Weekly Horoscope For The Biggest Energy Shift Of 2019: New Moon, Equinox, and Chiron

This week is going to be a mega powerful one, thanks to some major cosmic occurrences taking place.

The greatest thing about this time of year is the massive changes going on all around us. If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox is upon you, bringing forth a visual shift of a time for things to slow down and take stock of where you currently are. If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, you are watching the world flourish and take shape right before your eyes, reminding you that new beginnings are always possible.

On top of this powerful equinox energy, we have a New Moon on the 28th, solidifying the Universal message of “this is the time to prepare for changes.” When you have an equinox, a new moon, and all these other important frequencies going on at the same time, you can’t ignore what is being said- the message is too powerful.

Which is why your weekly horoscope for this week is so very vital. Especially if you feel a mighty urge to change something drastic in your life.



Dear Aries, stress is the worst state of mind, so relax and dare to clearly look at problems and situations that are suffocating you, in order to resolve them appropriately. Additional obligations are on their way and, unless you deal with them early on, you won’t be able to sort things out.

The Sun into your partnership sector and the New Moon opposite Chiron Rx in your sign prompt a raw new beginning in all one-on-one relationships. The balance between your wounds versus how you connect with others will be emphasized, perhaps via the introduction of a new relationship that triggers sensitivities. Too, this can be about you struggle to assert yourself (in a relationship) in a way that leaves you vulnerable.

Your love life will be tinged with instability this week and if you are in a relationship, you could even be heading for a breakup. If you want to save your relationship, you need to evaluate your behavior and communication.


Dear Taurus, this week, you will have a great inner impetus and new ideas to work on. If you continue at this pace, you will have the opportunity to acquire a lot of experience, even on a personal level, and to make some of your dreams come true. Communicating and opening up to negotiations will help you pinpoint your best interest on every level.

The Sun into your sector of routine, and the New Moon opposite Chiron Rx, will introduce an uncomfortable work or health situation. Hidden vulnerabilities, weaknesses or errors can be hi-lighted by an imbalance in your daily life. A new routine can leave you feeling insecure while you adjust.

This week won’t be the best for your love life. If you are in a relationship, you can expect cracks to appear and to feel distant. You’ll view your partner as overly superficial, ask yourself this; do you still want the same things?


Dear Gemini, you are setting your priorities, especially in your personal life, and this makes you feel like you can easily achieve some goals that are related to your needs. You might feel like you need to keep secrets, but that does not mean that you will feel suspicion and negative emotions.

The Sun into your sector of self-expression, and the New Moon opposite Chiron Rx, can hi-light painful new beginnings around an attraction, performance, creative work or children/pregnancy. Public opinion or social pressure can make you feel self-conscious even as you strive to do something with confidence.

When it comes to your love life, Jupiter is working on ensuring you adopt a positive attitude towards your love life. Venus on the other hand is adding a touch of passion to your love life and is bring you closer to your partner.


Dear Cancer, this will be a very stressful week for you. If you want everything to go well, don’t make any decision unless you have thought things through. Move calmly, according to a solid plan, without your usual anxiety and you shall succeed.

The Sun into your domestic sector and the New Moon opposite Chiron Rx introduce fresh family dynamics or a situation with a domestic partner that hi-lights a touchy career issue. Areas where you feel insecure or less accomplished regarding your job or future goals will have to be balanced with emerging situations at home.

This week your determination and optimism will mean that you’ll want to seize every opportunity that comes your way. The New Moon will ensure you follow your dreams and aim higher than ever.


Dear Leo, this week will be very good for you, since you will manage to resolve many of the issues that have been troubling you, as long as you deal with one problem at a time. Make a smart schedule, in order to avoid the stress of your daily activities, and don’t quit with the first obstacle.

The Sun into your communication sector and the New Moon opposite Chiron Rx can highlight a touchy conversation or decision. New information can make you feel insecure about issues such as education, long- distance travel, legal matters or publishing. It may be time to speak out about something that you don’t feel totally confident about.

If you are in a relationship, you’re very invested in making things work between you. Your partner loves being in control and you have trouble accepting their influence and imposing attitude. Tell your partner how you feel and speak from your heart.


