Weekly Horoscope: Powerful Answers And Transformations Heading Your Way

This week marks an important, and clarifying, moment in time. And it’s one none of us should ignore. Especially if we have been searching for answers.

This entire month is a power month, according to numerology, but this particular week is one of the most powerful you’ll encounter.

Your week starts on a strong note. Mercury and Mars trine Pluto and Saturn on Monday. Use it to effect some powerful solutions! Think the matter through. Act responsibly. Just when you’re about to get cynical, the Sun opposes Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday bringing out your more sensitive streak. The September 13-14th Full Moon falls in the sign of Pisces and holds the potential to be deeply transformative and illuminating.  Watch what arises on Tuesday, as it will give you a clue about the weekend.

What can your zodiac sign expect this week, September 9th – 15?


Dear Aries, this week will revolve around issues that lie behind the curtain. There are secrets and matters that unfold in the shadows.  With the Sun trine Saturn, you can easily take a stand. You’re game to stand up to the best of them.

You may periodically feel like you’re lost in a fog throughout the week. The main culprits are the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces and your Mars ruler opposing Neptune on Friday, which can sap your willingness to take action. Perhaps you’ll be unable to make a decision or conflicting feelings will trigger confusion. The good news is, Mercury and Venus entering Libra in your partnership realm on Saturday will inspire heartfelt communications in the coming weeks.


Dear Taurus, this week you will focus on your social life and interactions. The people around you keep bringing news in your life, sometimes good, sometimes bad. In the midst of charging forward or relaxing to take a breath lies your balance. Juno, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all tug at you to give in to your creative urges.

Multiple Neptune/Pisces influences in your social realms, including the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces and Mars opposing Neptune on Friday, can trigger confusion about where you stand in a current relationship or with someone you meet. Perhaps you’ll encounter an admirer who sends mixed signals or is unavailable due to an existing relationship. In any case, if you feel something is amiss, use your natural BS detector to uncover the truth.


Dear Gemini, this week will revolve around your career or your studies. You will face many demands and a full schedule. You will also need to make decisions that will affect your near future.  There are many details this week, and they’re all happily stowed away at home.

Hanging onto your clarity is your mission this week. Multiple Neptune/Pisces influences in your domestic realm, including the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces and Mars opposing Neptune on Friday, indicate a matter involving your home life or a family pattern (denial? deception?) are throwing you off your game.  Juno, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus create a locomotive effect when it comes to getting your attention. All movers and shakers, they definitely have your back. If you think you’re doing too much or not enough, know that right now you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.


Dear Cancer, you are a romantic soul and you are looking for anything beautiful, ideal, anything that will bring you closer to knowledge and self-realization.  Without major aspects to push you forward or trip you up, you may think this week is a bit of a snooze. Except, there’s a planetary party in your solar house of conversations. If you think connections have been uneventful, just wait.

Your dreams are taking center stage. Multiple Neptune/Pisces influences, including the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces and Mars opposing Neptune on Friday, are getting you in-touch with your aspirations, including those involving love. Paying attention to your intuition can reveal clues about your future through a vision, gut hunch, or synchronicity.


You’re in the clear while the rest of the zodiac sorts out chaos. Let yourself address your own interests, even if no one understands. There’s a heavy-weight group of planets hanging out in your solar second house. Your income may be your focus. These days will be full of loans, taxes, inheritances and other financial terminology, simple or complex. Your financial issues will be your primary concern this week.

You’ll likely feel the need to be alone periodically this week, which can launch a round of soul-searching about what you need/desire in your closest relationship. Letting go of a limiting emotion may be part of the process. On a lighter note, Mercury and Venus entering Libra on Saturday will inspire you to come from the heart in your communications.


Dear Virgo, the planets will bring you a week that will give you the chance to relax your soul. This will make you assertive, full of confidence and very effective. You will succeed at anything you set your mind on and you will feel relieved and excited. New people arrive in your social circle and they will play an important role in situations that concern you, with their ideas or actions.

