Your Horoscope For This Week Is Full Of Fantastic Surprises And Powerful Changes

March brings some pivotal shifts that will guide us deeper into the new wave of energy that 2020 brings.

First off, Saturn is changing signs. Saturn changes signs every 2.5 years and when it does, it creates a ripple and shift in the cosmos that we all feel.

Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma, so as it moves out of Capricorn, where it has been since 2017, and into Aquarius, we are going to be guided to wrap up a karmic cycle. This won’t happen until the 21st, but it’s important to recognize what’s going on so we can be prepared for the changing energies. plus, this gives us something to look forward to later in the month.

For the first week of March, Venus will be in a heavy alignment with Saturn. We may feel like we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders or we may find ourselves feeling disconnected and alone. The way to fight these feelings is to practice self-love, self-care, and remember you are worth far more than what you see in the mirror.

Remember, we are still in Mercury Retrograde. If you are feeling anxious and want to make some life-altering choices, best to wait until Mercury corrects course next Monday, March 9.

Overall, we will be ending painful cycles of self-realization, and moving onto greener pastures- if we’ve managed to learn what we’re supposed to learn and recognized the parts of ourselves that need more effort.

Now, let’s see what the stars have in store for your zodiac sign:

ARIES – Easy does it, Aries! Locking horns could also mean losing an important ally. While you’re busy accusing others of being officious, it’s possible that YOU have been the one asserting a “my way or the highway” attitude. Your emotional background concerns you and now is a good time for you to engage in some self-criticism. These days are suitable for you to move optimistically and make some serious decisions that will help your life develop. Luck will be on your side, so make the most of any opportunities that come your way.

As Venus enters your sector of personal resources conjoins Uranus, you’ll be abruptly introduce to a liberating and/or shocking development in finances and personal values. The rules certainly don’t apply here. Watch for an unexpected source of income or opportunity to embrace some new desires.  This could involve a new development in your job.

TAURUS – You may be rethinking some of your long-term goals. Even though you may be frustrated, there’s no need to give up. Your mistakes are helping you learn. Quit expecting yourself to be perfect on the first try. Your best course of action is to surround yourself with people who have already succeeded. They are willing to show you the ropes if you’ll let them.

Your thoughts and decisions reveal your need to expand and evolve in a way that fits your personality. This is why you will engage in conversations with people you trust, regarding grand, revolutionary ideas and future plans of yours. Thankfully, they will be very well received by your peers and this will make you feel optimistic and decisiveness. This might be the week when you finally plan (or even make) a very important trip.

GEMINI – It may be impossible to travel in a straight line this week. Just when you think you’re on the right track, you’re getting lost all over again. It’s never comfortable moving without a map, but have you ever considered that losing yourself is the only way you’ll find yourself? Let go of your need for guarantees. The magic happens right in the midst of the unknown.

It could be your partner, a family member, a friend or a colleague; whoever it is, make sure you deal with the problems between you, as now is the right time to get over them once and for all. As Venus enters your hidden sector and conjoins Uranus, watch for a secret but very noticeable shift in a relationship, attraction or your values. A background realization about what you really want can hit suddenly.

CANCER – Sometimes you need to go backward just to revisit something and make sure it truly is over. Don’t judge yourself for healing the way you need to heal. However, make sure you’re not concentrating on the past so much that the future passes you by. You are surrounded with new and exciting opportunities, so pay attention and remain open-minded to what’s offered to you.

As Venus enters your social sector and conjoins Uranus, watch for a surprising occurrence or reveal involving a friendship, group or your public image. You may be changing things up as new values take centre stage, or change may be forced upon you by another. Either way, consider this an upgrade.

LEO – Dear Leo, this week fills you with confidence and optimism. You are ready to pursue a new vision, one which will take you away fro stagnancy and monotony. Your life experience will be the basis upon which you will build your future plans. On Friday and Saturday, socializing and travelling will bring you some important opportunities. Make sure you surround yourself with people and plan important meetings.

