Massive Energy Incoming- What Can You Expect From This Taurus New Moon?

The New Moon is in the strong-willed sign of Taurus, and that means a few big changes are heading your way…whether you’re ready or not.

Taurus is about nature, resources, fertility and basic values. So this is a good time to ground yourself in what’s most important, especially if you’ve been feeling battered by current events. Remind yourself what matters most, to you. Then, consider what has the potential to grow in your life. What can you nurture? This is not the time to get complicated – focus on the simplest pleasures (what feels and tastes good) and what aligns with your values. Any relationship or situation that does not contribute to your security, comfort and growth needs to be weeded out.

The Taurus New Moon on April 22, reminds us that a grand new beginning is on the horizon. This grand new beginning has not yet arrived, but it is slowly drawing closer, and this New Moon is our stepping stone on the path towards it.

Taurus is a supremely practical sign, often accused of being selfish. There’s a lesson here – sometimes you need to be selfish to ensure your security and happiness.

What can you zodiac sign expect during the April 22nd New Moon in Taurus?

Aries – Money talks, dear Aries and with this New Moon in down to earth Taurus in your money house, this is your moment to plant the kind of seeds that you want to see grow into a nice hefty income. This New Moon carries some heavyweight energy on its shoulders, so this is no time for half-baked solutions. Do what you have to do to monetise your resources, balance the books and make use of your talents!

Taurus – This is your moment to make a fresh start on all fronts in your life, dear Taurus! The New Moon in Taurus, which happens once a year, is your chance to shape your life the way you want it. Not someone else, but you! Where do you want to go next? What does your heart desire? Who do you want to be? These are the questions to ask yourself and this is the time to pour all your energies into your own projects, goals and desires.

Gemini – Taurus is the sign just before your own and it signifies things that are below or beyond your ego-consciousness. The New Moon in Taurus signifies a time to let go of ego concerns and let the Universe take you into its bosom. This need not be an act of self-immolation: it looks like the Universe has a gift in store for you, if only you let go and let God… But you do need to get out of your own way to receive it. This is a great time to simplify your life and let go of a lot of dead weight that you have been carrying around so that you can feel more present in the here and now and nourish your spirit.

Cancer – This New Moon awakens you to the rich resources you have in terms of your friends, groups you belong to and social circles – and generally the people around you who share your outlook on the world. This is the time to fertilise the social ground you stand on and capitalise on these riches! In simple talk, this Taurus New Moon is an excellent opportunity to consolidate your friendships and make something of the wonderful people that surround you. It is also an excellent time to give some substance to your dreams and aspirations for the future and make a solid start toward these.

Leo – This New Moon opens professional doors for you, dear Leo, seeding the soil at the very top of your chart, in your zone of career, life-direction and honours! This is your chance to make a real, solid new beginning in your career – to ‘put your money where your mouth is’ or ‘walk your talk’. In other words, it is time for you to do something about where you want to be in the world and the goals you need to reach.

Virgo – This Taurus New Moon is a time for you to plant the seeds for the future, in accordance to your own beliefs and code of ethics, rather than following anyone else’s vision. It’s time to consolidate your position in publishing, academia, broadcasting, marketing or international relations and PR and to make a solid start at expanding your base of operations. The energies of this New Moon are heavy, and not so easy to navigate, but with your expert handling, and with friends in the right places, you can really take a definite step forward now, as long as this is something that your heart truly desires.

Libra – The Taurus New Moon happens in the most private sector of your chart, dear Libra, and you might find yourself ready to plunge in and sort out all kinds of tricky situations! Taurus is giving you the stamina to make important changes in your life, purging it of inessentials and setting both your relationships and your finances on a more solid footing. Doing so will help you professionally too, even amid all the changes that are happening around your home base right now.

Scorpio – This New Moon is all about relationships for you, dear Scorpio. It is a chance to make a new beginning in your romantic relationships and business partnerships and to shape your one-to-one interactions with others the way you want them. Money may be a subject-matter too during this New Moon and it may be time to decide how you want to invest your resources, whether you and your partner need to curb your spending and how, generally, to make the best of what you’ve got. You, rather than your partner are likely to be the voice of reason on this front and convincing someone else may be difficult at first, but your partner has the wherewithal to make things move forward now and to bring more stability into your life.

Sagittarius – This Taurus New Moon takes place in your work and health zone, dear Sagittarius, and it is time for you to stop talking about your vision, getting lost in the endless possibilities of the thing, and to start doing something practical about it! This New Moon is about taking small but robust and solid steps forward. It is about actually doing something to improve your efficiency rather than talking about it, to get a healthy routine going or find the job that you want! You may find that you have some financial help (even if it comes with strings attached!) and this can allow you to actually make something of your ideas and resources.

Capricorn – Taurus is such a wonderful sign for you, dear Capricorn, as it rules the part of your chart that allows you to draw the most love and joy out of life! This New Moon in Taurus is right up your alley. It may signal the beginning in earnest of a love-affair or bring an opportunity to seed and fertilise a creative project that can bring you lots of joy, or it may signify a new and happy start with your children! But it is also opposite Saturn, your ruling planet, which means that the energies of this New Moon feel rather familiar to you. But this time Saturn is giving you a lesson that you are less familiar with: it urges you to let go of excess baggage so that you can enjoy life more!

Aquarius – This New Moon is here to help you make a new start in your home and family life. This is a golden opportunity to secure your life’s foundation and make sure that you are placing yourself on a solid financial basis, but also on a good set of values to carry you through in the long haul. There may be financial matters that come up around your home-base, real-estate or a family matter and you are called to give these their proper weight and act in a way that can help you flourish in the long term.

Pisces – The Taurus New Moon is here to help you consolidate your position in your immediate circles. You can now plant the seeds that can allow you to stabilise your course and fix all those little relationships that make up your every day world, putting them on a solid footing. Your popularity is a plus here and you can do much to build a good supportive network around you. This is important, for Saturn at the top of your chart is bent on giving you a lot of responsibility, adjusting your overall career-direction and raising your profile to a point where people are watching your every move. Of course, you want to rise to the challenge! This New Moon may urge you to simplify your communications and movements despite (or in the face) of your rising responsibilities.