Not every day is full of pink clouds and happy bunnies. However, you are being inundated with a stellar treasure box. Juno, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in your sign. Not only does this resonate with a hearty Happy Birthday, it means the focus is on you.

Be sure to receive what is offered. It doesn’t last forever, but right now, it’s all yours to enjoy.


Dear Libra, this week will bring you unexpected events. You will have many obligations, a heavy workload and a strong focus on your job. One of the great weights lifted from Librans is the desire to be a saint. Not that it’s restrictive or tedious, which of course it would be. The great news is that your inner streak of wild wonderful has surfaced.

Are you doing all the giving, Libra? That will be the question posed by multiple Neptune/Pisces influences in your realm of service, including the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces and Mars opposing Neptune on Friday. If you get the urge to help someone you love, be sure your good intentions are truly needed and appreciated.


Dear Scorpio, the week is about to give you some trouble. You will not be less affected by the situations around you, and more by the inner voice that often speaks to you and asks you to redefine your role. There won’t be time to second-guess yourself this week. What a relief! Action and all the excitement it generates is on your radar. Pallas Athene is in your sign. Your creative high alert button has been pushed. You are courageous, avant-garde, and ready.

This week, you may find yourself treading a fine line between idealism and disillusionment. This will be especially true on Friday due to the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces and accompanying Mars-Neptune opposition, so be sure to look beneath the surface of the words and appearances of anyone you encounter.


Dear Sagittarius, your week will focus on family issues. You need to be understanding and conciliatory when it is necessary. Too many details. For a Sagittarius, it really shows. Right now, Juno, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all square to your sign. That means the teeniest misstep, and your career could be affected. Nothing is known to be perfect, and you do better in a spontaneous environment. This week, give yourself the patience and understanding you’ve shared with everyone else.

Your boundaries involving authority may be tested this week. Multiple Neptune/Pisces influences, including the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces and Mars opposing Neptune on Friday, suggest some confusion may arise over who’s in charge, either at work or in a personal relationship. Being clear about your role in the matter and taking a direct approach in your communications.


Dear Capricorn, you are in the spotlight and your negotiating skills are off the charts. You can get your points across very easily and nobody can resist you.  The impact of the greater whole seems to have landed on your shoulders. Juno, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are lined up and ready to march. For what cause, you may ask. For the right to be philosophical in a technologically advanced world. For justice to prevail, even if it’s only a concept.

Your usually grounded nature is headed for the stars. Multiple Neptune/Pisces influences in your mental realm, including the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces and Mars opposing Neptune on Friday, is casting an ethereal or delusional aura over your mindset. You’ll be inclined to see the best or worst in people, which may not be deserved, so don’t take what people say or do at face value.


Dear Aquarius, it’s time to break the shackles you have put on yourself. Get rid of the dark thoughts and doubts and love yourself.  There may be all kinds of beneficial experiences arriving non-stop. Be sure to pry apart your schedule to receive them. Juno, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus hover in your solar eighth house. While traditionally this points to inheritances and legacies, it also offers the chance to transfer what has been lost to something poignant and perfect for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to show your emotions. Even though you have hidden them most of your life, it’s time to speak freely.


Dear Pisces, you are very close to making your plans come true and achieving your goals. There’s a counter-balance happening this week. A stellium of planets, luminaries, and asteroids pull you up and over. Juno, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in your relationship sector. This is the area where long-term commitments reveal your deepest reflection. Since the focus of these stars is positive and beneficial, you are helped to succeed in whatever you are doing.

Multiple Neptune/Pisces influences, including the Harvest Full Moon in your sign and Mars opposing Neptune on Friday, can bring out the best (wisdom, connection to Spirit) or worst (denial, deception) in you. If you choose openness and clarity over fear and wishful thinking, you’ll empower your inner guidance to lead you in the right direction concerning love and other areas.