These Surprising Aspects Of Your Zodiac Sign Will Catch You Off Guard

Every zodiac sign has some typical traits, and you’re probably well-aware of what those are by now. Pisces are emotional, Scorpios are intense, and Aries will fight you if you touch their fries- but aside from all that, there are some pretty surprising traits each of the signs possess.


Let’s see what your surprising qualities are, based on your zodiac sign:


1 Aquarius: Gives the Best Advice


An Aquarius is known for being an honest, independent thinker with a heart of gold. But what you might not know is that they also have a serious knack for offering the best advice to their friends and family. Their genuine nature and ability to express the truth (even if it isn’t always pretty) translates into extremely valuable counsel. So, next time you need an honest opinion, you might want to hit up your closest Aquarius friend.


2 Pisces: Always Lends a Helping Hand


A Pisces sign is known for being intuitive, compassionate, and kind. What they might not be known for, however, is their exceptionally helpful nature. Whether you need some extra hands for moving day, a ride to the office when your car won’t start, or even help figuring out your latest grad school essay, a Pisces should always be your go-to pal.


3 Aries: Isn’t Afraid to Make the First Move


An Aries sign is confident, enthusiastic, and passionate about their beliefs. But unlike some other signs, an Aries is never afraid to make the first move in any situation. Leaning in for the first kiss in a romantic relationship or fearlessly bringing up a problem in a friendship is an Aries’s MO, so you should never be surprised by their candor.


4 Taurus: Physical Touch Is Their Love Language


A Taurus may be practical, responsible, and patient, but did you know that a hug or kiss can also mean the world to them? A Taurus fully communicates their love and affection through physical touch, and they love to receive that same closeness back. And if you’re in a relationship with this sign, simple things like holding hands could absolutely make their day.


5 Gemini: Naturally Good at Everything

A Gemini is continuously curious, inquisitive, and yearning to grow — and they also have a way of being good at literally everything they try. For a Gemini, their natural ability to understand new concepts helps when learning new skills and, not to mention, learning them better than most. It doesn’t matter if it’s photography, painting, or even cooking, because a Gemini will most likely become an expert overnight.

6 Cancer: The Ocean Is Their Therapy

Cancer signs are loyal, emotional, and empathetic to those around them. However, a little-known fact is that Cancer signs receive especially therapeutic benefits from being on or near the ocean. The presence of water can completely rejuvenate this sign, especially if they’re going through a more trying time. So, if you have a Cancer bud who is also a beach bum, now you know why.

7 Leo: Performing Is Their Strength

Leos are cheerful, charismatic, and highly creative. And that’s a good thing, since this sign in particular also loves the art of performing. Whether a Leo is singing for a room full of people, playing music at the local coffee shop, or even making a sales pitch to a prospective client, performing (in any sense) is in their blood. And they are damn good at it, too.

8 Virgo: Makes the Best Student

The Virgo sign is practical and hardworking and can be a bit of a perfectionist. But not only that, a Virgo also makes for an amazing student. They truly love to learn and take notes, and studying can even be one of their favorite pastimes. Enrolling in a graduate program or a path of continued learning can often be a Virgo’s calling post-college, too.

9 Libra: A Gifted Listener

Libras may be social and fair-minded, but don’t discredit their ability to also truly listen. Being able to hear, understand, and retain the words of others is one of the Libra’s top gifts. So, if you’re chatting or texting with a pal and hoping for some undivided attention, a Libra friend is definitely your best option.

10 Scorpio: Has a Top-Notch Sense of Humor

A Scorpio is truthful, brave, and assertive, but don’t think that means they can’t also make you laugh! While not always known as being a humorous sign, Scorpios actually possess a very unique and somewhat sarcastic wit to them. So, next time you need a good chuckle, don’t hesitate to call up your Scorpio bud for some quirky yet hilarious punchlines.

11 Sagittarius: Makes the Best Travel Companion

You may know that a Sagittarius is full of energy, but did you realize that they also make the best travel companions? With their open-minded nature and zest for adventure, they are always down to try new things in new places. So, if you’re wishing for a spontaneous trip filled with fun, don’t hesitate to invite your Sagittarius friend along for the ride.

12 Capricorn: Can Successfully Keep a Secret

Capricorns are quite responsible and possess an impressive amount of self-control, which also helps to make them exceptional secret keepers. This sign will never think twice about spilling your private stories, so the next time you find yourself confiding intimate details to a friend, you might want to make sure they’re a Capricorn.