Weekly Horoscope: Extremely Powerful Shift Ahead For All Signs

September is officially here, and this month is going to bring some serious cosmic waves and important signs your way. It all starts now, with this weekly horoscope:

What is the one thing we are always looking for? A sign. An unmistakable sign that we are on the right path, and doing the right thing. And if we’re not, then at least a sign to change directions.

That’s exactly what this week is all about: major signs and warnings to watch out for, for all Zodiac signs.

Goodness knows life can throw a lot of unexpected surprises at us, and yes some of them are less than pleasant, but even those challenges give us something invaluable – we learn about ourselves and where we need to focus in order to grow. Never be afraid or run from the lessons that the Universe throws at you, it does all balance out in the grand scheme of things.

Your Weekly Horoscope For September 2nd – September 8th:


Chiron in your sign means putting yourself first. You’re a ground-breaker, a mover and a shaker. But you still need time to recover from your heroic escapades. Giving yourself a chance to replenish your resources, you’re in alignment with the stars.

This will help you find a way to achieve many things, so make the most of it. Be careful how you behave, because your attitude could be misunderstood. There will be a lot of underlying tension which you should keep under control.

You’ve taken the post-vacation return to work in your stride. It hasn’t been easy but you’ve rolled your sleeves up and fallen back into the same routine without complaint. Mars and the Sun are by your side this week, and will ensure that no challenge can faze you.


If you can skip the self-blame, you’ll make inroads with romance. Mercury, Juno, the Moon and Sun, Mars and Venus huddle together in this area of your chart. This translates to details everywhere, which makes things work. The painstaking part is knowing which pieces are intricately connected.

You might have to overcome some obstacles that make your life hard, but in the end the planets will give you the necessary energy to deal with them effectively and without future consequences.

A planetary accumulation over Earth can only be a good thing. You’re someone that knows exactly what they want, and after a little encouragement, you’ll decide that it’s time to make your dreams a reality.


Life at home is pretty much everything this week. Ruler Mercury, Juno, the Sun, Mars, and Venus command attention in this sector of your chart. Before you take a breath, you’ll be inundated with the more pleasant aspects of life. You’ll have energy to embrace a cycle of diet, definitions, and details if you choose.

In your personal life, expect some conflicts with your loved ones about preexisting issues. The right behavior will help you maintain a certain balance.

The week gets off to a slow start, and you’ll struggle to find your feet. That said, Mercury, Mars, and the Sun will inject you with energy and determination on Tuesday, and you’ll breeze through the rest of the week because of it.


Details, forgotten or remembered, are the keys to your next chapter. A few moments of acknowledging them will get you off the hook. Venus, Mars, Juno and Mars are finicky, too. Once they have their say, they’ll move on.

The energy that flows through the areas of fame and success creates a new wave of opportunities and you will be able to attract the interest of people with high status. You will see your dreams come true.

Several planets are over Virgo this week, which can only mean one thing- your efficiency is about to go through the roof. Seize this opportunity to get in touch with some of your contacts in the working world. Bring up your contact list and make some calls!


Venus, Mars, the Sun, and Juno have all the details lined up. Mercury’s not even retrograde. You can come out of this very clean and shiny.

The beginning of the week will bring you a boost of energy and rush. If you are about to travel, you might meet interesting people and experience important things, so be open-minded and spontaneous.

You’re practically overflowing with ambition and enthusiasm at work this week. Financially speaking, your budget is more than enough to live on, and your accounts have never been healthier. You have Mercury to thank for that one.


Oh what a week. Prepare to be stripped down to your most invincible self. Radiant light and clean motives take you everywhere. You’ll be the captain of your own ship, too.

This week, you will view them through a prism of realism, in their true dimensions, and you will come to your final conclusions. Don’t make them bigger than they are, but don’t underestimate them either.

As the Sun conjuncts with Mars from Monday to Wednesday, you’ll find yourself biting your tongue a little less than normal. This bluntness, coupled with your drive and ambition, will lead you past any obstacle in the coming week.


You have escaped heavy energies and are in a safe zone. At the same time, you may look out the window and wonder where you’d be happier. The details you need are not yet in place. They’ll arrive soon. Appreciate beauty, and the money will follow.

Collaborations are favored. You will manage to benefit from them, if you prioritize your own needs and interests rather than the needs and interests of the people around you.

The crash back to reality from vacation has taken its toll. You have no energy and spend the days with heavy eyelids. There might be some things that you can do to make life a little easier at the moment, so make changes and feel the benefits.


Things blink in and out of reality all the time. The mind merges and edits to create this illusion of duration. Still, when you’re waiting for something, it can seem like forever. It’s the beginning of another cycle, before it has taken form. Those around you may be having a hard time. Give yourself what you need to stay strong.

The planets turn your interest towards your career and your daily life. Remain organized and don’t let anything keep you behind.

You return from your vacation and it’s like you were never away. Mars, Mercury, and the Sun have injected you with a fresh lease of life, which will really come in use with the various projects that you get stuck into in the coming week.


Idealistic you. Utopia is a place you’d like to live. Others weren’t ready to take action. This week may not be the most restful, but a resolution is coming. You won’t break. You’ll breathe deeply and after meditation, start again.

The nostalgia and the feelings that have overwhelmed you until recently, give way to optimism. You will have a lot of positive energy that you will want to channel appropriately.

You start the week strongly, but Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune slow everything down come Wednesday. Your desire to work, follow instructions, and carry out responsibilities has fallen through the floor. You must stay strong!


There are innumerable roads to choose. Yet, you may think you have only one or two at the moment. What has been instilled in you all your life is about to change. Welcome it as you would a downpour in a desert.

After the middle of the week, you might lose your temper when facing some issues from the past. Keep calm and remember that this is only a temporary phase.

You will shine this week! Saturn, Mars, and the Sun have taken you under their wing, which means that nothing can stand in your way. Your worries now seem irrelevant and your confidence is sky high.


Going full circle is not always a welcome sight. It may feel like you’re stuck with the same views, in the land of repetition. There’s a period of darkness before light is reflected again. It’s a statement from the heavens that a new cycle has begun.

The beginning of the week marks a very busy and sociable period for you. You are excited by the prospect to explore new situations and new places.

On Monday, Mars and Uranus will fill you with a relentless energy that will propel you through the week. That said, things might be a little more precarious in the money department so keep a watchful eye on your accounts.



You will have to fight to maintain your position this week. It may be internalized, as in checking your core muscles and holding your vision in your mind. Your beliefs may be challenged. Not because they don’t hold merit. If you don’t let go of what you see as real, someone else may have to.

New developments must be handled with insight and self-control, otherwise the results might be unexpected. Think rationally and don’t let big plans and unrealistic offers get you carried away.

You haven’t had time to pause since coming back to work. You’ve had a mountain of work and certain colleagues have been a little difficult lately, but that hasn’t knocked your spirits.

“Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly…but merely to be LIVED. Boldly, wildly, beautifully, uncertainly, imperfectly, magically LIVED.” –Mandy Hale