Your Horoscope For The Most Meaningful Equinox Of The Decade

Today is the Equinox, and it’s a very special one indeed. 

What makes this Equinox so special? Well, there’s a few things that have come up which hold great significance. Let’s take a look, and see why it is so important, and then we’ll get to your horoscope for this cosmically illuminated day.

The Equinox lands on 9/22/2020. This adds up to the number 8, which holds exceptional meaning in Numerology.

The Equinox is all about balance. It is when both light and dark, masculine and feminine, hold equal measure – the hours of sunlight and the hours of darkness are perfectly matched today. Fascinatingly, the number 8 in Numerology is also about balance – you can see it in its symmetrical shape. For every blessing it receives, it puts one back out to the universe. When things are balanced, they feel stable, controlled, and supported, which is the most productive environment for the essence of the number 8 to work in.

It’s about Karma.

In a spiritual sense, the number 8 is all about giving back. It realizes that its successes are not its alone and will intentionally recognize and appreciate any help it has received. It balances achievement with gratitude, which can then be rebalanced with more achievement — it’s a cycle of success that the 8 is continuously manifesting. Karma is always in effect, but today She will hold the scales and illuminate where the balance lays.

Let go of self-imposed limitations, doubts, and fears, and allow yourself to imagine being truly connected to your true power, light, and ability to create blessings, joy, and love in your life.

Chiron is also a factor during this exceptional time.

Chiron is in retrograde, in the sign of Aries, and if you know anything about Chiron you know it is all about healing, and karmic past. Coming to terms with our wounding helps us to not only heal ourselves but to help other people who have gone through or are going through the same things as us. Healers are being called forth at this time, though the model of what a “healer” looks like is changing dramatically.

We are living in a time of transition into a new era, and in that new place, we will not need to outsource our healing or sense of direction in another’s hands, but we will be able to assess for ourselves and turn inward for the answers. After all, this Equinox is all bout balance and karmic healing.

Avoid being overwhelmed by this energy which can feel intense at times. It’s not the new levels of light that feel intense, but rather the release and letting go of the old. Intensity comes when we hold onto the past instead of freely letting it go.

Here is your exclusive Equinox horoscope for today:

ARIES – The influence from the day’s aspects can intensify your feelings and you’ll need to bite your tongue to avoid saying something inappropriate. This is not to say that you shouldn’t feel this way but rather that this may not be the best day to address the problem. Instead of holding onto your anger, seek out ways you can help or advocate on behalf of others. The blessings will bounce back.

TAURUS – Today calls for a purge when it comes to decluttering your environment or cutting back on things that aren’t good for you. Focus more on feeling good on the inside and out. Start small and keep going. It’s okay if you feel overwhelmed, or depressed. Give yourself a moment to breathe and focus on yourself and what is good for you.

GEMINI – Today is a good time for connecting with people you love and creating some joy. The world needs to smile in a way that only a Gemini can provide. Chances are you’re naturally friendly and get along with almost anyone. This may already be a strength for you, and if it’s not, then today is the day to get out and show yourself that you can do this!

CANCER – You feel the fire today! Something has struck your attention and you feel connected to it. This can be a real motivator for you as it can bring out your deepest passions and desires to make a difference. Yet, with the planetary influences of the day, do take some extra time to consider what you are committing to. It can be easy to get carried away or to see only what you want to see.  Take care of you, too.

LEO – You’ve likely been feeling drained, and today is the day to find your spark again.  Explore a subject that’s been something you’ve thought of as interesting or learn a new hobby. Stimulate your mind and your body will also become more energetic. Use your talents accordingly as now’s the time when you can get an idea or plan off the ground.

VIRGO – If things just seem to get to you more than usual today, be sure you take steps to making yourself feel better. Do something special for yourself. Emotions can run high on days like this so don’t be too surprised if you feel quite sensitive. Do things that reduce stress such as listening to music, playing an instrument, getting a massage or meditating. Remember who you are.

LIBRA – The sun shines upon you, so use your light to bring focus to matters that are dear to your heart and your community. Your words and ideas can make an impact. Your friends are ready to help. Just remember to let others have their chance to speak their truth as well.

SCORPIO – You might not have a ton of energy now which is why you need to be specific about what you give your energy to, especially with goal-setting. It’s already part of your nature to feel things deeply. With the influence from this day’s aspects, it can get to the point where you’re overwhelmed. Don’t be too hard on yourself if the slightest thing has you weepy or agitated. Try to get through the day with as much control as you can muster and trust that tomorrow will be easier.

SAGITTARIUS – You need to lose your fear today. Like building a fence or fixing the car the only true way to learn anything is by experiencing it. It’s all about your community and friendships now, making it necessary that you get the support you need from your crew, as well as seeking out ways you can offer that support too. Spread love and inspiration.

CAPRICORN – The spotlight is on your goals and aspirations now. Though when it comes to pursuing them today, you’re encouraged to only do what you feel deeply within your heart, even if that means taking a timeout. Remember that not everything has to get done today, but also that procrastination never works in your favour.

AQUARIUS – You’ve been focusing on yourself this year, which is wonderful, but today is the day when you will help someone who really needs it. If you take just a minute to glance around you’ll find someone who’s feeling swamped or frustrated and your offer of a helping hand will be very appreciated. This is a “feel good about yourself” sort of day and you’ll find that the feeling you get from helping out is its own reward. Jump right in there and help out.  Recognize how much of an impact you have on others when it comes to your wisdom and smarts. The world needs you.

PISCES – Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, you may surprise yourself if you give it half a chance. Don’t dismiss your ability. Self-empowerment is the theme for you today as you’re called to build on what you love about yourself and compassionately embrace what you don’t. Know you are already whole.

We hope you enjoyed this article about the Equinox!