Weekend Horoscope: Black Moon Energy Brings Important Message

This weekend we have a Black Moon, which will affect every zodiac sign in a major way. To see what your sign can expect, read on:

On August 30th, the weekend kicks off with one of the most powerful cosmic forces out there- a Black Moon in Virgo. The New Moon in Virgo will give you the motivation you need to reevaluate your lifestyle choices and make the changes you have always dreamed of. The New Moon in Virgo is a time for change and reflection in pursuit of your happiness.

Why is this such an important time for all of us? Seasons are changing. The tides are shifting. The cosmic forces are aligning for something major, and this is the preparation time for all of us.

What can your zodiac sign expect from this weekend?


A weekend of much magic and little mystery. You couldn’t ask for more calm in the midst of the mayhem.  You’re a ground-breaker, a mover and a shaker. But you still need time to recover from your heroic escapades. Giving yourself a chance to replenish your resources, you’re in alignment with the stars.


This weekend is wildly unpredictable. Stellar connections allow the happily impossible to land in your lap. This translates to details everywhere, which makes things work. The painstaking part is knowing which pieces are intricately connected. This week’s New Moon opens a chapter where you can write each page.


Enjoy the light-hearted and casual breezes of this weekend. Before you take a breath, you’ll be inundated with the more pleasant aspects of life. The New Moon is in this very same area. You’ll have energy to embrace a cycle of diet, definitions, and details if you choose.


This weekend could blow everyone’s circuits. You’re not immune, but can handle the amperage. The New Moon is a bit picky. That’s unusual for the absence of light, a creative void where everything is possible. Details, forgotten or remembered, are the keys to your next chapter. A few moments of acknowledging them will get you off the hook.


What you didn’t know is there’s a path planned for you. Or, maybe you do. Lions like to roar, but they’ll also make friends with the mouse who takes a thorn out of their paw. Make sure your Leo prowess doesn’t scare off potential deals, or friends. The New Moon starts a cycle where so many things are possible.


The Sun and moon are in your sign. The potential for stellar fireworks is all yours. Prepare to be stripped down to your most invincible self. Radiant light and clean motives take you everywhere. You’ll be the captain of your own ship, too. The New Moon is in your sign. This offers a creative void just waiting for you to fill.


This weekend you can focus your energies in a snap. The New Moon is a portal. It can make your dreams real. This requires restructuring, of which you’re well aware. You have escaped heavy energies and are in a safe zone. At the same time, you may look out the window and wonder where you’d be happier. The details you need are not yet in place. They’ll arrive soon. Appreciate beauty, and the money will follow.


Emotions fly through the zodiac, but safety is under your feet. A foundation has been created for you. Things blink in and out of reality all the time. The mind merges and edits to create this illusion of duration. Still, when you’re waiting for something, it can seem like forever. The New Moon is a place where only possibilities reside. It’s the beginning of another cycle, before it has taken form. Those around you may be having a hard time. Give yourself what you need to stay strong.


There’s never enough time to get everything right. Knowing this, you can relax. Idealistic you. Utopia is a place you’d like to live. Yet the New Moon, in its empty and waiting state, insists the details be ironed out first. Your breadth of vision has allowed you to see far for a  very long time. Others weren’t ready to take action. This week may not be the most restful, but a resolution is coming. You won’t break. You’ll breathe deeply and after meditation, start again.


Changes inherent in the movement of the stars leave you in the midst of your feelings. You’re still part of a galaxy that needs you. There are innumerable roads to choose. Yet, you may think you have only one or two at the moment. What has been instilled in you all your life is about to change. Welcome it as you would a downpour in a desert. The New Moon restores your sense of equilibrium. Someone has been working to turn things upside down. It’s their focus, not yours. You are safe and secure.


If you’re up against the wall, know that the stars are speeding things up. Going full circle is not always a welcome sight. It may feel like you’re stuck with the same views, in the land of repetition. The New Moon is when the Sun and the Moon share a blended space in the sky. They merge to balance things, inside and out. There’s a period of darkness before light is reflected again. It’s a statement from the heavens that a new cycle has begun.


Pressures keep mounting. You will have to fight to maintain your position this week. It may be internalized, as in checking your core muscles and holding your vision in your mind. Your beliefs may be challenged. Not because they don’t hold merit. If you don’t let go of what you see as real, someone else may have to. The New Moon, Mercury, Juno, Mars and Venus all oppose your sign. Hang in there.