Dear Virgo, this week will bring you many surprises that will both please and confuse you. Remain calm and be careful in your social interactions, because you might face conflicts and misunderstandings.

The Sun into your sector of personal resources and the New Moon opposite Chiron Rx can introduce a new chapter in financial or emotional independence. You may be weighing the balance of your self-esteem versus private issues that you don’t want to confront. The path towards self-sufficiency may involve dealing with unpleasant financial scenarios.

Communication problems are driving and your partner apart. Be open in your communication and don’t jump to any conclusions, as this will only create more tension between you and your partner.


Dear Libra, this week the planets will bring you some difficulties and confusion. In order to avoid further tensions, you need to change your attitude and become more conciliatory. You will also need to be sure about the intentions of friends and family, before being abrupt towards them.

The Sun in your sign and New Moon opposite Chiron Rx can highlight a new and painful beginning in a relationship or your approach to all one-on-one contacts. Watch for a clear reflection of how you deal with others’ sensitive issues. This is a chance to balance your needs against the insecurities of others.

It’s make or break time for your relationship, either you’ll decide to make things work between you or you’ll end up walking away and pursuing other things. Venus is giving you the skills to seduce and attract new people.


Dear Scorpio, this week requires your utmost caution, as you are about to experience a load of internalized pressure. Don’t become bitter or unfair to people who don’t deserve it; instead, make the most of the chances that you get.

The sun into your hidden sector and the New Moon opposite Chiron Rx suggest the start of something secret. Uncomfortable work or health issues can be triggered by obscured issues of imbalance. Pay attention to what’s not fully developed.

Uranus is creating waves in your relationship and could even lead you to meet new people. If you are in a relationship, you’ll soon figure out that your goals and ambitions are very different to your partners.


Dear Sagittarius, once again, you will have to face things you have done in the past and you will think about what you should have done differently. Make sure you do not panic and don’t feel guilty about any issues that you know you have handled in the best possible way.

The Sun into your social sector and the New Moon opposite Chiron Rx suggest an uncomfortable new chapter with friends, groups, or your social connections. Openly expressing yourself can leave you feeling unbalanced and vulnerable. Use caution when putting yourself out there. At the same time, you’ll need to balance the value of public opinion versus your right to be yourself.

Uranus will increase your desire to be free this week and could distract you from your relationship. New horizons are opening up to you and your interests are leading you elsewhere. It’s time for you to decide what you want.


Dear Capricorn, this week you need to be very careful if you want to hold on to everything you have achieved and not ruin things in a single moment. You will face extremely competitive people who can make you vengeful and intolerant.

The Sun into your career sector and the New Moon opposite Chiron RX signal a new chapter at work, with your professional image or your approach to success. This will highlight difficult issues at home/with family as future developments confront you with wounds from the past. A new job may have a painful impact on your domestic situation.

Venus will reassure you and will help you make an important decision regarding your love life. The passion is flagging in your relationship but that’s okay because you are more focused on enjoying intellectual discussions.


Dear Aquarius, this week you must not let your optimism lead you to the wrong decisions. Don’t overestimate your strengths and your abilities; instead, remain conservative and focused on your obligations.

The Sun into your opportunities sector and the New Moon opposite Chiron RX indicate a tricky new chapter involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. An announcement or step into the unknown can uncover insecurities about not being heard or having your knowledge questioned. Too, you may be the one asking some awkward questions that make you feel exposed. New knowledge can reveal painful issues.

Venus is reinforcing your relationships and helping you realize how important people are to you. If you are single, Venus’ influence will help you meet sincere, open and honest people who are interested in finding love.


Dear Pisces, a difficult week begins for you. From the first day of the week, make sure you move with composure and calmness, in order to avoid irritations that will lead you to wrong decisions. Also, think very well before you make any changes or other decisions, because your mind is not clear and you might do things that you will regret in the future.

The Sun into your sector of shared resources and the New Moon opposite Chiron RX highlight developments involving debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or intimacy. An uncomfortable imbalance between you and another or what you want for yourself versus what you owe will have to be addressed. Primal vulnerabilities can be triggered as can doubts about self-worth.

If you are in a relationship, communication with your partner will be a challenge and could lead to big misunderstandings. Tension is in the air and will eventually push you away from your partner. Think before you speak…