Weekend Horoscope: Solstice Energy Is Bringing A Powerful Message To End 2019

We have the Winter/Summer Solstice tomorrow, depending on where you live, and it is about to bring some major energetic changes our way.

Are you ready to close the doors on 2019 and end things on a positive note? Well get ready, this weekend’s Solstice is going to do exactly that.

On December 21st, we experience the shortest day and longest night of the year. The increased hours of darkness guide us to enter into the dark night of the soul, a time of retreat where we can go within and hear the subtler stirrings of our being.

Let’s see the message you will be receiving on this important weekend:


Aries, your weekend may start off with some negative vibes. You might need to exert more effort to achieve a certain level of optimism. It could be difficult, but will be worth your while. Big decisions are about to be made in the coming days, Aries. Make a list of everything you need and want to get done this weekend and you will have the drive and discipline to be able to cross everything off you list. Friday evening the moon is in Libra activating the seventh house of partnership in your chart. Make it a date night and enjoy the ease with which you emotionally connect with your date or partner.


Taurus, you have a fun approach this weekend when it comes to love and romance. Your partner will like this side of you, so take the lead and initiate. Travel features strongly in your charts this weekend. If you have had some misunderstandings recently, going out of town can put you in the mood for a calm discussion. A change of scenery may help both of you open up and be honest with your feelings. Make Saturday evening a date night and enjoy the fun fireworks that are sure to unfold. On Sunday the sun moves into Capricorn and joins a stellium of planets in your ninth house of expansion and adventure so plan a fun outing with people who share your interests.


you are likely to stay indoors over the weekend because of an internal battle that is preventing you to go out and socialise. Find out what is causing you to feel depressed and insecure about yourself. You can always turn to your most trusted friends for advice. Make small changes the best way you can, these can nurture your soul. Think of other people and make daily acts of kindness. This can help you divert your focus and restore your inner balance, Gemini. Focus on deep communication and connection. The moon in Libra on Friday highlights love and romance and is sextile the Mercury/Pallas conjunction, so if you’ve been wanting to have an important conversation with your special person, this weekend, especially Friday, is ideal for that.


Cancer, put your own needs first before attending to the needs of others. As much as you might want to offer help and be available to your nearest and dearest, you can only do so when you have adequately prepared for your needs as well. Go out this weekend, socialise and engage in lighthearted conversations. Trust your intuition on this, Cancer. Make an intention to stop people pleasing, it’s time to be done with, “Whatever you want to do is fine with me.” Speak up and choose the restaurant or the activity; show up as a full-fledged, equal partner.


Leo, communication is a strong highlight this weekend. If you and your partner have unsettled issues, this is a good time to discuss and make resolutions. You are likely to find this fruitful as you do away with the blame game. Emotions are well-managed as the presence of harmony will be strongly felt. Cap off the weekend with a relaxing trip out in nature. Long walks and the sound of the waves can nurture your soul, Leo. The Scorpio Moon on Saturday and Sunday shines a bright light on home and family in your chart making this an ideal weekend to fluff up your nest and nurture your loved ones. The moon will square Venus early on Saturday underscoring a tendency you have to neglect your emotional and physical needs. You’ve been working incredibly hard lately and have a lot on your plate so consider scheduling a spa day or at least a massage.


Virgo, a certain event could trigger doubts in your relationship. Before you make assumptions and think of the worst things that could possibly happen, sit down with your partner and talk about this. Your rational mind will influence you to take the right actions. It is never healthy to accuse and blame each other, so focus your time and energy on making resolutions. Love may be tested, but it is up to the both of you to rise up in this situation, Virgo. The Scorpio Moon on Saturday and Sunday highlights learning, knowledge, and communication, making this an ideal weekend to journal, work on a writing project, or perhaps take an online course. You tend to be very organized, so chances are you have your holiday preparations well in hand and can enjoy some me time this weekend, so dive into that book you’ve been savoring or meet up with friends and see that movie you’ve been wanting to see.


You are likely to explore new social avenues and start a new hobby. There is an air of self confidence and assurance that you can do anything as long as you set your heart and mind into it. The moon in Libra on Friday activates your first house of self and asks you to pay attention to your own needs and wants as you roll into the weekend. You tend to be very help oriented and can neglect yourself in the face of caring for others, or you find yourself trapped in people pleasing behavior that leaves you drained. Your ruling planet Venus has just moved into Aquarius where she is freedom loving and independent and can help you break those habits.


Scorpio, the domestic sector will be front and center this weekend. Most of your time and energy will be spent physically rearranging the furniture and redecorating parts of the home. An event might be coming up and this is the time to prepare. The moon moves into your sign of Scorpio early Saturday and will square Venus in Aquarius creating tension between your own needs, wants, and desires, and those of your family. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be either/or, there is a happy medium. If you take the time to map out a plan you can take care of yourself and also be available for your family members; it just takes a little more conscious effort to arrange.


Sagittarius, this weekend highlights interpersonal development. The movement of planets in your charts puts you in the mood to learn a new skill. If you have been thinking of enrolling into a class and explore more of your potential, this weekend is the best time to do it. Mercury is conjunct Pallas in your sign of Sagittarius activating your natal planets in Sagittarius and highlighting communication, philosophical understandings, wisdom, and higher intelligence. This conjunction is sextile the moon in Libra and activates friendship and social engagements making Friday especially powerful for connecting deeply with your tribe. On Saturday, when the moon moves into Scorpio and activates your twelfth house be especially mindful not to overindulge in harmful behaviors.


Capricorn, positive vibes puts you in the mood to dream and set new goals. This optimistic outlook of yours could influence your partner to reflect and do some soul searching this weekend. Harmony will be an obvious presence, so you are free to do and act however you like. The moon moves into Scorpio early Saturday and activates friendship and social gatherings in your chart. It also highlights humanitarian affairs and may create an emotional call to volunteer work this weekend. Hit all cylinders and invite your closest friends to join you at the food pantry, soup kitchen, orphanage, toy drive, or any other cause that feels worthy and meaningful to you; you can’t make a wrong choice.


Aquarius, you are open and willing to go out of your comfort zone this weekend. You could be feeling restless knowing that there are plenty of opportunities out there that you are unable to grab because of previous limiting beliefs. You may feel emotional tension this weekend as the moon in Scorpio squares Venus in Aquarius so it’s best not to push or force yourself to do anything that you really don’t want to do. Obligation is unhealthy motivation, so make a different choice. Your eleventh house of friendship and social engagements is activated by Mercury conjunct Pallas in Sagittarius which calls for deep conversations and connection with people you care about.


This weekend has plenty of opportunities in the area of passion and romance. Be open to possibilities so you can unlock the good things in store for you. A chance encounter could even lead to a deep friendship or a romantic relationship. Think about love, and love will find you. Go with the flow and enjoy the sweet moments this weekend, Pisces. The moon moves into Scorpio early Saturday and trines Neptune as well as your natal planets in Pisces and beckons you to come out and enjoy the holiday cheer, hustle and bustle, and overall energy of fun. There is a stellium of planets in Capricorn activating friendship in your chart which makes this an ideal weekend to organize an outing with your tribe. Go ice skating, grab some toboggans, and find a big hill, ride around and look at holiday lights and decoration; do anything that allows you to enjoy your people.

Enjoy this magical Solstice Energy and remember, even if you can’t see the magic, it is there.