Weekend Horoscope August 23-25: Good News And Fun Times Ahead!

We have an exciting weekend ahead, for each and every zodiac sign. Let’s see what your sign can expect:

Lots of good things are heading our way, thanks to some major cosmic alignments. Plus, we have a New Moon on the way. Be sure to frequently check out Mysticalraven.com for our celestial updates and horoscopes.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the weekend ahead, and see what good things we can look forward to.

ARIES- Career demands have been a challenge, even with your excellent energy and drive.

Yet, your new responsibilities really support your finances. Be appropriate if you find someone appealing in the workplace who could be a lot of fun. There’s nothing wrong with complimenting someone’s intelligence or sense of humor, or simply connecting over common interests in a professional manner.

Then again, you may be more focused on your personal health and learning from a new source of wisdom that you find interesting. Maybe you’ll delve deep into yoga or martial arts. You may sense that someone is in need of emotional healing from a trauma that you also experienced. Be kind, ask them how they’re doing, but don’t push or probe. They’ll let you know if they’d like to talk. Accept everyone, including yourself if you’re not feeling connected.

TAURUS- Look for a beautiful surprise in romance or creative efforts. 

In either area, the focus will likely be on you. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas in both your career and personal life. You’re in the midst of fundamental changes that come from new spiritual revelations and personal expression.

While you have an earthy approach to life, you are also deeply aware of changing times surrounding the earth itself. You care deeply about animals and the beauty that surrounds you. It’s time to take action to protect these areas of your life. Adapting to social media is a much bigger challenge than many people recognize. It’s important to double-check references when you read something before sharing. Also, be certain that you’re taking care of yourself emotionally and ridding yourself of trolls. Love is fundamental to your feelings about the world and you’re developing new forms of healing that might be part of your career.

GEMINI- You’re in the mood for action and expressing your caring approach through communications.

It’s okay to use drama when you speak or write as long as it’s something you sense others will receive positively. Your loving, intimate moments this weekend will likely be at home. If you haven’t planned a private party with your lover or a public party with people you’d love to enjoy, now might be the time.

Saturday will have a romantic feeling that you may want to share publicly to support your career goals. Be sensitive to what’s needed and wanted. You may create some amazing handcrafts or other artistic forms. Partners will be feeling generous and idealistic. You’ll enjoy them but keep them grounded. Relax a bit on Sunday morning to regain clarity and focus.

CANCER- Your emotions are mysterious during this weekend, yet they allow you to search within for new insights.

This can explain how certain triggers upset you that made no sense to you. What’s great is that you can now overcome them. You’ll be amazed at how this sets you free. You can communicate love more fully and your desires effectively.

With that in mind, your weekend will be filled with happy communications that can be wonderfully romantic and sweet. In fact, if you’re looking at being a counselor in your career, or finding different ways to support others, this could be a great opening for you. If you wish to be a caregiver or nurse this is a time to really pursue that. If you’re already in this field, breakthroughs are available to you.

LEO- You’re in the mood for fun, expressing your feelings to friends and family in a creative way.

You may even be exuberant about plans for the weekend. Just don’t forget work demands before you set yourself free. There are so many changes at work – not always easy – but you can benefit from them financially.

Consider how your strong presence can serve your career ambitions, along with co-workers, clients, or fans of your creativity. Friends will express their appreciation when you work to benefit everyone this weekend. Recognize someone who has been feeling left out, whether it’s a friend, family member, or even entire social and cultural groups. As long as you consider and acknowledge how valuable those close to you are, this will be an energizing, happy weekend.

VIRGO- You are poised to be the highlight of this weekend among friends, family and kids. 

With the sun, Venus and Mars all tightly together in your sun sign, even if you’re feeling modest, you can’t help but be noticed and enjoyed in a big way. You surprise yourself, along with everyone else with your new ideas and creative pursuits. This original approach makes sense to everyone, so enjoy the feedback.

You may need to help a partner through a bit of sadness or confusion. They’re going through major inner and outer changes. Careful guidance is a great plan. You may need to draw the line if they are too needy. Sometimes people going through troubles want to lean too much on sympathetic friends and family. It’s a fine balance to be kind and supportive without making them dependent.

LIBRA- Friday and Saturday bring the desire to have emotional healing. 

You’ve had several years of challenges at home or from a parent, maybe both. Major changes are happening that will allow breakthroughs in your life. The good news is that this weekend can bring clarity and more freedom in your future through spiritual or travel pursuits. In fact, positive thoughts that you share could be financially beneficial in some way.

Meditate on completing your situation with enlightened ideas on Sunday morning. New areas of life are about to open to you. Creativity and intuition come into focus for your career later in the day. Keep an eye out for the return of an old lover, whether it’s a physical visit or having prominent memories impact you. Go about it with sensitivity, but current partners could provide healing.

SCORPIO- Friends can become lovers or lovers become friends over the weekend, depending on your desires and situation.

It’s an exciting time full of fun, as long as you act responsibly and lovingly. Children in a group event can bring joy and their singular, unclouded wisdom. This could be a major inspiration to your creativity, or simply guidance in your personal life.

You’re either experiencing upheavals in relationships – particularly close partners – or you sense that they’re coming. The idea of partners can also reference people who appear to be enemies. Both lovers and enemies offer a dance of fulfillment and challenges that can help you grow personally. Listen to everyone you’re sparring with mentally to learn about yourself and grow. You may gain ideas about the best approach to this situation through friends, or wisdom from the internet.

SAGITTARIUS- You’re finally noticing that you’re in forward motion in your idealistic pursuits, and it feels good.

Your creative efforts are about sharing wisdom that allow others to heal. Use your charm to advance your career, always keeping in mind that sincere and loving work includes the needs of others. It’s a good time to show how what you have to offer is practical in addition to being appealing.

Your partner may be emotional this weekend, and if you’re living with them, you might sense both romance and confusion in the air. This could be great in that they’re finally willing to be more open about their feelings. Sympathy works far better than being upset with them, so give them a little wiggle room and loving support to work things out.

CAPRICORN- Travel, studies, or mystical pursuits can be exciting, and powerful over this weekend.

You also have some new creative ideas in your love life that could open your relationship to greater depth. Later, on Sunday, you’ll focus even more on partnerships. You have the words to create real romance, or you can use another form of self-expression to reach out to a collaborator. You can even enjoy wise impressions through entertaining children.

Those in your workplace may be emotional, so if you listen carefully and take care with your words, you can help resume normalcy and calm, getting some kudos from stressed co-workers. You may even have an intuitive sense once you communicate with them. Also be sensitive to pets’ needs. They will command your attention in some way.  Take good care of your health by avoiding digestive issues.

AQUARIUS- Your partner has a lot to say, probably with a bit of drama.

If you listen and find what’s going on is fun, Friday and Saturday could be an exciting dance of love and satisfying, self-affirming intimacy.

Then again, this weekend may offer a form of creativity that reaches an audience/patron in a most personal, fulfilling way. You may even have an intuitive experience once you communicate with your audience. Art, which can embody acts of simple kindness, is a form of healing. This is built into your work. It’s most effective if you listen carefully to others’ responses to what you’ve offered.

PISCES- While you’ve been creative, you’ve often been feeling inside a cloud of confusion at the same time. 

Partners can bring clarity and direction. This weekend allows you to work with others in a joyous way as you express yourself. It may be a loving experience that’s very private between you and someone special.

This special weekend you may be working between you and partners in creative endeavors, whether they are co-workers or your audience. Just note that some people may talk in grander terms about your career than they can necessarily fulfill. Then again, this could be a huge new opportunity for you. You might use your intuition to tell which person has the real offer.