The Biggest, Brightest, and Baddest Full Moon of the Year is Almost Here

In less than a week, we will see the Full Supermoon in Virgo, and we’ve got your bonus horoscope too!

Chances are, you probably know a few Virgos in your life. The aspects that make them who they are, can tend to drive some people insane. This full moon in Virgo is exactly like that.

Some people will thrive and relish in this energy, and others will run as fast as they can from the shadows of responsibility, organization, and communication. It’s all about perception, and if you are ready to let go of the things, habits, and reactions that have been holding you back, you can have one heck of an amazing time.

The Full Supermoon Happens On March 9th, 2020 In The Sign Of Virgo.

This full Moon will also be the first of three supermoons in 2020—the other two occurring in April and May. “Supermoon” is the popular nickname given to a full Moon that coincides with perigee, which is the point in the Moon’s orbit of Earth where it’s closest to our planet.

While at perigee, the full Moon appears a bit brighter and about 7% larger than a typical full Moon.

It’s Called The Full Worm Moon.

The Moon names that we use today stem from Native American and Colonial-era sources. Traditionally, each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred, rather than just the Moon itself.

The most common name for March’s full Moon is the Full Worm Moon. At this time of the year, the ground begins to soften enough for earthworm casts to reappear, inviting robins and other birds to feed—a true sign of spring. Roots start to push their way up through the soil, and the Earth experiences a re-birth as it awakens from its winter slumber.

The Meaning Of This Full Supermoon In Virgo Is Quite Powerful.

This Full Moon will be illuminating and may help to uncover some new truths or realizations. We may be guided to pay particular attention to our health and to address any nagging symptoms or repetitive patterns we may be finding ourselves in.

While this Full Moon may illuminate and bring things to the surface, we may have to be mindful of jumping to conclusions or making assumptions before we are sure. We have to trust our intuition and instincts, but also not allow our emotions to take over and color the truth of the situation.

AstrologyKing summarizes this Full Moon by saying, “This is a good full moon for overcoming your fears. This is also a good full moon to acknowledge your own weaknesses and forgive yourself. This will help you grow spiritually, morally and ethically. Removing guilt and self-pity will lead to a happier and more contented life.”

What Can Your Zodiac Sign Expect From This Incredible Full Moon?

With Mercury Retrograde in the air sign of Aquarius, we could be in for radical awakenings. Better to be still and chill, allowing things to unfold as they should. Remember, Virgo energy is strong this Full Moon, and patience is a virtue.

ARIES – You’re starting a new cycle of ferocity, power, and strength. Building a strong, sustainable future is the focus as your season of power rolls around. As a result, you’re seriously questioning the essentials of what —and who—is important to keep in your life.

TAURUS – You’ve been mastering over the last few years, and now you’re ready to call yourself a leader. Think deeply about where your career is headed, Taurus. Crafting actionable goals will lift you up the ladder of success this month. Examining how your profession informs your identity, personal life, and wealth will be a big part of this process.

GEMINI – Your future is filled with travel, study, and possibly some exciting publishing opportunities. You’re itching to expand your mind’s horizons this month, Gemini, which could point to higher learning, travel, and befriending people with diverse worldviews and backgrounds.

CANCER – You’re embarking on a new journey in your career and public life. Money is a thorn in your relationship’s side, and if your union has entered stormy waters, you’ll need to ask yourself, “is your love worth fighting for?” If so, untangling debts, taxes, and confusion surrounding the money your partner brings in is absolutely essential to keeping your partnership alive and healthy.

LEO – You’re getting a big boost of glamour this month, Leo! Your career gets a welcome boost this month — along with your income! Generous Venus occupies your career zone all month long, flooding you with a surge of professional opportunities.

VIRGO – You’re setting yourself up to make some important innovations over the next few years. Mercury stations direct on March 9, the same day an absolutely gorgeous full moon occurs in your sign. This brilliant lunation is the sign you’ve been looking for, Virgo! It’s time to prioritize your mental and physical health again.

LIBRA – You’re famous for being fun and flirty, dear Libra, but you’re feeling much more serious now! The way you choose to express your love is changing, Libra. But can your partner change with you, or at least accept your metamorphosis?

SCORPIO – You’re considering how to set better boundaries and create more privacy and safety. Serious shakeups at home and family are in store for you this month, Scorpio. Fortunately, you’ll have a strong partnership with your mate to back you and balance out any domestic stress.

SAGITTARIUS – The  moon in Virgo brings a fresh start in your love life and creative endeavors! Communication may be a source of anxiety for you this month, Sag, especially in your professional life. Unpleasant information at work could come to light during this time, pressuring you to make a snap decision about your job. Don’t do it—take your time.

CAPRICORN – You’re facing your fears regarding money, responsibility, and security. You’re wielding loads of personal power this month, Capricorn. Anything you put your mind to materializes with ease. Specifically, you’re firmly fixed on growing your wealth and investing in the comfort of your home.

AQUARIUS – You’re taking on more responsibilities, standing up for your standards and boundaries, and becoming the boss you’re meant to be. March provides a turning-point for your personal identity, Aquarius. Thinking about who you are in the world might feel chaotic and confusing at times, but you’ll be able to turn to your home and family for peaceful, loving respite with Venus touring your domestic sector all month.

PISCES – This is a powerful moment to work through your feelings and doubts about yourself. Talk felt cheap over the past weeks, but several defining moments shift that dynamic dramatically this month. Confusion clouding your intuition clears once Mercury finally turns direct on March 9. This same day, a Virgo full moon occurs in your partnership sector. Secrets kept in your relationship may come to light, revealing the fragility of your connection. Honest, frank discussion is unavoidable.