Weekly Horoscope: The Warning Signs Can No Longer Be Ignored

It’s time for confrontation. The things you have been ignoring and avoiding are at the forefront this week.

Venus and Mercury in Libra oppose Chiron in Aries kicking the week off on a delicate note. There’s massive potential for healing right here but it takes authenticity and the willingness to meet others half way. Harmonious/polite words and relationship prompts will confront hurtful situations – compromise will be difficult, but it’s also prime time to confront an obvious sore spot that’s been glossed over.

You’ll be caught between outdated rules from the past versus a new, less familiar situation. Saying the right thing or achieving social harmony will be again be difficult, but the best path is always forward (no matter what you choose, you won’t be able to make everyone happy so you might as well look ahead).

Here’s What Your Zodiac Sign Can Expect This Week Of September 16th:


Dear Aries, this period is very full and important for you. Your perception and communication skills are very heightened, due to the planets’ position, and they are helping you express your thoughts and feelings.

Saturn direct in your career sector signals slow but steady progress regarding a job search, career decision or professional responsibilities. If your career is going well, rewards for your hard work could be forthcoming. If things are not going so well, Saturn direct can push you towards an ending or inevitable result.

Venus in Air will make sure you’re disciplined and coolheaded when it comes to your relationships. You’ll be forced to weigh up the pros and cons, and make some important decisions about your future.


Dear Taurus, this week will permanently establish some of the changes in your relationships. The planets create an environment in which you need to be more careful.

Saturn direct in your opportunities sector suggests progress with a course of learning or an official legal/travel matter. In some cases, enforced learning can strengthen your focus.

Your friendliness is put under the spotlight, and thanks to Venus, others are noticing your grace and charm more than ever. You’re a delight to be around, and your welcoming nature is hard to fault.


Dear Gemini, this week you will focus on your work and the people who move in it. There are issues that need to be dealt with.

Saturn direct in your sector of shared resources indicates progress around debts, taxes, your partner’s finances, intimacy or deep, psychological issues. You could be that much closer to moving past a block or coming to terms with unpleasant responsibilities.

Venus urges you to treat yourself this week. Retail therapy? Spa weekend? Going out with your friends? Seize every opportunity to lift your spirits.


Dear Cancer, communication is improving and, as a result, you can now achieve your goals and improve your image too.

Saturn direct in your partnership sector signals progress around a partnership ending, commitment or definition of responsibilities/boundaries. The next stage will present itself with concrete examples of what will be carried forward between the two of you and what’s finishing.

Family matters have been playing on your mind lately, and your relationship is a little stale; with it starting to feel more professional than romantic. Be patient: things will sort themselves out!


Dear Leo, lately you have been preparing many things in your mind, without sharing them with others.

Saturn direct in your in your sector of routine put you on notice that it’s time to get back to work regarding a health or organizational matter. What you’ve been denying, avoiding or feeling blocked about is ready for the next push.

Your relationship is a little rocky at the moment, but that doesn’t stop you going out and spending time together in a bid to rediscover your spark. As for singletons, your new hobby could pave the way for a promising encounter.


Dear Virgo, you need time and space to find the answers you are seeking and to make the right decisions.

Saturn direct in your sector of self-expression indicates forward movement around an attraction, creative work or issue with pregnancy/children. A limit or confirmation will be crystallized, along with any work you have to do to achieve a desired outcome. In some cases, limits on what you want will leave with you no choice but to move on.

Things are a little uncertain in your love life this week but you’re not overly concerned- now is the time to put romance to one side and focus on building relationships with your colleagues.


Dear Libra, certain relationships will bring you changes and confusion this week. You will be willing to discuss some important issues and express your ideas and thoughts.

Saturn direct in your domestic sector signals the next point of progress around family responsibility, a relationship turning point or ending. Obligations at home can feel heavy. But know that Saturn direct means you’re moving forward, and you’re one step closer to a conclusion.

Mercury and Venus fill you with restlessness and a desire to see the world. That said, make sure your irritability doesn’t get on anyone’s nerves, so keep your head out of the clouds and your feet on the ground.


Dear Scorpio, this week is ideal for restructuring your strategy in work matters. You need to act with caution and detail in order to clear your view and organize yourself.

Saturn direct in your communication sector suggests the next stage of a formal conclusion, official document or decision. Information will be crystallized and non-negotiable: what you move forward with now will stick.

Venus isn’t your best friend this week, and Uranus continues to destabilize your love life. It might be best to focus on your friendships in uncertain times like these.


Dear Sagittarius, your creativity and confidence continue to prevail. Your need for socializing will be very evident this week.

Saturn direct in your sector of personal resources urges you to move forward with an area of discipline, control or self-sufficiency. It’s still up to you to set the boundaries and look out for yourself.

Jupiter and the Moon ensure your happiness and fulfill you from the start of the week. Everything is good right now. You’ll reunite with an old friend on Wednesday which will spark into life your desire to reconnect with the past.


Dear Capricorn, this week will bring you many positive changes, as long as you manage to compromise with some things, instead of trying to control people and situations.

Saturn direct in your sign signals the next stage in a chapter that involves increased responsibilities, your efforts to control or a major ending in your life. Pressure could increase, but so can your authority.

You’re a little apprehensive when it comes to the matters of the heart this week, so find it difficult to show your partner how you feel. As for singletons, Pluto and the Sun inject a little spark of charisma into proceedings and your seductive charms will reach new highs.


Dear Aquarius, just when you thought you had acquired a clear view of your future path, new pieces of the puzzle will appear before you.

Saturn direct in your hidden sector marks the next stage of a slow, ongoing ending. A major part of your life (career, relationship, lifestyle) is winding down. Saturn Rx may have indicated a pause, but now the wheels are turning again.

Mercury and Venus pump you full of confidence this week and you’ll find yourself taking risks in your love life without any concern for romance failing you.


Dear Pisces, this week, expect a restructuring in your priorities and your prospects. Positive influences from the stars will help you understand your true feelings.

Saturn direct in your social sector can indicate progress regarding your official, public designation or authority. Too. you could be moving closer to an ending based on social judgments or the realization that certain people are no longer “your people.”

You’ll be forced to choose between your head and your heart as things with your partner hit a low. The only thing Mars and Pluto advice is to be patient and avoid making any rash decisions.