Weekly Horoscope: No Escape, Karma Is Coming For All Of Us

This week is a hefty reminder that none of us can escape the grasp of karma. Our enemies will finally pay, and those who have been good will see fruitful blessings.

There’s tons of relationship karma to work through this week! Pluto is bringing a bucket load and placing most of it on love planet Venus’ shoulders. Sort it out, he says! There’s no avoiding this one. Especially as it’s been long in coming. Saturn and the Lunar Nodes in Cancer-Capricorn (i.e. the eclipse points) have made sure of that – and that any old karmic dues are paid without delay. You cannot avoid this one.

Especially not this weekend, when the Moon and Sun both contact Saturn and the Nodes, making it very clear that the past is done. You need to cut your ties, gather any lessons and move on. It might not be all that easy. Perhaps there is a crisis of sorts? Perhaps the realization hits you that this is a major crossroads? Still, cross it you must and do so gladly – once you admit to yourself that this is the truth. That’s half the battle.

Were you called to change or transform anything in your life? Were you called to rebirth yourself in some way? Did you experience a “death” or release of sorts?

Here’s what your zodiac sign can expect the week of September 30th to October 6th:


You might be a little restless, but that doesn’t stop you from staying concentrated on your work. That said, pressures will mount come the weekend, and you’ll be at risk of losing your way. Make sure you stay on track!

Venus in your partnership sector square Pluto can trigger compulsive attractions or struggles for power: dominance can become more important then the relationship. Professional partnerships or issues involving career, success or jealousy can be especially troublesome. Pluto direct in your career sector can intensify the above but will also signal forward movement regarding a career change or your future goals; a new path is emerging as old definitions of success die.


Things run smoothly until Friday, where Mars forces you to double your efforts if you plan on finishing for the weekend. Having to pick up the pieces for others is starting to become a running theme- and you’re not happy about it.

Venus in your sector of routine square Pluto suggests unbalanced and compulsive energies around health, obligations or service to others. You may feel that your efforts are not appreciated or that you’re not receiving the help you want. Consider the difference between what you need versus what you want. In some cases there can be excessive fixations on self-improvement. Pluto direct in your sector of opportunities signals progress in the areas of travel, education, legal matters or publishing. This can help you move past any crises in work or health. Let go of what you cannot control.


As of Thursday, your drive will be awe-inspiring. Make sure you harness this determination whilst it lasts and hit as many of your goals as you can.

Venus in your sector of self-expression square Pluto can trigger obsessive and misguided attractions or the desire to overdo it regarding money/self- indulgence. The intensity of what you want will be driven by complicated impulses. Pay attention to deeper issues of control, fear of loss or fear of change. Pluto direct in your sector of shared resources can forcibly push you through the above crisis via an ending or removal of what you thought you wanted. The more you fixate, the greater the chances of something being taken away. Watch for changes in the areas of debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or intimacy.


You give your all at work at the start of the week, so you’d think that things would slow down come the weekend. But no, you seize the opportunity to mend some of the lingering issues in your family and around the house.

Venus in your domestic sector square Pluto can trigger intense issues with a domestic partner. Their desire for control or change can push you off balance. At the same time, this can expose an unsettling facet of your home life. Pluto direct in your partnership sector signals progress in the above issue and in your relationship. Changes in your partner’s life and in your definition of self as partner will intensify.


As of Thursday, you’ll find that your plans have taken big knocks, and things get rocky as a result. It’s essential that you don’t panic and rush to make decisions because that will only make things worse.

Venus in your communication sector square Pluto suggest gracious, complementary or flirtatious conversations with a manipulative undertone. The “nice” words may have strings attached. Pluto direct in your sector of routine can push you through this crisis via progress in a work or health situation. Changes in your daily life involving efforts to address unhealthy habits can gain traction.


You’re overcome with your own anxieties on Monday and Tuesday, and as a result, don’t know what to do with yourself. Stop overcomplicating things! Come Thursday and you’ll come across a solution that will fix everything.

Venus in your sector of personal resources square Pluto can trigger jealousy, competition or insecurity regarding financial resources or attraction. But as Pluto stations direct in your sector of self- expression the above situation will progress as a compulsive attraction or urge to prove yourself (or satisfy yourself) moves forward. This is a chance to look at what you really want and why.

Mars into your sector of personal resources can activate ambitions to earn or look out for yourself. Consider the balance between self-preservation versus anxiety- driven actions. Fear is not helpful but balanced ambition is.


Mars in your sign injects a spark of energy into your veins, which sends your enthusiasm and effort skyrocketing.

Venus in your sign square Pluto can trigger fixations on certain aspects of your appearance or identity. Issues with family or from the past can emerge to trigger a crisis in a relationship or your self -esteem. You can also attract intense and possibly unwanted attention from others. If you find yourself drawn to someone in an unbalanced, know that this is due to something they have that you should develop within yourself. Pluto direct in your domestic sector signals progress around an ending or the excavation of family issues.


Mercury offers up excellent analytical skills on Thursday, which allows you to showcase your talents and express yourself much better than normal.

Venus in your hidden sector square Pluto suggest that secret wants, a hidden attraction or unspoken financial/ self-esteem issues will be behind intense or uncomfortable statements. Pluto direct in your communication sector can reveal more of the above, give you greater insight and help you move on from a crisis-ridden conversation.


The more the week passes, the more the stars are on your side. Your energy reserve is seemingly unlimited at the moment, so make sure you take advantage to resolve any outstanding problems.

Venus in your social sector square Pluto can trigger difficult dynamics with friends or groups. A romantic attraction can be fraught with jealousy and social interactions can contain underlying power plays, manipulation or insecurity. Your public image can attract mixed reactions ranging from magnetic attraction to hostility. Pluto direct in your sector of personal resources can help you move past any social crises by pushing you to go with the changes in your financial or self- esteem situation. You don’t have time to dwell on what others thin: focus on the new financial and emotional habits that are emerging.


Mercury takes you under its wing as of midweek. You’ll prove your worth at work, and show off your array of talents- whilst refusing to lose focus on the challenges that lie ahead.

Venus in your career sector square Pluto in your sign suggests power plays at work, with management or involving a professional relationship. Be very careful how you exercise authority; if you’re not fully aware of your motivations you can attract hostility or jealousy. There is potential for you to make a major impact, and if handled correctly you can achieve something significant. Pluto direct in your sign can give you a clear sense of your own power and will move you along to the next stage of your new life.


For some reason, you have trouble getting your head down and putting in the work at the start of the week. That said, you kick up a gear on Wednesday and begin putting in the effort again- and the hard work is clear to see in the quality of work that you begin producing.

Venus in your sector of opportunities square Pluto suggests that hidden issues involving power can impact a long- distance romance, travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Pluto direct in your hidden sector can help you become more aware of the above issues as what’s in your blind spot intensifies and sweeping changes to your lifestyle gain momentum.


Something hasn’t quite made sense at work lately, but thanks to Mercury, it finally clicks on Wednesday and everything falls into place. What a relief!

Venus in your sector of shared resources square Pluto can trigger intensely uncomfortable situations involving debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or intimacy. External changes or social prompts can intensify private power plays or fears of loss. Pluto direct in your social sector will move you on to the next chapter in your social life as old facets of your identity or friendships fall away.

At this time, we are going to be encouraged to think about what next steps need to be taken or what new strategies need to be put into place when it comes to how we view our relationships.

If we have been too harsh, we may find we soften and feel called to forgive. If we have been too soft and have struggled to stand up for ourselves, we may feel called to take a stand and set some boundaries.