Your Important Valentine’s Day Horoscope For 2020

This special Valentine’s Day falls right smack in the middle of Mercury Retroshade, and things are about to get a little messy.

Mercury Retroshade is the confusing period right before Mercury Retrograde. It is what prefaces those few weeks where communication breaks down, electronics act up, and random things fall apart for no reason whatsoever. During Retroshade, you will start to notice some uncomfortable truths slip through the cracks of reality, and since this happens on Valentine’s Day, you might wan’t to keep any important decisions on the back burner.

On February 13th to the 14th, Venus moves on to square the South Node in Capricorn and North Node in Cancer. Relationship, self-esteem or financial issues will bring you to a turning point – stick with the old rules/restrictions or move towards a more sensitive but satisfying goal.

In other words, don’t take them back.

One thing Mercury Retrograde is famous for is bringing the exes back around. It goes without saying that this is the absolute worst time of the year for that nonsense. Follow your gut- trust your instincts. They know what’s up.

Here Is Your Horoscope For Valentine’s Day 2020:

Aries – Aspects to Venus in your sign hi-light the attraction power of owning your wounds and having the courage to make yourself vulnerable in love. What’s most painful could be the thing that others find appealing about you. Too, you could connect with new levels of self-esteem as you embrace a vulnerability. A relationship, self-image or financial issue can see you choosing between career/success versus home life.

A powerful passionate momentum is slowly building. Full steam ahead. Throughout all the months of 2020, a spiritual awakening is due to transform your existence, as many dimensions of your fascinating personality suddenly blossom.

Taurus – Aspects to Venus in your hidden sector suggest a secret attraction or craving that stirs up painful issues. Wounds that you’ve been denying could be triggered by what you want, and these issues could push you to consider rules, goals and wisdom from the past versus new, more intuitive knowledge and communication.

Authenticity is the name of the game this Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been undergoing an important personal evolution, it’s important to let your partner in on what’s going on with you. If they have a hard time accepting the new you, it may be time to consider whether you’re outgrowing your relationship.

Gemini – Aspects to Venus in your social sector suggest that a public attraction, relationship with friends or issues with your social image will be impacted by the reveal of an insecurity. Making your wants/loves public will also make you vulnerable, but this could heighten your appeal. You may be urged to choose between hidden fears/restrictions versus newly emerging values and needs as you put yourself first.

Your restless soul shall pull up anchor. A time for playful, wild abandon. Do not be bound by the past. Innocent no more! Set a clear path, as 2020 is full of devilish twists and turns, yet bringing a wealth of experience.

Cancer – Aspects to Venus in your career sector can indicate a professional relationship that triggers some vulnerabilities, or issues with your professional image that blend painful matters and public appeal. To, this could be about using assertive charm and empathy to guide others through their painful issues (as part of your job). Venus’ square to the Nodes (including the North Node in your sign) brings you to a relationship turning point where you’re confronted with commitment issues/partnership boundaries versus a path forward that’s best for you.

Due to the influence of Saturn and Pluto, your relationship may have either deepened or you’ve realized that certain facets of it are just not working for you any longer. “It’s important to listen to yourself this Valentine’s Day, and honor what will nurture you and aid in your growth as a person.”

Leo – Aspects to Venus in your opportunities sector indicates that a long-distance romance or matters involving education, travel, legal matters or publishing can blend hopeful developments with fears of entering new territory. You’ll also be confronted with the choice to stick with old rules and definitions of what you’re capable of versus transcending these definitions and reaching for what seems impossible.

Mars in Sagittarius will be transiting your fifth house of dating and romance on Valentine’s Day, which means you’ll feel the urge to travel and go on an adventure.

Virgo – Aspects to Venus in your sector of shared resources combine passionate love/intimacy or financial benefits with increased vulnerability and fear of being hurt. This could be about confronting those fears with another, or working on your own, deep wounds through love and self-acceptance. As you move forward, you’ll arrive at a crossroads where you’re confronted with rules and limits about what you’re capable of versus what you can actually contribute to society or the group. This could also be about choosing to step away from self-imposed isolation and nurture connections with others.

Prepare, if you can, for a whirlwind of far-reaching possibilities. Great has been your pain, so realize from now on, you must do it your way. Come out from hiding, as 2020 rings in a season of social popularity.

Libra – Aspects to Venus in your partnership sector can see you loving someone who’s wounded or projecting your wounds (and attraction) onto someone else. In some cases, this can be your chance to confront relationship fears with courageous, assertive affection. You’ll also be confronted with old family traditions or outdated definitions of who you were versus a future where you manifest what feels right.

With Venus in Aries transiting your seventh house of relationships, you’ll feel motivated to invest more time and energy into your relationship.

Scorpio – Aspects to Venus in your sector of routine can activate issues with health, work or co-workers. Weaknesses, illnesses or feeling unappreciated for the work you do can be addressed as Venus offers a shot of appreciation and care. Too, this could be about you using your passion to heal others.

With vigor and candor, you approach the dawn, as 2020 has the warrior within poised to tackle new battles, eager to liberate taboos. Since Uranus in Taurus will be transiting your seventh house of partnerships around Valentine’s Day, you could suddenly meet someone who sparks your interest and offers some value into your life for the long- or short-term.

Sagittarius – Aspects to Venus in your sector of self-expression can see you putting yourself out there in a romantic or creative situation, despite your insecurities. Watch for a shot of self-love and appreciation from others as you attract based on the courageous embrace of your wounds. In the process, you’ll be challenged to move on from fears rooted in financial and self-esteem troubles towards a more trusting connection with someone.

You may rightfully feel you have been subjected to an unfair inquisition. Regardless, a competitive optimism abounds! With Venus transiting your fifth house of romance, you could be inspired to try something totally new to bring you closer to your partner.

Capricorn – Aspects to Venus in your domestic sector can activate a family wound or sore spot with a domestic partner. But the vibe is a mix of love, healing and pain as difficult issues are embraced with courage. Venus’ square to the Nodes (including the South Node in your sign) asks you to choose how you will handle relationships, going forward.

Awaken the wild heart. Once you were the ultimate life of the party. Time to crack the whip, as 2020 excites an arousing spunk and sparkle, as you are about to move away from the shadows.

Aquarius – Aspects to Venus in your communication sector urge you to put your pain/insecurities into words. Others will be receptive to what you’re saying, and the mix of wounds and bold love/affection can also work as you offer support to someone else. This will lead you to a place where you’re asked to choose between hidden limits/fears versus a new, more gentle approach to self-care, daily life and work. A new reality could emerge if you’re open to it.

With Venus and Chiron in Aries in your third house of communication, important discussions in love could occur on Valentine’s Day. If there have been any obvious issues or problem areas in your relationship from the past year, open communication could smooth things over at this time.

Pisces – Aspects to Venus in your sector of personal resources suggest that self-esteem and security can be boosted by courageous and loving acceptance of your greatest insecurities. Financial or emotional wounds can be addressed, even as you find that you don’t get everything you want. Watch for choice between old, social judgments and restrictions versus a chance to stand in your truth and express who you really are.

Pisces is the ultimate romantic, so it’s easy for you to be selfless in love. And with Neptune and Mercury are transiting your sign, you’ll be more likely to put your partner on a pedestal.