Weekly Horoscope: Preparing For The Final Big Shift Of 2019

Are you ready for the final big shift of 2019? This week is all about preparing you for those vital changes.

Don’t get caught up on what you have accomplished (or are yet to accomplish) but instead focus on what you have worked on. Each day we put in so much effort just to get through. We are all battling many difficulties that usually remain hidden. Only we know how hard we have worked, so say thank you to yourself.

This week, we receive good news that our dedication will pay off. We see some light on the horizon and feel motivated to keep going.

Aries – Mars in your sector of shared resources trine the North Node bodes well for domestic finances or actively working through deeply personal issues. The deeper you go, the more progress you can make. Venus in your career sector over the South Node can introduce a rewarding professional relationship, job opportunity or issue with your professional image, based the work you’ve put into your career. Venus in harmony with Mars integrates private or intense actions with public status. You can attract what you want based on what you do behind the scenes.

It’s time to think things through, Aries. Expansive Jupiter enters Capricorn on Monday, encouraging you to take a more practical approach towards your methods of travel and education. Instead of flying by the seat of your pants, spend more time planning your next big adventure while your education planet moves through thoughtful Capricorn.

Taurus – Mars in your relationship sector trine the North Node suggests that the actions of a partner or competitor can activate a beneficial idea or conversation. The exchange of information between the two of you can grow from this point. Venus in your opportunities sector over the South Node presents a favourable culmination involving travel, long -distance romance, education, legal matters or publishing. Venus in harmony with Mars indicates that the actions of another can you help you develop a distant or idealized result.

Are you ready to play by the rules, Taurus? Lucky Jupiter makes his way into ambitious Capricorn on Monday, creating more structure to our sense of value. The planet of expansion and education will spend the next year in this practical sign, inspiring you to take stock of your assets and energy. Consider what you are ready to give of yourself to others during this conscientious transit.

Gemini – Mars in your sector of routine trine the North Node says that intensely committed, practical actions in the areas of health or work can give you access to new sources of financial and emotional security. Venus in your sector of shared resources over the South Node indicates a culmination involving shared finances, intimacy or psychological issues that defines boundaries around what you really want or what you share with another. There could be something familiar or inevitable about this, and a gift could be involved. Too, watch for the definition of a deep commitment. Venus in harmony with Mars indicates that actions in your daily life (especially targeted at deep improvements) will support behind the scenes financial or emotional benefits. You can work to strengthen a commitment.

Thinking about settling down, Gemini? Romantic Jupiter makes his way into practical Capricorn on Monday, with a focus on creating stability in your relationships. If you’re in a partnership, you may be more concerned with taking things to the next level or solidifying your bond. Single Geminis may notice an increased focus on prioritizing their time with people who support their goals over casual flings as Jupiter moves through Capricorn until December 2020.

Cancer – Mars in your sector of self -expression trine the North Node in your sign says that your intensely focused efforts in the areas of a new attraction, creative work, celebration or children can lead to crucial and beneficial progress. What you do now is part of activating a path forward where your identity, public image or relationships are more authentic and nurturing. Venus over the South Node in your partnership sector suggests a current relationship (or one from the past) can arrive at a favourable conclusion. Watch for the definition of a commitment or clarity involving their feelings for you. Venus harmonizing with Mars suggests that your actions and efforts to express yourself fully and authentically will be well -received by the other person. Even if this involves an ending, the results can be favourable for both of you.

It’s time to get focused, Cancer. You’re ready to create more structured routines on Monday as wellness-ruling Jupiter enters sensible Capricorn. Your health and work planet is helping you enter a mindset of responsibility — there’s nothing that you can’t achieve with a little planning and hard work.

Leo – Mars in your domestic sector trine the North Node indicates that intensified actions at home/with family can help you process secrets while making progress into deeper areas of healing and forgiveness. Venus over the South Node in your sector of routine suggests favourable results in the areas of health or daily work-watch for a beneficial conclusion around service to others, self-care or practical displays of affection. Venus’ harmonious aspect to Mars integrates domestic actions (including relocation, renovations or efforts with a home business) with what you want to define in your daily life. Excellent for self-improvement, focused healing or upgrades.

Meditate on your sense of value, Leo. Your attitudes towards wealth shift on Monday as bountiful Jupiter enters practical Capricorn. Fight feelings of restlessness on Wednesday when the Moon enters her first quarter at 1:58 a.m. EST in thoughtful Pisces. Allow yourself to experience your emotions instead of hiding from them.

