Your Weekly Horoscope Is Going To Get Wild During This Full Supermoon in Virgo

Not to mention, Mercury retrograde is finally ending!

The first Mercury retrograde of the decade is finally coming to an end. Mercury turns direct the same day as the Super Worm Full Moon in Virgo a sign ruled by Mercury. This means some big, juicy secrets will be revealed because full moons bring truths to us, so be prepared for the madness!

Since February 16 we’ve been experiencing some serious confusion around our emotions and intuition that might’ve been the root to our distress.

The speedy planet will turn direct on March 9th and, as always with a retro-shade, we can expect communication to get extra crazy during this time. “Mercury retrograde doesn’t actually end,” explains Stephanie Powell, head of content at and “The second the planet begins its forward motion again, we will revisit themes and topics that came up during this retrograde period as we retrace Mercury’s steps.”

When Mercury returns to the exact spot it began its retrograde on March 29, and the retro-shade officially ends, that’s when real progress and momentum can pick up once again, Powell explains. More importantly, this is a time when we can all take a collective sigh of relief.

Add that crazy energy to the potent Supermoon in Virgo, and that’s how we kick off the week.

Full moons often bring up strong emotions as you make important realizations in your life. You will either see projects coming full circle, or you may want to part ways with something and move on. With the sun in Pisces and the moon in Virgo, you will be figuring out how to turn your dreams into reality. You might be developing a plan to bring your creative and emotional side into your work, but you will have to put in the effort and stay on top of the details.

Here’s Your Weekly Horoscope For March 9th – 15th:

ARIES- Dear Aries, this week will bring you closer to your emotional needs. You will feel vulnerable and you will express this intensely. You prefer being isolated, in order to feel safe and calm. Spend some time with your partner or your collaborations, making the atmosphere more pleasant. You will find the emotional strength and resilience required to overcome the difficulties. Calmness and self-control will help you deal with your affairs.

If you’ve been deep in hibernation mode for the past month (or longer), it’s time to light a metaphorical fire under yourself and snap out of it! With spring technically just around the corner—not to mention Aries season, which begins on March 19, you need to be on your game!

TAURUS- Dear Taurus, this week will be all about family, institutions and people that play an important role in your daily life. The needs of your loves ones become your top priority and you feel a need to get rid of anything that is not useful in your life. This attitude will help you progress and, at the same time, assess your emotional needs and the degree to which they are satisfied. Your thoughts gain structure and order, giving you a rational way of thinking. This is a good time to make decisions.

You may think you’ve been flying under the radar for the past six months, but you’re about to discover that people HAVE been paying attention—and your star turn might be about to go down! Which begs the question: What do you want to be known FOR? While there are plenty of people who are “famous for being famous,” that isn’t enough for an earthy, actualized Bull. Once you get clear on what that looks like, you can begin to take strides to manifest it.

GEMINI- Dear Gemini, this week finds you in a very sensitive emotional state. Emotional tension with someone or something is quite likely, so be prepared and deal with things as calmly as possible. Changes might occur, in an unexpected and eccentric manner. You are quite tired of the same routine, so you will receive these changes happily.

Full moons bring things to a point of completion or culmination, so if you’ve been mulling a change, it could begin to take form over the next two weeks (peak manifesting time for this lunation). From rearranging art or furniture to a shift in roommates to acquiring a whole new address, you’ll have cosmic support for initiating this transformation. One thing to bear in mind is that, in Virgo, these moonbeams can bring out your perfectionistic—even obsessive—side. So don’t start anything you don’t have time to pursue with total abandon. If there is an untenable condition that you’ve been sweeping under the hand-loomed rug, this full moon might create circumstances that make it impossible to ignore it any further.

CANCER- You may have to put new plans on hold, or perhaps last week you started having second thoughts about an intimate relationship. Now that Mercury’s direct, you can leap over obstacles or delays and shift into high gear and blasts full steam ahead. The only thing that can stop you now are your own self-limited beliefs!

This full moon may shine a light on some very kindred spirits—highly likely since the third house rules peers AND communication! Connections you’ve been nurturing over the past six months could finally reach “legit friend” status.

LEO- Dear Leo, this week you will feel very sensitive. Being vulnerable is something that you can control by using rational thinking. Avoid conflicts with those around you and do not add fuel to the fire in relationships that have been compromised. Around the middle of the week, you will regain your dynamism and your control over your life and your emotions. Unexpected changes will give you enthusiasm and optimism.

in addition to all your real-life elbow grease, it’s important to align your beliefs with the outcome you desire. So if you’ve been burning the midnight oil to finish a freelance project or find a new gig but deep down don’t believe you’re up to the task, you could be blocking your own blessings.

VIRGO- Dear Virgo, the only thing that makes you feel safe this week is the warm embrace of your family. You will try to get closer to your loved ones, to win their attention but also to devote your time to them. Your deeper instincts arise and determine your behavior. Your intuition is sharp and, if need be, it may save you from some difficult situations. You will regain your organization and discipline and you will be ready to face any trying situation.

