Weekly Horoscope: Powerful Solstice Energy Is Full Of Surprises

What a year it has been. Only two weeks left in 2019, and this one will prove to be extremely powerful, thanks to the Solstice.

It’s winter solstice time when the Sun enters Capricorn on December 22nd. How do you plan to spend this year’s longest night? Or, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you will be celebrating the Summer Solstice- a time for celebration and rest.

The overall message this week is “revealing and embracing the truth,” which is vital if we want to end 2019 on a positive note. Hiding from the truth only creates long-lasting problems, so don’t bring denial or heartache into the next year.

Our relationship with Truth is important.  If we resist, ignore, avoid, or hide from the inconvenient truths that make us uncomfortable, challenge our beliefs, or hurt our feelings, we will repetitively gravitate towards the familiar scenarios that ultimately keep us small.  There is no expansion or new growth in that context.  There’s no freedom in that context either.  Freedom requires a healthy relationship with current reality and current results, and a willingness to expand into uncharted new terrain with awakened vision and higher wisdom, from the heart.

Here is your weekly horoscope for December 16th – 22nd:


The Moon will be on your side, and you’ll be more comfortable than ever in regards to your career. That said, as the week progresses, more and more opportunities will be thrown in your direction, and you’ll be forced to question whether your comfort or your career is more important. You will finally manage to resolve some issues hat have been stagnating and keeping you behind. This will satisfy you and help you pave a new path forward. You will set things straight in your life and you will also reconsider your opinion about some people.


The stars are sure to take you under their wing this week, so prepare to thrive! You’ll progress your career, especially on Thursday, and the wheels of your professional plans will be well and truly in motion. You will work very hard and your free time will be very limited; as a result, you will run out of energy and efficiency. All you have to do is make the right plan that will allow you to be on time and to find some free time in order to recharge your batteries. This will help you deal with any obligation.


You’ll go all out to get exactly what you want this week. Your dynamism, creativity, and inventive spirit will help you soar, and your colleagues will be left seething with jealousy as a result. You were reckless in the past, so now you have many obligations and pending issues that need to be taken care of. Your energy and dynamism will help you sort things out and resolve your problems. After that, you will be free to make plans for your future.


Winter is in full swing, so it’s only expected that you’ll sit back and relax a little. Mars in Pisces supports you, so you’re sure to find your feet once the festive period is over. The planets will improve your communication and you will be able to get your points across, when talking to your colleagues. Your dreams are finally about to come true.



You inspire respect in the workplace thanks to your hard working yet sociable nature. If there’s ever a time to get a promotion or pay rise then now is the moment. Your loved ones will be by your side during this quest, and they will help you make your daily life calmer and more harmonious. The planets will also bring out your decisiveness and you will have nothing to be afraid of.


You’ll feel as if your colleagues back your every decision this week. If you’re looking for a job change, the Moon urges you to put yourself out there on Tuesday, and reap the rewards as a result. You have always had big ambitions, but the conditions were never ideal for you. This bad luck is about to change and you will feel a great wave of joy. Your path will be positive and successful, so don’t give up with the first obstacle. Trust yourself and your abilities and everything will be fine.


Your courage will hit new heights! Jupiter in Capricorn supports you and you’ll face every obstacle with ice in your veins. You will discover and take advantage of new prospects and your every move will be rewarded. Your communication skills will be impeccable and this will make your collaborations flourish. You might be more emotional that you usually are, so be careful when you make your moves, lest you make mistakes you cannot take back.


Thanks to Mars and Pluto, you’re brimming with potential. Your determination and ambition are unstoppable right now, and it’s clear to see that nothing can possibly stand in your way. Your energy and good mood will help you make some necessary changes that will render your life more pleasant and satisfying. Things will flow harmoniously and smoothly and you will be able to successfully finish anything you begin. Meeting new, powerful people will also help you take your career one step further.


You’ll be feeling the strain in both your career and finances. If you want to end the year on a high then Mercury and Jupiter advise you to rely on your organization to keep things in check. Many unexpected and pleasant events will take place this week, since you are about to enter a positive and rewarding period. You have worked hard and now is the right time to enjoy the fruit of your labor and to implement some demanding plans. Do it now, because things might not be as favorable later.


A positive week waits in store for you! On Tuesday, the Moon, Uranus, and Jupiter give your spirits a boost and fill you with the desire to grow and improve. The tools for learning are all there, so put them to good use, and watch your skillset expand beyond belief. You will promote innovative ideas and plans that, as risky as they might seem, will be implemented smoothly and without problems. You will step firmly on your own two feet and your new beginnings will establish your social status.


The powers above will make things tricky in your career this week. If you wish to avoid any major setbacks then it’s best that you stay away from new projects and promising ventures over the next few days. This week, will change everything and will be the beginning of a long prosperity period. You will be able to change your views and your tactics and make the right moves from now on. Be alert and seize any opportunity that comes your way.


Thanks to Mars and Jupiter, it’ll feel as if everything just falls into place for your various projects at work. It’s this week where your honesty is highlighted and you’ll show yourself in a good light in front of your colleagues. This week will give you the chance to take matters into your own hands and determine the plot of your own life. You will settle every issue that has been impeding your ambition and you will make the most of every opportunity to improve your daily life. You have nothing to worry about, since the stars will help you set everything in order.