2019 Is Going To End On A High Note, According To Our December Horoscopes

That’s right. All the nightmares and icky times we’ve been through this year are about to make sense as we head into the month of December.

Who doesn’t want good news? No one? So everyone wants some good news? Okay then.

The truth is that we are all still going to have to face some struggles here and there (hey, that’s life unless you’re a billionaire) but they won’t be as drastic as they have been over the past year or two. I know things have been rough, it’s been rough on this side as well.

Thankfully, the Universe has a law about balance, and we’re about to enter the positive side of all the negative things we’ve been through.

Jupiter will move into Capricorn on December 2nd for the first time in 12 years. Saturn and Pluto will be joining the planet of luck and prosperity in the sign of Capricorn as we head into 2020. This essentially means the destruction of things that are no longer working. This energy is going to be highlighted all through 2020, and if we don’t make the changes, if we don’t ride this new opening of energy, we may be making things more difficult for ourselves.

Fight the flow, suffer. Go with the flow, no matter how strong the current, you will prosper. It’s that simple.

ARIES- Spend time alone.

Humans are social creatures. And while we all differ on how and how often we connect, we all need at least a little something. This month, avoid hibernation and cutting yourself off from others. Notice how much better you’ll feel after connecting with someone important to you and how it influences your behavior and your compassion towards others.

If you’ve been used to winging it you may feel a tad vulnerable now as the months ahead are about becoming an expert in your field. Arm yourself with knowledge so that socially and in your career, the more you know and the more you network, the brighter your prospects will be. It’s not all work and no play as love and friendships are also set to sparkle this month.

TAURUS – Learn some patience.

Practice patience with yourself and others this month, sweet Taurus. You have big ideas but may find executing said ideas a little more difficult. If you’re constantly disappointed in yourself for not following through, scale down and make more realistic plans. Lessen the stakes and move at your own stride.

Aim to be more mindful about your money now as over-generosity could leave you short for life’s essentials, let alone the luxuries you crave. A new phase opens up for you to focus on longterm stability and personal credibility, but while you like to do things ‘by the book’, this month could bring you extra kudos with love and at work via random acts of individuality.

GEMINI – You are strong enough.

Stop committing to things that aren’t important or make you feel bad. It’s a trap we all fall into, but with honest reflection (brought to you by exercise! Meditation! Journaling! Talking to dark spirits who’ll do your bidding), you’ll find you already know what you could do less of to bring you less suffering. Practice courage. You are strong enough to take care of yourself, full stop.

You could be tempted to take on too much this month. Keep up a dialogue with partners and co-workers so that it’s clear what needs to be done, and share the load. Romance has an international feel to it, potentially via an overseas trip or a lover who’s a long way from home. Something hidden may come to light now that could give you more freedom or huge happiness.

CANCER – Let people help.

The holiday season is always a time for you and your domesticity to shine. Cozy get-togethers, quality time and gifts make December Cancer’s favorite time of year. So enjoy it! Just make sure not to overload yourself or make others’ well-beings and holiday happiness your job. It’s not all on you, Cancer. Let people show up and help.

The spotlight is on the significant love and work relationships in your life this month. A secret admirer could become known to you or an established relationship could take a new and unexpected direction. Keep talking, listening and learning, as the blueprints for the next 12 months are being set in stone now and being in control of your own destiny is a key theme.

LEO – Things take time to happen.

Things worth doing take time, Leo. Instead of quitting, try taking a break or finding a new angle. This year tested your resolve and willpower in so many ways—keep going. This December, things will change for the better. But only if you keep moving forward. Persistence and patience can be dull in the moment, but they are required of all great things.

Whether you’ve ticked all your life goal boxes or your plans have failed to launch, it’s time to refresh your ambitions. Putting in the effort now will take you places. The harder you work the luckier you’ll be, especially if you do it in a spirit of giving rather than glory, and for longevity rather than for a quick fix. Love gets more luscious this month too.

VIRGO – You really can go with the flow.