The skies feature the year’s only full moon in your sign and first house of identity. Normally your modest, service-oriented sign is more than happy to be the “silent partner,” but this dazzling lunation practically forces you to come out from the wings and take a curtain call. If this is truly challenging, it might behoove you to do a little soul-searching around why this is so uncomfortable. Humility is one thing, but if you’re afraid of taking credit where it’s due or perhaps feeling “not worthy” of the attention, that’s another thing—and not something that supports your self-esteem!

LIBRA- Dear Libra, this week will be exceptional and you will have the chance to move boldly. The time is right for you to deal with demanding situations, to attract attention and to intensify your persuasiveness through your warm and generous attitude. Expressing your creativity will not only give you practical solutions, but also help you get rid of your stress. You will feel a calmness that will help you enjoy life, away from the pressure of your daily routine.

Pulling the plug on any close connection isn’t easy for your people-oriented sign—plus you like to give others the benefit of the doubt. But if someone’s pushed you too far or disappointed you one too many times, it might be time to cut ‘em loose for once and for all. Then again, once you show them how resolute you are, they might finally take the hint to take you seriously and begin to make the necessary inner shifts. You know you can’t make anyone change, Libra. All you can do is take a strong stand for yourself, your emotions and values, and people will either align or they won’t.

SCORPIO- Dear Scorpio, this week you will be guided by your emotions, which become deeper and deeper. You are quite likely to experience some of your deeper insecurities, ones related to the love you receive from your family or partner. You will seek their support and reassurance, in order to feel safe and confident. At the same time, you will be very communicative and articulate and the people around you will express their interest in your thoughts.

If you’ve been a physical hermit or went on a digital detox, this week is the time to come out and reconnect. Solo work projects can be improved with on-point feedback from knowledgeable associates. Even if you’re the team leader, it’s smart to solicit others’ input. They won’t see you as any less capable—on the contrary, they’ll appreciate your sincere desire to hear what they think. Sometimes the most brilliant suggestions come from the least likely sources! This lunar lift in service-oriented Virgo is your personal planetary PSA that support is all around you, even when you’re not tuned into it. The “catch”? You may have to get vulnerable and let people know you could use a little assist.

SAGITTARIUS- Dear Sagittarius, this week will give you the chance to show yourself off and achieve your goals. You know exactly what you want and how to get it. Your resilience knows no end and it will get you where you need to go, despite the tiring effort. You have a great sense of optimism inside of you, which will make you active and energetic. Come Sunday, tensions subside and your relationships regain their stability. You will feel calmness in your soul.

Your visionary sign doesn’t do much—if anything—by half measure, and when you set your sights on career goals, you’re setting yourself and your team up for major success! This annual lunar lift can pull all your efforts of the past half-year together with a flourish. The next two weeks (peak manifesting time for full moons) could bring a long-running project to an impressive conclusion, or you might finally land that gig or client you’ve been pursuing.

CAPRICORN- Dear Capricorn, if you manage to control your intense emotionality, you will be able to take advantage of upcoming opportunities. You are going through an inventive phase, thus the time Is right for you to deal with annoying situations and move on. You need to put some effort into things, as being favored by the universe is not enough. Unexpected changes will help you achieve your goals and move forward, even if this means you have to act in a subversive manner.

This lunation will naturally broaden your perspective, but because it’s in logical Virgo, anything you come up with will be grounded in practicality. If you’ve been dreaming of taking a certification program—or maybe teaching a course of your own—this entrepreneurial boost might be the thing that finally inspires you to take a concrete step toward it.

AQUARIUS- Dear Aquarius, things start to move faster in your life. There is a generalized excitement, constant action and a lot of courage. You are enthusiastic and your energy makes you move constantly and forcefully. Make sure you take a pause when necessary, especially during conversations, as you are likely to make mistakes that could get you in trouble.

Are you a little too quick to write off people or situations as being “too basic” when what’s really going on is that you’re afraid to get vulnerable? This lunation invites to you explore what might happen if you actually shared something from your heart. Risky perhaps, but it’s the best way to find out if you’re overlooking a diamond in the rough. Expressing your feelings to someone who respects them is one of life’s greatest joys. And if the connection is or has the potential to become intimate, then you really need to turn that searchlight on yourself!

PISCES- Dear Pisces, this week makes you feel more vulnerable and sensitive than usual. You feel an emotional imbalance and you seek the warmth and support of your family, in order to regain your strength and feel confident again. Do not isolate yourself, if you wish to maintain control. Be straight-forward to those who care for you and you shall come up with solutions to the issues that trouble you. You will have the strength to change your life. Any unexpected changes that might occur will work to your favor.

essenger Mercury ends an annoying retrograde, which began on February 16 and mostly took place in your sign (until boomeranging into Aquarius on March 4). Signals were scrambled, tech glitches ran rampant, and you might have felt like every time you opened your mouth, people looked at you like you were speaking in tongues. But now that the communication planet is resuming forward motion, you can start to mop up any messes this retrograde might have brought. If you need to apologize or make amends, don’t create stories around it; just humble thyself and do it sincerely.