Weekly Horoscope: It’s Time To Rise Up

Find out what this week, November 18 – 24 has in store for your Zodiac Sign in matters of love, career and more.

It’s going to be a great week for all Zodiac Signs! This Wednesday, Mercury goes direct and gives us a bit  more clarity. While we’re still going to be in a “retroshade” period for a week or so, you’ll definitely notice things starting to go your way. Little by little, things are falling into place.

Let’s see what your Zodiac Sign can expect from this week of November 18th – 24th:

ARIES – “I am in command of my life.”

This week you will take important initiatives that will define the issues that concern you. You have great potential and the planets will help you make your dreams come true. Some family issues that have been troubling you will be resolved in the best possible way. Your love life will improve if you make the right moves to that direction. Set your ego aside and devote time to your partner. If you are single, you will spend some beautiful moments with people that you like. Make careful choices and don’t give in to your every impulse.

TAURUS – “I am present in my life.”

In the beginning of the week, your ability to communicate will improve and will help you resolve issues that have been stagnating. Your dynamism will help you make decisions and improve areas of your life that have been keeping you behind, on both an emotional and a practical level. You might feel pressure regarding some things, so don’t hesitate to talk to your partner and try to come up with a common solution to the differences that put distance between you. If you are single, your charm and disposition will help you meet new people and you might consider committing to one of them.

GEMINI – “I am centered.”

This week will be positive and pleasant for you. Your dynamism will give you the boost you need to overcome the difficulties that stress you out. Your sociability will increase and new people will come into your life and change it. You need to be careful and you must not do things that could be misunderstood by your partner. Don’t let your inner turmoil create conflicts at home. If you are single, behave carefully when you meet new people. Don’t rush into new relationships, if you don’t feel ready yet.

CANCER – “I am empowered.”

Your sociability will increase and your communication with other people will be smooth. Several plans of your will be set into motion. Try to set your obligations in order, so as to get rid of the stress they induce. Your personality and charm will give you the chance to approach your partner and boost your relationship with optimism and happiness. Your sensual mood will help you both have fun. If you are single, you need to let go of the past. New acquaintances will excite you and make you smile again.

LEO – “I am blessed.”

This week you will have to try even harder and work even more, if you want to achieve your goals. This will make you feel stronger, more confident and more focused on your plans. Get ready for many changes that will bring a new, positive reality to every aspect of your everyday life. You will get the chance to correct some problematic situations and that will bring you some peace of mind. Try to improve your relationship with your partner. If you are single, your charm will bring you many new acquaintances. Have as much fun as you can and don’t concern yourself with commitment. All in good time.

VIRGO – “I honor myself.”

This week, expect many changes to your schedule. Power and energy will be your prevailing characteristics and you will be able to achieve anything you put your mind on. Your communication skills will be boosted, but your mood will be strange, because you have not yet prepared yourself for the radical changes that are coming. Many things that bother you in your relationship will be overcome eventually, if you are determined to make drastic moves. Do things that will bring you closer to your partner and share with them your thoughts and your concerns. If you are single, you will have the opportunity to make many interesting acquaintances. Be your best self and you won’t regret it.

LIBRA – “I am that which I think I am.”

This week, the planets intensify your ability to communicate and everyone is at your feet. Your mood will improve and you will be able to settle several issues that stress you out. You need to behave more carefully and to stop being so negative towards your partner. Talk to them about the things that concern you and don’t become distant and irritable. If you are single, the stars will help you meet new people. One of them might become a new relationship for you.

SCORPIO – “I am purity.”

Don’t let your problems get you down. Try to boost your confidence with creative activities, especially in the area of work. Do your best and don’t concern yourself with other people’s opinions. You should do what you think is best and what will motivate you to fulfill your most basic needs. Try to clarify some things inside your head, concerning your feelings towards your partner. Improve your relationship, make it better and stronger and get rid of the shadows of the past, that keep dragging you behind. If you are single, the stars will help you meet new people. It is up to you to change your lonely life and find someone to complete you.

SAGITTARIUS – “I am courageous.”

This week, avoid making moves that could disrupt your long-term plans, based on your intense impulses. Your mood will be good and your social life will make you feel even better. You are highly likely to make important decisions or realizations concerning your relationship. Think very carefully before you make any big announcement to your partner. If you are single, the stars will shine upon you. Be your best self, enjoy your time and the universe will bring you something good.

CAPRICORN – “I am awake.”

Some issues concerning your social life are about to take a positive turn, thanks to the help of your good friends who will be there to support you. Keep your head up high, move forward and nothing will be able to stop you. Your sensuality will offer you and your partner some very beautiful moments. Don’t let the routine of your daily life put distance between the two of you. Set your other problems aside for a while. If you are single, try to prioritize your personal life and make an effort to change it, now that you have the favor of the planets.

AQUARIUS – “I am open to change.”

This week favors changes. You can finally reject your old tactics and focus on your new goals. If you remain focused, you will most certainly get to the top. Pay more attention to your loved ones, they need you right now. You need to make careful moves. Some tensions between you and your partner will concern you and might even stir up things you don’t want to remember. Be careful. If you are single, you will get the chance to make some interesting, new acquaintances. Go out and have fun.

PISCES – “I am limitless.”

You need to be careful what you say and what you do, this week. Your tension and energy will be such that you will be able to resolve issues that have been troubling you. Avoid getting angry and letting your irritation out on people who have nothing to do with your problems. During the weekend, take a short, pleasant trip somewhere nice and recharge your batteries. Think about your next plans. In your love life, you will now be able to improve situations that have been obstructing the path of your relationship. Express yourself freely and don’t wait until the last minute to show your partner you love them. If you are single, you should consider going out. Soon, you will meet a very exciting person.