Weekly Horoscope August 5th: Get Ready For The Truth

The theme of this week is truth and it is extremely powerful.

This week wants us to focus on the truth above all else. It wants us to be vigilant in our truth-finding and cut out any falseness in our lives.

We are all worthy of so much more but we can convince ourselves it is too hard. The energies from this week are not going to stand for those beliefs any longer. So start shedding those thoughts as soon as possible.

Mercury moves direct in sensitive Cancer. If you feel yourself being led by your emotions, take a step back and process them before expressing them.

Venus, the planet of romance, beauty and material wealth, moves through charismatic Leo this week, adding a dramatic flair to our love languages and aesthetics.

Energetic Mars also moves through courageous Leo this week, influencing us to be graceful in our actions. It’s time for you to take pride in your work!

What does all of this mean for your zodiac sign? Let’s look at your weekly horoscope:


Whether it’s heading to a gallery opening, an afternoon concert in the park or a beach volleyball tournament, you will leave the adventure only further inspired. Don’t miss any opportunity to click refresh on your sense of self.

The Sun continues to light up your 1st house of self, first impressions, and appearance this week, allowing you to entertain and connect. Pay attention to your spending this week as Mercury, your financial ruler, moves direct through the sensitive sign of Cancer. The messenger planet is currently in retro-shade, where he retraces his steps and encourages us to do the same. Take extra care of your assets this week until we’re out of the shade period. Venus, your career ruler, helps you sparkle at work as she moves through Leo. Get to work a little early this week so that you have time to settle in and formulate your plans.


It’s time to harvest the (perhaps literal) fruits of your labor. You didn’t expect those few tiny seeds to yield so many tomatoes, or for the contractors to so willingly negotiate their price, but now you must take responsibility for the opportunity and abundance. Make sure you know how to make what you’re getting last.

You’re a work in progress, Virgo. Work to understand the continuous nature of personal development while the Sun brightens your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and conclusion this week. Learn to work through your emotions at work this week as Mercury, your ruling planet and career ruler, moves through Cancer. It’s time to accept that having feelings is something that you cannot separate from your work. Find their place, and create outlets for yourself that’ll help you to find balance.


Though you are always careful to consider everyone else’s views, and struggle sometimes to make a decision, you must learn how important it is to further your own ideas. Though it’s a giant leap for you, think of this project as another small step in an enormous conversation.

The Sun lights up your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals this week, helping you to connect with your friends and colleagues alike. Your focus turns toward creating balance in your work relationships on Sunday morning, while the Moon waxes in Libra on Sunday morning at 9:29 a.m. EST. Make time for water-cooler talk or invite a coworker out for coffee or lunch on Monday.


It is absolutely true that no one else will recognize your power until you recognize it in yourself. Maybe you’ve been struggling at work. Or maybe you feel like it’s a challenge just to be seen and heard recently. Whatever the case, this week you should lead with your worth and make sure your values are clear.

Mars, your co-ruling planet, and Venus, your romantic ruler, move through the regal sign of Leo, bringing a new sophistication to your public image and relationships. Bring that mojo to work with you while the Sun, your personal career ruler, brightens up your 10th house of career, structure, and public image.


Your coworkers are right when they say that you need a real vacation. Yes, your strides lately have been huge: Meal prep? Done. Standing up to your co-worker who thinks they’re your boss (they’re not)? Also done. Building healthy boundaries in your relationship? You are on a roll.

Mercury, your planetary ruler of both career and love, moves direct through sensitive Cancer this week. This offers you the chance to course-correct any misunderstandings that the messenger planet’s retrograde brought. Tread lightly as we are still in a retro-shade period — Mercury is retracing his steps.


This week is a reminder that it is OK to rely on someone else to get the job done. As it becomes clear that you are overcommitted while deadlines loom, relief comes through consolidating worry by focusing on someone else. Take note of the growth that surrounds you: the huge strides made by your friends, your colleagues, even your family.

Mercury, your personal planet of well-being, moves direct through domestic Cancer all week, offering you the chance to revamp your routines that support your health. Mercury may be moving forward, but we’re still in a retro-fade period, where there messenger planet retraces his steps. As one of the hardest working signs, it’s imperative for you to remember to mind your health.


You never know whom you may meet. Someone random, who was once even a distant enemy (or rooting for someone else on The Bachelor), may turn out to be the love of your life.

s there anyone in your life that you’d like to get to know better, Aquarius? Take the opportunity to make the first move this week while the Sun, your planetary ruler of love, brightens your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business. Venus, your domestic ruler, moves through the regal sign of Leo all week, elevating your attention to detail at home. Single or attached, a beautiful day for love arrives on Wednesday, when the Sun trines Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion.


Even small wins make a huge difference.

How do you protect your emotions, Pisces? You’re working to find harmony while Mercury, your planetary ruler of love, family, and home is still in retro-shade. The messenger planet is circling back through his path in intuitive Cancer, helping you to find new solutions to your emotional roadblocks. It’s time for a do-over. Focus your attention towards improving your well-being while the Sun, your planetary ruler of wellness, moves through your 6th house of health, order, and service. Do you feel like you’re in a creative rut? Don’t be discouraged by artistic delays.


Don’t underestimate the spiritual healing that comes with getting in touch with your inner child. Where did your younger self always want to travel? What did she always want to learn?

Mercury, your planetary ruler of health and work, makes his way through intuitive Cancer this week. You should feel encouraged to create better rituals at home to support your well-being. The Moon, your planetary ruler of home and family, waxes all week, reaching her first quarter on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. EST. If you’ve been tackling a home improvement project, you may feel like Sisyphus, climbing up a hill with no end in sight. Keep working to support your foundations, and have faith that your work will pay off.


It’s time to get in touch with your roots. This is the week to heed your mother’s pleas to visit home, finally call your grandma. There is a clue to your future that can only be discovered with someone else’s help: stuck between the pages of a dusty old photo album, in one of your dad’s meandering stories or carved into the wood of your grandparents’ back porch.

This week your domestic ruler, the Sun, gets extra cozy in your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundationsDoes your space need a little lift? Inject a little color into your surroundings and coordinate shades that inspire you. Mercury, your financial ruler spends his time in thoughtful Cancer, encouraging you to be aware of your emotional relationship to your spending.


Your mind is clear, Gemini. The Sun brightens your 3rd house of communication, thought, and community all week, helping your interactions go smoothly.

Mercury, your ruling planet and domestic ruler, moves through sensitive Cancer this week, encouraging you to open up to your loved ones. Want to treat them? Plan a family meal or BBQ to kick back and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t sweat the small stuff while Mercury moves through retro-shade — just be aware of your reactions.


If you feel abandoned, find solace in that what you are working for is absolutely worth it. You deserve clean dishes, your boss’s accolades and the clarity of a life with no processed sugar (at least for 30 days). It’s you who put in the grunt work so bask in your rewards.

Your financial ruler, the Sun, lights up your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions all week, helping to bolster your resources. Check on your accounts and make a note of your financial goals while the Sun illuminates this vital house. You’re ready to move forward this week while Mercury, your personal ruler of inner growth, moves direct — but hold tight. The messenger planet is still in a period of retro-shade, which is an opportunity for you to meditate on the changes you’d like to make to your inner self.