December is often a time where we are all functioning a little bit outside of our comfort zones. And in your case, that means a lack of control. Stretch and work this muscle like you would with your legs before a run. You can do that by going with the flow, checking in with yourself emotionally and understanding when you may need a break or to organize your spice rack. Soon enough you’ll get the gainz.

As an abundance of chances to increase your happiness arrives this month you’ll identify what’s been missing from your life and free yourself from any feelings of missing out. This links to love but also to your creative desires, where putting in the practice will come more easily and pay bigger emotional and financial rewards as you strive to reach perfection.

LIBRA – You are perfect as you are.

Holidays and this time of year tend to prey on our insecurities. One way we can all succumb to their insecurities is through mass consumption. New clothes and accessories will not make you any happier; they’ll just mean you have more stuff (and less money). Same as losing ten pounds—you won’t be a better person, you’ll just weigh a little less. All things to remember while you’re walking through the aisles of Target.

You may be overthinking things currently and having too many options could mess with your mind. Hunkering down at home is your best bet now so as to regroup and fill your world with something long-lasting and substantial. Whether this means love, money, a secure home-life or increased self-worth, you have your best opportunity in over a decade now to find inner bliss.

SCORPIO – Be in the moment.

Appreciate the present moment as much as possible, Scorpio. It’s easy to get hyper-focused on the future or on all of the things you want to do once you have the time or money to. But right now is all there is. Soak in the moments that make you feel alive and let your future self contend with whatever happens.

If you’ve felt unheard and unseen lately, you get a shake-up this month that helps you to stand out or use your ‘invisibility’ as a secret super power. Finding your own unique, wise and witty way to connect with others starts now. As financial or passionate obligations peak it’s time to fill in gaps in your knowledge and seek unorthodox ways to win at life and love.

SAGITTARIUS – You need nothing.

How many times do we tell ourselves “I’ll be happy as soon as I achieve X,” only to reach our goal and find that we feel exactly the same as when we started? Changing that line of thinking is the only way to truly enjoy the process of living and to be able to enjoy the accomplishment for its own sake rather than what it represents to you.

Take a look at your close relationships this month to celebrate the ones that work or gently let go of those that thwart you rather than support you. Quality not quantity pervades all you do now and your values are becoming more pared down and structured. Love will blossom if you cherish what’s unconventional and local rather than wishing you were somewhere else.

CAPRICORN – You deserve a break.

Leisure, for you, can be a tough mental exercise. It doesn’t count as a break if you’ve got on a thick layer of guilt that haunts your self-care moments, like watching movies, spending the day with friends, etc. This month, allow yourself to indulge fully—mind, body, and spirit. Your to-do list won’t go anywhere, and a fully rested and happy Capricorn is formidable.

It might be the end of the year but fresh starts can’t wait and yours begins now. Suddenly everything seems bigger, brighter and full of hope. This rush of confidence opens up personal and lifestyle changes as new ways of living enter your orbit. You might feel vulnerable but you’ll soon feel invincible. Love and money may come to you by unusual means now too.

AQUARIUS – Ask for what you need.

Manifestation can seem a little woo-woo, but truly, that shit works. Maybe not as quickly as Amazon Prime, and maybe not exactly what you ordered—but your wants are powerful. By thinking positively about what you want to attract versus obsessing over what you don’t want, you can shift your own perception enough to get what you want. This December, make the planetary alignments work for you and ask for the moon, Aquarius.

Knowing that you don’t have all the answers is the first step to self-realisation, and this month you may finally understand that what you thought you knew without question was based more on opinion than on fact. Lavishing too much too soon on a romance? Time and patience works better now than rushing things. Let others come to you rather than invading their space.

PISCES – You are more than your expectations.

It’s weird how spending time with the people we love can bring shame closer to the surface of our everyday life. But, there it is. And if you’re not careful, sweet Pisces, it can end up taking over your life and souring more than just family dinners. Remember that your worth is not determined by your expectations or that of others.

This month finds you in the fortunate position of knowing who your true friends are. New acquaintances could also become an invaluable part of your posse now and help you achieve aims you’d previously only dared to dream about. Home could feel emotional with too much going on so find some quiet space to streamline your thoughts, as well as to get clear on romance.