This New Moon Is Going To Bring Out Our Deepest Fears And Emotions

This year has just begun, and already we are getting ready to face one of the most important energetic aspects of 2020.

Get ready, we’re about to go into emotional overdrive, thanks to the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th.

The emotions we feel, or don’t feel, are all about to come forward with great intensity, and it’s all for our greater purpose. To heal, to align, and to become our best versions of ourselves.

Sometimes our feelings are lying deep within us and we don’t always have access to them. Sometimes we don’t feel stressed even though we are. Sometimes we don’t feel hurt until we sit down and actually allow ourselves to process the emotion.

Aquarius teaches us that it can be all too easy to slip into feelings of being alone in the world (“it’s me against the world”) and to forget that there is support to be found, if only we reach out and find it. Similarly, there are solutions to our problems, if only we develop faith that answers are available to us, and we reach out to find those solutions. It is a time to consider, appreciate, and value our place in the community and in our social circle, and to give something back.

What can your zodiac sign expect from this intense New Moon in Aquarius?

Let’s find out how you can handle this New Moon energy and make sure to grab as much as you can from this powerful cosmic event.

Aries March 21 – April 20: for you this month’s Aquarius new moon highlights new friends and new desires, or the chance to convince current friends to join you in new ventures – the quirkier the better. What you put into action now needs time to grow and develop, and since it’s all kicking off in spontaneous Aquarius, don’t be surprised if what you end up with around the end of this phase is radically different from your original plans!

Taurus April 21 – May 21: you’re often considered to be the slow and steady type, but the world around you is in for a shock now as rebelliousness and breaking the status quo are written in your stars. With this month’s new moon in spontaneous Aquarius your career is where you could start to be more inventive, innovative or even outrageous. You might decide to quit your steady job and go freelance or aim for a career that no-one would ever have expected you to be interested in.

Gemini May 22 – June 21: your wanderlust is stirred up by January’s Aquarius new moon, and so is your ‘wonder’ lust. Exploring new ground, whether in actual reality or virtual reality, could become an obsession between now and early August. Planning a trip to uncharted territory or making plans to break the internet hold real potential for you now as all things technological, new, untried and untested capture your imagination.

Cancer June 22 – July 22: fascinating financial options could arise now thanks to January’s Aquarius new moon. Aquarius is linked to groups so you might, for instance, decide to crowd-fund a new and innovative project with your friends. Intimacy is another highlight of this new moon for you, leading you to explore your options and potentially getting a little more adventurous and into the dating scene.

Leo July 23 – August 23: this is the perfect time to put new energy into your most important relationships. Re-ignite a longterm liaison, seek out a new flame, and recharge any close work connections. You might even make peace with, or make a friend of, an old enemy or rival, whether in business or in love. Aquarius energy is spontaneous, and you have a window through to August to try out new ways of connecting to see whether who you encounter is going to be around only briefly to teach you a new life lesson, or is someone who’ll become a BFF.

Virgo August 24 – September 22: bring some freshness to your health routines and to your work routines too this month. The Aquarius new moon energy thrives on technology, team work and novelty, so anything that involves new ideas and new people in the pursuit of wellbeing and productive working should turn out well for you, right through to August. Protecting the planet can be a powerful Virgo ideal too, so being drawn to eco movements like Extinction Rebellion this year could have a profound impact on you.

Libra September 23 – October 23: this new moon influences your career and your sense of responsibility, the feeling that through your work you’re making a valid contribution and difference to the world. The added emotions you feel could indicate that’s something currently missing, whether it’s vital information you need in order to do your job properly or a sense that you’ve been going through the motions and working for the money and security rather than to nurture your personal development. What eventually comes to light will be a ‘lightbulb moment’ that alters your priorities. Even if this feels slightly alarming at first, ultimately it will allow you to work with a genuine purpose in life.

Scorpio October 24 – November 22: January’s new moon reveals an urge to find your true self, perhaps to make some changes, deep within you, and to your home, plus, since the new moon is in geek freak Aquarius, to upgrade your technology too. This will also give you back precious time you’ve been wasting, whether you’ve been waiting for an ancient gadget to function properly or worrying over a personality or family quirk that makes you feel ‘different’. Instead, appreciate being authentic and unique. Get things fixed now and by August both you and your home will be running efficiently, just as they should.

Sagittarius November 23 – December 21: you love to travel far and wide, even if only in your imagination, but this month’s new moon in Aquarius encourages you to explore what’s new and different in your neighbourhood. Options to make new friends and find fresh hangouts, as well as to expand your local knowledge, all have extra potential for you now and right through to August.

Capricorn December 22 – January 20: there’s nothing (much) you like more than feeling financially secure, and you tend to be risk averse when it comes to money. Since you have a rare combination of extra luck plus extreme shrewdness going on for you astrologically right now, this month’s new moon in Aquarius could bring an unexpected windfall if you step slightly out of your financial comfort zone. Don’t bet the mortgage or go to extremes, but taking a calculated risk could boost your funds between now and August.

Aquarius January 21 – February 18: new year, new moon, new you! Everything fresh, untried or untested gets your interest now with the new moon in your very own sign. Trying out a different style or a different attitude and developing it over the coming months through to August is all part of your emotional and physical evolution in 2020. You are the chameleon of the zodiac, so what feels good now may be subject to change tomorrow.

Pisces February 19 – March 20: your instincts are often highly in tune with the world around you and you can be aware of moods and trends that others seem oblivious to. This month’s new moon in Aquarius super-tunes your antennae even more so that your hunches are incredibly accurate. There’s a healing feeling to this lunar event too, so that emotional wounds get a chance to mend. After the recent full-on party season, which can be draining for your sensitive sign, some peaceful down time to recharge your batteries is essential.