Scorpio Season Is Almost Here And All The Masks Are Coming Off

This Scorpio season is all about finding our passions, uncovering the truth, revealing secrets, and discovering who we really are.

We started the month of October off with a bang, as Mercury entered Scorpio on the 3rd. Mercury in Scorpio makes you feel investigative, always trying to find the truth of a situation. Scorpio is an intuitive water sign, so if you have a feeling that something’s off, you dig deep until you figure it out. You’re getting way more in touch with all your feelings right now too—even the darker ones like jealousy or rage.

Scorpio is the sign of secrets and hidden things, and when Venus entered the sign on the 8th, a few aspects of our love life came to light. Venus also influences our finances, so you’ve probably been experiencing some positive benefits in that department too.

All of this intense Scorpio energy leads us up to the major event of the month- the Sun and New Moon shift. 

On October 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio and encourages us to rebirth and renew ourselves. All of these major life changes haven’t been happenstance- they’ve prepared you for this  moment.

Scorpio energy also encourages us to go within and to reflect on where we have been, who we are, and who we are becoming. It is a highly reflective time and one where we may feel sensitive to the rhythms of our life journey.

In Ancient Egypt, the Scorpion was believed to help souls transition from their body and into the afterlife. The Scorpion would oversee as the soul let go of its earthly home and made its way to the next life.

In other cultures, the Scorpion was also used as a totem for the cycles of death and rebirth, for just like the snake, it has the ability to shed its skin and rebirth itself multiple times during its life.

Under the Scorpio Sun, we are all being called to shed our skin and rebirth ourselves. 


Scorpio energy ignites the area of your chart associated with passion, death, and metamorphosis. Does that sound a little…intense? Well, it is! Clean out the skeletons in your closet (proverbially speaking, hopefully) as you connect with the darkness in your character without judgment. That’s right, without judging yourself for your past. Let. It. Go.


While most other signs are intimidated by the intensity of a Scorpio, you’re all about their distinct vibes. This is because Scorpio is your opposite sign.  Scorpio is your “other half,” which is why Scorpio energy activates your partnership zone. This makes your next few weeks all about relationships. Maybe someone has seen a side of you they weren’t aware of, or maybe some friends are lost during this time.


Scorpio season is awarding you the (much-needed) opportunity to tap into your duality. Over the next few weeks, think about how your everyday activities are impacting your spirit. Is the routine needing a switch up? Instead of waking up and doing the same thing, try something different. Embrace all the aspects of yourself that have been neglected. Most of all, love yourself like you deserve to be loved.


When the Sun moves into this like-minded water sign, it will invite confidence, creativity, and (ahem) romance into your daily life. Yes, you read that correctly: By the second half of the month, your magnetism will be so powerful that love will fall directly into your lap! After several weeks of feeling a bit isolated, you’ll feel inspired by this exciting jolt of energy. Don’t fight it—you earned it!


The Sun (your celestial ruler) moves into a new sign on October 23, kicking off Scorpio season. For you, Leo love, this activates an extremely important area of your birth chart linked to your structure and foundation. I know you’re driven by success, but over the next few weeks, focus your attention on cultivating your lion’s den. Do you feel comfortable at home? Are you investing time in family?


For you, Virgo, Scorpio energy activates the area of your chart connected to your siblings, peers, and local community.This is an excellent time to organize some happy hours, reconnect with old friends, or simply catch up with an important person from your past. While you’re at it, pay extra close attention to any important messages you receive along the way. The information you receive during the next few weeks may have a dramatic impact on your future. Overall, be direct with people. It will help you (and them) in the long run.


On October 23, you have a reason to celebrate when the Sun shifts into Scorpio. This sign’s energy activates the area of your chart associated with material wealth and finances, making this an excellent time to get your money right. If your birthday was just a bit too lavish, consider setting new monetary goals for the weeks ahead.


For you, Scorpio darling, this season will positively improve your relationships within your local community. Tensions with a sibling or colleague will begin to dissipate over the next few weeks. At the end of the day, you may discover that not all battles are worth fighting. You know not everyone is going to understand you—and that’s totally fine. Direct your attention where it matters, Scorpio. There’s no reason to be righteous about stuff that—at the end of the day—doesn’t really matter.


On October 23, the Sun glides into Scorpio, your neighboring sign. This could only mean one thing: Your birthday is right around the corner! But before you start party planning, use the next few weeks to evaluate your current conditions. Right now, you’re preparing to begin a new solar cycle, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself letting go of things that are no longer serving your soul. It’s often a sucky feeling to release the past even when we know we’re moving forward.


Scorpio energy illuminates the area of your chart associated with professional success and career aspiration, and suddenly, you’re moving at hyper-speed. Whether you’re negotiating a raise or launching your own business, Scorpio season is all about you embracing your inner boss.


For you, Scorpio energy prompts you to think globally.I know it can feel hard to give back when you haven’t even reached your own goals, but over the next few weeks, remember that acts of kindness can generate rewards. Sure, it’s good karma—but it’s also simple math. The more you do for others, the more others will be willing to do for you, and there’s nothing wrong with practicing reciprocity!


The sun enters shadowy Scorpio on October 23, but for you, this celestial movement doesn’t feel dark and brooding. In fact, Scorpio energy activates your creativity zone. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be feeling bright, sunny, and inspired! This is an extremely artistic moment for you, Pisces love, so be sure you’re prepared with pencils, easels, or whatever tools help you express your imagination.