Weekly Horoscope: The Full Moon And Other Major Influences You’ll Definitely Feel

This week starts off with a major cosmic event- the mega moon in Aries on October 13th.

Falling in the sign of Aries, the October 13th Full Moon is going to help cut cords of tension so we can relax and feel free. If you have been feeling highly strung, easily frustrated, or overwhelmed, there is a huge release point on offer to us under the bright Full Moon.

While the spirit of Aries Moon may seem relentless to some, the necessity to forge our will with precision and expertise brings a better sense of well-being. Taking action to complete personal goals is the most natural way to channel this hard driving energy of Aries Moon.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn (October 14 – October 19) gives many people an opportunity to learn vital lessons regarding boundaries, limitations and responsibilities. This is a good time to discuss where to set up boundaries and how to implement security systems.

What can your zodiac sign expect this week of October 13th – 19th?

Libra – Time for a breakthrough

Are you ready to commit? On the 13th, the full moon illuminates your house of both partnerships and contracts so get ready to seal a deal. If your boyfriend proposes, will you say yes? If you’re offered the job, will you accept? Take control of the situation even if someone else is popping the question. Remember that the euphoria you feel when signing onto something huge isn’t the whole story. Get ready for the long haul.

Financial matters are also a key theme in October with radical changes happening at every turn. The problem this time? Uranus will oppose Venus, making it likely that you’ll make money, but it will slip through your fingers just as fast.

Scorpio – All about confidence.

Don’t let yourself down, dear Scorpio. Now that you’ve finished celebrating this summer’s major career breakthrough, the full moon on the 13th shifts your focus to the daily grind. If your coworker is slacking or if a joint error causes a missed deadline, take a pause to reconfigure the flow. Have the conversation out of the office and over drinks if necessary. Say your piece, have your Chardonnay and then return to the tasks at hand.

There’s something about this month, however, that is likely to speed up your usual way of relating and you may find yourself behaving much more erratically.

Sagittarius – Turning point.

Even though you’re circulating more than ever these days, all the schmoozing has left you feeling empty. On the 13th, let the full moon inspire you to follow your bliss. Bring the kids to the super cute fall harvest festival and get your face painted, too. Take yourself on a date to a Mud and Merlot class at the ceramic studio. Who cares if what you’re doing is silly? Or isn’t advancing your career? Get busy with things you actually enjoy.

There’s a lot going on in your mind and you might need to take a break from everything so that you can sort out your feelings about several areas, including career and romance.

Capricorn – Success and ambition.

At the full moon on the 13th, you realize that even in your most private space, it’s impossible to escape drama. This week, your recently divorced sister-in-law arrives to stay indefinitely on the couch, your daughter’s playdate ends, yet again, in tears and the dog has peed all over the new Moroccan rug. It’s a testament to the foundation you’ve built that you can remain calm through the farce. Stay strong and text a friend all the updates when you must vent.

This is the time to launch a new business, reach for a promotion or set your sights on leveling up in your profession. Go for it!

Aquarius – Validation and appreciation.

Just because it isn’t about you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention. At the full moon on the 13th something major happens…for your sister (or your best friend who feels like one). Whether it’s taking the reins on her haphazardly planned engagement party, talking her out of flippantly quitting her job or being the first responder to her pregnancy scare, you must take the lead. Be the voice of reason you always wish to see in the world.

Your love life might take a backseat this month since you’ll be quite distracted with family chaos that comes at you from every turn while you’re trying to take advantage of those professional opportunities.

Pisces – Income changes and fluctuation.

Tempted by a prix fixe menu? Desperately seeking a leather jacket? Or just in search of more clients? The full moon on the 13th inspires you to manifest some items from your wish list by letting the world–or your friends–in on what you really want. By the end of the week, you may even find a gift in your mailbox or some cash in your Paypal balance. Abundance comes when you make your values known.

If you’re in business for yourself, then there is more likely to be a loss than if you work for a company. Hang in there either way — this is all very temporary!

Aries – Find control within the chaos.

Sometimes when life feels out of control, all you need to change the narrative is a fresh routine. With the full moon in your sign on the 13th, focus on revitalizing your approach to skin care. Ditch those washes with toxic ingredients and start a ritual made up of clean, natural beauty products.

In other news, your financial life is about to take a major roller coaster ride. Once you realize how chaotic your finances have become, you’ll know it’s time to do damage control.

Taurus – Allow a change to happen.

With the full moon on the 13th illuminating your house of the unconscious, allow yourself to step away from the grind. Whether it’s skipping Pilates to relax at a sound bath or trusting a friend to pick the restaurant for once, let yourself be guided by experience. You may also benefit from some automatic writing or morning pages later in the week. Leave your ideas on the page so you can return to them when you’re ready.

The new beginnings you crave in love are filled with subtle power struggles. Perhaps you’ve been getting in your own way for way too long when it comes to love, Taurus. Wouldn’t it be nice to change all that?

Gemini – A storm is heading your way.

There needs to be a course correction in your work life or in your health and, this month, the universe is ready to address it. Venus moves into your 6th House of Health and Routine, adding the potential for harmony and resolution in these areas of your life. The trouble is that, in order to reach that place of peace, something completely chaotic must happen first: Sometimes, the only way to get to where you need to be is by causing a storm.

Something major is about to change in your work world or in your health so that you can get on your best path. Resistance is futile.

Cancer – Take the risks.

Whether you love it or hate it, all eyes are on you this week, Cancer. With the full moon on the 13th highlighting your career sector, this is a particularly auspicious moment to take the lead. Pitch an idea you’ve been shy about at the full staff meeting, cold call that seemingly out-of-reach potential client or just do it: ask for a promotion. It’s amazing how quickly something risky falls into place when we simply make our request with confidence.

This lunation brings power struggles in one respect, because your partner might try and control your success or your attachment to it. Don’t worry about it too much though — you’re doing what you love and there are plenty of supporters helping you celebrate what you’ve earned.

Leo – Follow your heart.

Your sweet escape is just around the corner, Leo. At the full moon on the 13th, you are finalizing next spring’s European vacation, attending an info session for your top choice master’s program or finally starting that herbalism apprenticeship. Though this mind-expanding opportunity has been in the works for ages, double-check that all the details are in order before you embrace the sea and fly away. Put in the work as you follow your heart.

You’ll feel plenty of courage to speak up for yourself and get what you want by sheer power of persuasion. At the same time, however, you’ll need to be careful that you don’t come across as intimidating. Your voice will surely pack a punch!

Virgo – Pay attention to finances.

Whether you’re merging bank accounts with your fiancé, launching the Kickstarter for your holistic wellness business or signing a lease with one too many roommates, the pressure is on regarding shared finances at the full moon on the 13th. Per usual, it’s on you to keep things organized because your partner keeps spacing on the details (yes, he needs to bring both IDs!). You don’t want to regret this investment so make sure you’re communicating every step of the way.

In other news, communication might be erratic and, if there is any information you’re keeping to yourself, you might start to become even more secretive.