings a certain mental tension that challenges us to sift through the finer logical details of where the changing times are taking us. With a highly electrical current running through the psychosphere, there’s going to be an edginess that will not be to everyone’s liking.”

“One thing about this is that just after the Full Moon perfects its opposition to the Leo Sun, it will almost immediately turn void of course. So, the buzzing and humming and snap crackle pop will build and dissipate just as fast as it came. So, even for those who choose to look at this Aquarius Full Moon as a penumbral lunar eclipse, it isn’t an earth shattering one. (Which is good, because the eclipses in September will be more than enough!)”

“On a smaller everyday level, this Full Moon will see new patterns of independence emerge. Otherwise, how this Full Moon in Aquarius will affect you personally really depends on how you handle Aquarian energy in general. It will be a lot for some to handle, for sure. For others, however, it will be a new, fresh wind blowing out stale and stagnant air. Take up any offers to do something outside of your usual routine. I wouldn’t plan on the day unfolding as you’d expect. Under Aquarius lunar cycles, there is a tendency for people to be contrary simply for the sake of being contrary, which can be annoying so don’t give too much weight to people acting this out.”

Now, on to what AstroStyle has to say about the Aquarius full moon!

1. Embrace your weirdness.

So you secretly believe that aliens already inhabit the earth and live amongst us (come to think of it, that neighbor of yours…). You put hot sauce on your Lucky Charms. You don’t believe in monogamy and your power animal is a unicorn. Whatevs. The Aquarius full moon urges you to stop hiding the parts of yourself that might be quirky, eccentric or just not in perfect harmony with the people around you. Because Aquarian energy is all about “live and let live,” this weekend is great for authentic sharing—without forcing your ideas on anyone else. As Popeye said, “I am who I am.” So gulp that spinach straight from the can.

2. Take a big step back.

Uber-rational Aquarius rocks when it comes to emotional objectivity. Where do you have your teeth and claws sunk in so deeply that you can’t see the forest for the trees? The Aquarius full moon is a great day to practice the Buddhist principle of non-attachment. Yes, you may WANT something with every fiber of your being. But do you also understand that if it doesn’t happen, you’ll still be okay? If you think you’ll simply DIE without a person, an outcome, or whatever you’re hooked into, chill on the Scarlett O’Hara histrionics. Let go, and the Aquarius full moon will bring a better long-term resolution to your issues.

3. Envision utopia.

Got a radical idea? Aquarius is the sign of the future, and even rules sci-fi. It’s the forward-focused mad scientist who envisions a quirky, idealized world—or perhaps one populated by aliens, cyborgs, and a code of radical individualism. Author Ayn Rand was an Aquarius, and her philosophy of objectivism was all about reason, fighting for liberation, and minimal government meddling (no sloppy sentiment in there). Of course, that can edge into uncomfortable territory, like militia activity and radical anti-government pods…but that’s why philosophies are often more interesting on paper than in practice.

While your beliefs may not be quite so stark and stripped of emotion, consider what the perfect world would be like if you could create it. What does it look like—and how can you bring a healthy drop of that to your daily life? Maybe it’s to the tune of Burning Man, where every day is a costume party and people share their talents, goods and services without exchanging money. You might want to read up on some New Age and shamanic ideas (like the Hopi Prophecies) or even astrology—all Aquarian themes.

4. Geek Out

Got an online endeavor to launch? Aquarius rules the Internet so circle Wednesday as an important date for getting the word out of your technical offerings. Need to create more abundance in your universe? This full moon prompts you to up your technical know how. Geek is chic, so what software stylistics do you need to rock out? Check out sites like lynda.com that offer tutorials or sign up for a class if you prefer in-person instruction. This full moon is a great time to launch an online marketing, crowdfunding or social networking campaign too. Ready, set, go viral!

5. Freshen The Air

Of the four elements, air is Aquarius’ domain. As any yogi will attest, there’s nothing more centering than a deep inhalation of oxygen.  Many of us won’t take a sip of water that isn’t filtered or bottled so how about giving our air the same attention near this full moon? Plug in the air purifier, dehumidifier or vaporizer. Try an essential oil mister for a fragrant and soothing blast. Just go easy on the patchouli — a fan favorite of this bohemian Aquarius moon, but a strong whiff to catch for the average citizen. Grapefruit, lemon, tangerine and other citrus oils are uplifting and energizing. Perfect for the Aquarius “mad scientist” moments that could keep you up working on your master plan till the wee hours of the morn.

Via VivaCombusta and Astrostyle

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