Virgo – Mars in your communication sector trine the North Node indicates that assertively or passionately communicating your ideas can benefit your friendships or public connections. Information that is expressed authentically and with controlled force can have a positive impact on public relationships. Venus over the South Node in your sector of self-expression indicates favourable results in the areas of attractions (including an attraction from the past), creative work, celebrations or children. Defining what is most valuable is key, and Venus’ harmonious aspect to Mars says that you can manifest what you want with commitment and passion. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself regarding your urge to be appreciated for who you are.

Ready to put down some roots, Virgo? Domestic Jupiter makes his way into hard-working Capricorn on Monday, encouraging you to reflect on where you’d like to end up. You’ve had a year of exploration, but Jupiter’s presence in Capricorn entices you to focus on creating more stability in your home.

Libra – Mars in your sector of personal resources trine the North Node encourages you to take action regarding earned money or doing work that makes you feel validated and secure. Asserting your preferences or reaching out towards a new future goal that feels authentic can open up a lucrative career path. Venus over the South Node in your domestic sector adds in relationships or values from the past. A family issue regarding money, love or self-esteem can come to a satisfying conclusion, especially when Venus makes a harmonious aspect with Mars. Domestic finances, a home business or home improvements can also flourish when your security- based actions manifest what you want on the most personal level.

You’re ready to get serious, Libra. Communication-ruling Jupiter enters disciplined Capricorn on Monday, influencing you to be more measured with your words. This transit affects your thoughts and could call on you to be more responsible with any claims you make. It’s always wise to under-promise and over-deliver during this practical transit.

Scorpio – Mars in your sign trine the North Node indicates that your actions will be right on track. Taking a step towards travel, education, legal matters, publishing or exploration is favoured, and Venus over the the South Node in your communication sector adds in a desirable conversation, agreement or decision. Mars’ harmonious aspect with Venus also says that you can get what you want (within reason) if your efforts are authentic and focused: your energies can add fuel and charisma to what you say. Excellent for concluding a discussion or addressing a message/messenger from the past.

It’s time to pay attention to your finances, Scorpio. You’re ready for a more practical approach starting Monday when money-minded Jupiter makes his way into practical Capricorn. Start small as you begin to tackle your budget and find creative ways to make your money go further. You’ll be able to think more prudently thanks to Jupiter’s movement through this disciplined house.

Sagittarius – Mars in your hidden sector trine the North Node indicates that secret or background actions can open up increased trust, personal security or inner growth. Also good for taking actions regarding shared finances. Venus over the South Node in your sector of personal resources suggests favourable results regarding earned money or self-esteem- watch for a long-awaited conclusion to work in your favour. Mars’ easy connection to Venus suggests that you can manifest lucrative or confidence-boosting developments if you tap into intuition or private impulses.

Your perceptions are changing, Sagittarius. Ruling Jupiter enters sensible Capricorn on Monday, encouraging you to think about your long-term self-development. Use this transit to attack projects that you’ve been avoiding.

Capricorn – Mars in your social sector trine the North Node sees your social actions or efforts with friends/groups encouraging progress in a one-on-one connection. Venus over the South Node in your sign suggests pleasing results or endings regarding a relationship or your public image. And Venus’ connection to Mars suggests you can easily activate favourable public connections as you attract based on what you put out.

Remember to relax, Capricorn. You may notice a serious shift in your inner self starting Monday when spiritual Jupiter enters reserved Capricorn. You’re a little more guarded and a little more careful with your energy during this transit. Have faith in yourself as Jupiter helps you to build your integrity.

Aquarius – Mars in your career sector trine the North Node indicates that your ambitious actions or efforts to manifest a future goal can also move you ahead on a daily level. Health and daily routine will benefit, and Venus over the South Node in your hidden sector adds positive result to an ending that’s been in the works for awhile. Venus’ harmony with Mars says that external actions will have hidden but valuable results- you can manifest something private but very desirable.

Take stock of your resources, Aquarius. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, enters sensible Capricorn on Monday, inspiring you to be more conscious of what you consume. Think about the kind of world you want to live in, and do your best to contribute to that creation — no effort is too small.

Pisces – Mars in your opportunities sector trine the North Node encourages you to step forward in the areas of travel, education, legal matters, publishing or faith. Activating previously unexplored areas can boost your confidence and self-expression, while Venus’ conjunction to the South Node in your social sector suggests a satisfying conclusion to a public attraction, friendship or social connection. Venus’ aspect to Mars is excellent for boosting all social relationships and making the most of your public image.

No one can hold you back, Pisces. You’re ready for any challenge starting Monday when career-ruling Jupiter enters hard-working Capricorn. Pace yourself, as this is a marathon, not a sprint — the planet of luck and abundance remains in this sign until December 2020. You’ll learn valuable lessons to help guide your professional journey and maintain your well-being.