We’re Entering Into A Major Astrological Shift And Things Are About To Get Intense

Aquarius season is upon us, and it’s not messing around. This astrological shift is one we will remember for decades to follow.

2020 has started off with a bang, and it doesn’t look like things will be settling down any time soon. Can you say “intense energies?”

The Sun is in the sign of Aquarius, and that means we are coming into ourselves, finally finding the voice that has been silent all these years.

The Sun is in Aquarius from January 20-February 18. During this cycle, we are motivated by our hunger for knowledge, experience, and originality. Innovation is more important to us than convention. We become more aware of what is outdated in our lives, and we strive to find new perspectives and new ways to do things.

When the Sun moves into the mentally active and social sign of Aquarius, it’s time to come back out and reconnect with the world. Aquarius is an intellectual sign that embraces originality and freedom, so you’re free to walk to the beat of your own drum.

Mercury is in Aquarius too, so your communications and interactions might seem a bit…wonky.

Mercury is in Aquarius from January 16-February 3. This transit makes us hungry for knowledge and open to new and original ideas. We begin to think outside of the box, and our thinking becomes more progressive and objective. Our communication and thought patterns are spontaneous, somewhat fragmented, but as always with Aquarius energy, it comes from a good place full of well-meant intentions.

One of the most powerful transits hits on January 22nd, when the Sun is sextile Chiron.

The Sun is sextile Chiron and approaching a square to Uranus today, suggesting tension related to our will to perform, follow or uphold traditions, and achieve in contrast with our desire to express ourselves as individuals, authentically. The trick is to avoid overemphasizing the self or ego now as we recognize the need for change, growth, and improvement.

You may find that being a pioneer boosts your confidence. Or embracing your outsider status gives you courage. When you step back from the shame/embarrassment/weakness and just accept the issue without judgement, you achieve freedom. Perhaps you discover a unique way of dealing with what hurts, and as you incorporate it into your identity you become a light for others.

Then, we get the New Moon which is all about freedom.

With this potent Aquarius energy, we have the chance to make exciting, progressive changes in our lives. For some of us, circumstances are such that we need to pay more attention to these matters. We have the opportunity to come up with very workable ideas that are also innovative. This New Moon’s square to Uranus suggests a rebellious time when abrupt moves are possible. We’re especially concerned with progress and freedom now.

What can your zodiac sign expect from this intense Aquarius energy?

Let’s find out!

Capricorn Responsibility, hard work, ambition, and achievement: these are the foundations you need to build on now, as a new cycle dawns in your life. And yet, there is a tendency to be a little too hard, perhaps a bit cold, in your approach to these things. Let ambition take you to the top, but don’t let it lull you into thinking that the end justifies the means.

Aquarius This is a time when your path of self-development and expression becomes more and more unusual – setting you apart from the crowd and from all that is traditional. The new, the futuristic, the high-tech are the hallmarks of your lifestyle as the cycle gets underway. Involvement with ideals and idealistic groups enhances your sense of purpose and mission.

Pisces Things spiritual and psychic take the driver’s seat of your imagination as you begin a new cycle. The fine arts and all manner of fantasies assume a larger-than-life importance. Surrendering to fate, karma, and other powers greater than merely mortal may be seen as the ultimate liberation.

Aries A martyr complex, a love for the underdog, a search for your soul mate: such are the experiences associated with the new cycle you’re now just beginning. A yen for soul-stirring romance, a weakness for the weak, and a tendency to idealize people and relationships … very aesthetic, very other-worldly.

Taurus Respect, status, and achievement are central goals for you as a new phase begins in your life. Creating a structure to empower and maintain your ideals and principles becomes a high priority, an article of faith. By taking on greater responsibilities of this kind, you become an inspiration to others.

Gemini Ideology is a keynote of the new phase you have begun – the power of ideas and the power they wield over people. Religious, cultural, or philosophical controversies and crusades have a way of stirring your blood. Travel and adventure are compelling temptations as you dare to test your mettle and stretch your horizons.

Cancer You see what’s wrong and you know what to do now: the time has come to make it real, and it’s a lot bigger than any one person. This means cooperation and organization, authority and discipline, responsibility – and all these things are what it takes to get you where you know you must go.

Libra Practicality and ingenuity combine as powerful drives in your life now that you have begun a new cycle. Taking innovative concepts and making them real and practical is your strong suit; getting stuck in the mud is to be avoided at all costs.

Virgo Attraction to all that is new and unusual, and an instinctive need for improvement.  Reactions are more intellectual than emotional, and interactions are more impersonal than personal, under this influence. This is a time that promotes social gatherings, dealing with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas, and progressive changes.

Leo You become aware of the need for structure and planning ahead. you’re also instinctively are aware of the limitations of time, and are motivated by a desire for success. Achievement and manifestation are most important to you now. You are resourceful and don’t want to waste time, energy, or effort on those who won’t appreciate or accept.

Scorpio Whether it’s passion, elation, sorrow, or desire, emotions are felt on a deeply personal level. We are motivated by the desire to get to the bottom of things, and we instinctively read between the lines. Superficiality won’t work for us now. This time urges us to uncover our own power, and it’s an excellent time to rid ourselves of old fears and limiting habits.

Sagittarius We are motivated by a need to seek the truth, and we are ready to pursue a new vision. We are not interested in details just now. Instead, we focus on the big picture. New experiences and adventures satisfy a deep emotional need. Spontaneity is the key.