Weekly Horoscope For The Biggest Shift Of The Year, Happening NOW

Scorpio season is upon us, the New Moon hits us tonight, Mercury Retrograde happens on Samhain/Halloween, and that’s just the beginning.

Talk about a wild month…We’ve been through a lot! Toxic friendships and relationships have ended and new (although scary) beginnings have emerged in our lives.

What do we do when all of this shedding and rising from the ashes occurs all at once? We look to the stars for guidance.

My one piece of advice for every Zodiac Sign is this: Do not go backwards, do not take them back, do not return to the past. Read it again. Your weekly horoscope is below, and we have the insight you need to make the most of this journey. 


You’ll find a handful of your colleagues more irritating than ever, and as the week progresses, you’ll hit your breaking point. Chiron in Aries brings healing when you least expect it. You might realize this week that there is a bigger problem between you and your partner when it comes to finances than you ever thought. The New Moon balances emotions to move your interests forward.


This Monday, the New Moon opposite Uranus in your sign will inject you with fresh energy that will propel you through the next seven days. A need to break free from any pattern you feel holds you back from expressing your true individuality is a major theme in your life now that Uranus is in Taurus. If you want to kick off a new venture then there’s no better time than now to get the ball rolling! Patience pays off. Taurus has an enduring nature, which turns the tables in your favor. The New Moon starts a cycle of relationship do-overs.


You can thank things Thursday’s Mercury Retrograde for how smoothly everything runs! You’ll go from strength to strength at work, and find a balance between improvising and being patient. Jupiter conjunct Ceres in your house of relationships shows what you value. Planning for a trip pays off. Venus sextiles Pluto, adding to the attention you receive. Your future gets a lucky break. On Friday, Venus moves into your partnership sector ,and remains here through November 25, so there’s a good chance you’ll find someone you actually like.


Brace yourself as Mars and Saturn make things tough as the week progresses. It’ll feel as if you’re being held back from completing even the simplest tasks, and each step along the way refuses to progress like normal. Stay patient and keep your temper intact! The emphasis is on healing what ails you in career and private life. The majority of planets are below the horizon of your chart. Your focus is on what others don’t see. You might begin to question everything you ever thought you knew about love this week. Yes, that sounds like a dramatic statement, however, with Mercury turning retrograde in your true love sector on Thursday, a mental revision concerning matters of the heart is simply unavoidable.


This coming week will be filled with frustration! You have trouble finding your feet at the start, and Mercury will disrupt you as soon as you begin to find some stability. Stay strong, dear Leo! This week’s areas of interest include self-improvement (with wardrobe upgrades you won’t feel guilty about), increased income, and zeroing in on what you love about being at home. If you’re in a relationship, there could be some rumblings happening between the two of you this week. A major rift is possible on Monday as there is a pull between you focusing on career at the expense of dealing with a domestic issue.


The week will get off to a good start but come Thursday and Mercury will deliver a whole host of setbacks. Things will soon get back on track so just stay patient! You can start over, which is exactly what you do every day. The Sun opposes Uranus. A shock to the ego quickly subsides. Plan for a little alchemy to show off the real you. With all the masks falling off around you, take some time focus on yourself and what you really want out of your personal connections.


The stress will pile up at work this week, and a mountain of responsibilities and requests will pile up on your desk. It might seem never-ending, but your superiors will be impressed by your grit- so keep at it! Honesty is a quality that attracts. You won’t waste time if there’s not a long-term payoff. The Sun, Venus, Pallas Athene, and Mercury are all in your income sector. You’re looking for what works. There isn’t much clarity happening for you this week when it comes to money, and there certainly won’t be if you even attempt to mix money with love. As a result, steer clear of this lethal combination if at all possible.


As of Monday, the New Moon being both in your sign and opposite Uranus will fill you with confidence and give you wings. You’ll dare to do things and take on new ventures that would’ve previously daunted you. Your gifts bring insights from the subtle realms. You may not have the answer to all mysteries, but you do have a more than a few. The New Moon is in Scorpio. You can start fresh. No need to look back. Just when you think you know your partner, he or she may do something that turns your world (and your stomach) upside down. There might be an unexpected break between you or a massive miscommunication.


Jupiter might be keeping a watchful eye on your finances this week, but that won’t stop Mercury Retrograde in its attempts to throw things off-track. Watch over your accounts and avoid making any important transactions! Jupiter connects with Ceres in your sign. They bring more choices than you have time for. You may wonder how many of them will last. This week, the stars ask for caution. All of the dark matter in your mind concerning intimacy and vulnerability is about to be stirred up. Mercury will turn retrograde in your 12th House of Pain and Healing on Thursday, making it feel as if you can no longer hide from the mental cobwebs that haunt you concerning love.


What is wrong with you? Your normally impressive enthusiasm and drive appear to be nonexistent! Saturn and Mars are placing obstacles in your path, and your determination is suffering as a result. So much is being revealed. A lot of it is due to you. Pluto in Capricorn makes you an agent for change, whether you think you signed up for it or not. Be open and willing to try something new — it’s the only way to get the love you’ve always wanted, but never had.


Luck will be on your side at the start of the week, but come Wednesday, and a change of plans will unsettle you. Now is the time to adapt! With all the changes you’ve been through, you may choose to play it safe. Team up with an authority figure who makes life more comfortable. The New Moon enters this sector of your chart for a spooky, yet Happy Halloween!


Monday’s New Moon in a Water sign will force you to re-evaluate your career ambitions. You’ll realize that you’ve lost your way lately and it’s about time you reignited your dreams. Your sense of justice may be heightened by this week’s celestial gatherings. Venus sextiles Pluto. This brings comfort, beauty, and money to those who develop their own authority. Communicating your feelings about love might not go as expected this week.