How To Make Your Crystals More Powerful-By Purifying!

Did you know that crystals are just like us? They are living, and like us, they absorb all sorts of energies around them. They are also exposed to the earth’s energies, including magnetic and electric energy fields. Some different means of absorption include lightning, pollution, natural disasters, alignment of the planets, and from other people.
Crystals attract energy from things around them, positive and negative, especially if direct contact is made. Besides giving off energy, we also absorb energy, and we can absorb energy from crystals. If there is a crystal that holds a lot of negative energy, we will absorb it.
This is the reason we need to purify our crystals and infuse them with positive energy. The residuals left from someone else, or even the icky vibes we have given off need to be cleansed.
Soak and Bathe
Cleansing your crystal’s energy is imperative, but this step of physical cleansing is just as important to the process for a positive result.
For harder crystals (quartz and gemrocks), place in warm, soapy water and soak for desired time. Rinse with cool water and dry with a clean, soft cloth.
For softer stones (malachite, calcites, celestite, fluorite, organics such as amber and other fossils, pearls, copper, etc.), a soft clean cloth will bring your piece to a warm, glowing sheen.
Purifying the Inner Crystal
Sun and Moon
Set crystals out where they are fully exposed to the sunlight and leave them for 24 hours. The moon may not have the cleansing strength of the sun, unless it’s a full moon, yet it will still help to purify the crystals.
Place crystals in a small fabric bag and locate a lovely spot of soil free of fertilizers and pesticides. Bury the fabric bag and leave for 24 hours. This earth cleansing works wonderfully for grounding stones!
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Free-Moving Water
Having access to slow-moving rivers and clean creeks is a great help to those who wish to cleanse with water. If you are able to place your crystals or stones in the water without getting swept away, leave them for a few hours to let the flowing water wash away all traces of negativity. Then simply air dry in the sunlight.
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With pollution having an affect on crystals, as mentioned before, living in an urban city with smog can make purifying difficult. Rice is a good option here. Place your crystals in a bed of rice overnight. Feel free to place candles around the rice to infuse light. Rice is very useful for absorbing negative energy.
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Many people love this method, and I even use it quite often. Light a sage stick and get it burning nicely. Blow out the flame, and allow the sage to smoke freely around your crystals. Rub the sage ash on your crystals (and yourself as an added treat) and wipe off with a clean soft cloth.
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It is important to remember these cleansing methods when utilizing crystal energies. When you bring a new crystal or stone home, be sure to purify and cleanse them. You never know what they can pick up!
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Written by Raven Fon