As Venus enters your career sector and conjoins Uranus, there could be a surprising benefit to changes (or upheaval) in your career. Too, a work relationship could take a sudden turn or your professional image could be rejuvenated with favourable input/attraction. Unexpected professional values could be reflected in a new job.

VIRGO – You might be slipping behind on your priorities, leaving you feeling more disorganized than ever. You could pick yourself apart and let the anxiety get to you, or you can choose to be kind to yourself instead. However, remain steadfast to the facts. You may be seeing someone through rose-colored glasses and their intentions may not be compassionate.

As Venus enters your sector of opportunities and conjoins Uranus, watch for a sudden burst of luck, unexpected romance or an attraction to something new and unusual. There’s opportunity in what’s new.

LIBRA – Libra, your mood is positive and you feel like treating other people with honesty and decency. Be careful, lest someone tries to take advantage of that. You seek harmony in your relationships and take steps towards it, especially when it comes to your emotional life. As the week progresses, your love life will become increasingly interesting.

As Venus enters your sector of shared resources and conjoins Uranus, issues around intimacy or finances can deliver the unexpected. Intimacy could be expressed in surprising new ways, there could be new expenses/developments with a partner’s money or a revelation about what you really want in your relationship.

SCORPIO – While your instinct may be to run from your emotions, it may be time to finally allow yourself to feel them. Repression will only make it worse over time. You may find your feelings point you in all sorts of fascinating creative directions. In fact, they may even contain the missing ingredient. Set yourself free from constraints and allow yourself to be moved without inhibition.

As Venus enters your partnership sector and conjoins Uranus, there could be a very unexpected new relationship that blows away all your preconceptions. Too, an existing relationship could offer some surprises as the expression of a partner’s values catch you off guard.

SAGITTARIUS – Sagittarius, this will be a very important week for you. You are a free spirit and you will feel the need to express yourself. You will be agreeable and friendly, which will help you deal with some difficulties that will occur.

Be careful what you say and who you say it to this week. Think clearly about your end game. What you’re saying may be misinterpreted, so make sure it truly needs to be said. Open your heart to healing rifts and returning to your roots. You can work on solving deep-seated conflicts by putting kindness and understanding above all else. Love is powerful.

CAPRICORN – Money issues may be cropping up once again this week. Decide whether you’ve been penny pinching too much or spending too frivolously. This is your opportunity to prevent further damage from taking place. You may feel extra sensitive to the words of others, so take everything said to you with a grain of salt. Set firm boundaries.

As Venus enters your sector of self-expression and conjoins Uranus, you could get what you want in a very unexpected way. Issues involving children, creative work, a celebration or new attraction can deliver some shocks while opening your eyes to a new version of what makes you happy.

AQUARIUS – Aquarius, this week offers you significant help, as it marks the beginning of an extremely positive era for your sign. You will be able to correct your mistakes and bring back calmness and satisfaction in your life through the positive outcome of things. In your work life, you will demonstrate patience and good will, thus obtaining the optimum results for the issues that are important to you. Discussion will help you reach your goals.

You may feel extra susceptible to confusion and disarray, so allot yourself additional time to complete tasks and think critically before making your next move. Heal your anxiety by staying grounded and taking note of your surroundings. Beauty surrounds you. However, shelling out too much cash to soothe your stress is something you may regret later.

PISCES – As Venus enters your communication sector and conjoins Uranus, there could be a sudden and intriguing meeting, conversation or message. The tone could be flirtatious or there could be some good news, but the unexpected qualities will force you to reconsider what you value and what makes you happy. In some cases, you may be the one delivering the surprising message.

You are taking a trip down memory lane and your memories may feel stronger than your current reality. Nostalgia is a defense mechanism you need to be wary of clinging onto. The past only feels more beautiful because you’re only looking at the positives. Instead of rewriting history, rewrite your present. One day, you’ll look back on this and feel just as nostalgic.