Weekly Horoscopes for July 21st to July 28th: Dark Truths Revealed

This week, Watch for some uncomfortable truths to be revealed.

Leo season begins on July 22nd with the Sun’s ingress. Issues of pride, recognition and expressing your personal power/flame are key. Events are public and “the audience” is important.

July 24th sees Mercury Rx conjunct Venus in Cancer, suggesting that the message from the past or the second look can reveal something sweet/supportive. Look again, reminisce, say it once more. Venus enters Leo on July 27th, carrying this theme forward into something bolder and more public. Venus in Leo is about relationships, self-esteem or money that’s a bit risky, fun and attention-grabbing. There’s self-indulgence but also increased self-esteem.

From July 25th-26th, Mars in Leo trines Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius. Jupiter expands, and when it harmonizes with Mars, you have more/bigger actions in confident Leo. But the pesky inconjunct to Saturn Rx will throw in a few snags – delays and restrictions will be part of the deal, but they don’t have to bring you to a full stop.

Here is your weekly horoscope. Scroll down to your zodiac sign for your full reading:


The Sun into your sector of self-expression activates matters involving pride, new romance, children or creativity. What you want to celebrate and express can be fuelled, along with confrontations with doubts and restrictions.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your domestic sector indicates a a second look at family values, a domestic relationship or home purchases/remodelling. The return to a previous conversation can lead to moments of domestic harmony/affection or an increased appreciation for what’s most valuable. As Venus enters your sector of self-expression, the urge to celebrate, flirt or take risks for what you want may increase.

Aspects to Mars in your sector of self-expression can also increase the urge to take risks or enter new territory in order to pursue a desired goal. You confidence can increase, as well as the urge to overdo it. However, remain aware of rules/restrictions in your professional life: certain actions may conflict with the authorities or your responsibilities.


The Sun into your domestic sector illuminates family issues, or your efforts to create a home life that makes you proud. Your past, foundation and current living space will be prominent.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your communication sector suggests that a second look, return to a previous conversation or connection with a messenger from the past can pay some very nice dividends. You may discover something favourable or find that your words are received with great empathy and appreciation. Venus into your domestic sector adds the energy of love, abundance and beauty to home and family issues – there could be a celebration or urge to beautify your home. Family news can be very good.

Aspects to Mars in your domestic sector can increase your urge to spend more (regarding home finances) or take actions that activate family issues. However, legalities, judgments or rules will slow things down – don’t ignore official issues that are part of the bigger picture. Efforts to relocate can run into a few snags.


The Sun into your communication sector fuels all ingoing and outgoing information. This can be a time of increased exchanges with others, with an emphasis on pride/ego expressed through words.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your sector of personal resources can deliver positive financial news or urge you to verbalize your primary wants and values. The return to or review of a situation from the past can reveal lucrative potential (including a new source of income). As Venus enters your communication sector, this can translate into words with attraction power. Whether you’re turning on the charm or you’re on the receiving end of some intriguing conversation, Venus adds sparkle, flirtation or the power to convince others.

Aspects to Mars in your communication sector can encourage bold promises and plans for the future with a partner. While enthusiastic conversation will flow easily between you, background restrictions (involving joint finances, boundaries or intimacy) will remind you that certain mutual responsibilities need to be attended to. Don’t ignore the less pleasant aspects of this situation, but don’t let them douse your enthusiasm.


The Sun into your sector of personal resources energizes matters around earned money, values and self-esteem. What you want and what you’re worth will become a prime focus, along with matters of pride (or how you’ve been undermining your pride).

Mercury Rx/Venus in your sign can deliver very good news, or encourage you to ask again/check again/look back- you could hear something quite desirable. Your words will have extra attraction power, so don’t be afraid to give that request one more shot. As Venus enters your sector of personal resources, watch for the good news to translate to financial or self-esteem matters. This can increase your confidence or offer a small financial gift.

Aspects to Mars in your sector of personal resources can encourage you to spend big (especially on medical, work or pet expenses). You’ll be motivated to do more for a good cause or make big improvements, but a partner will offer a reality check. Too, you could be pursuing a new work opportunity but will have to balance this with another’s rules.


The Sun into your sign is an energetic high point for the year. Your birthday (or Solar Return year) is marked by an enhanced focus on what you want (due to Venus’ ingress) and what you can do to move ahead (due to Mars’ occupation of your sign). This is your time to go for it.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your hidden sector clarifies a secret attraction/potential/creative source. Too, there can be a beautiful, tender message that’s for your ears only. As Venus enters your sign, watch for what’s hidden to be revealed, along with increased attraction, charm and confidence. This is about shining brightly and attracting others with your generosity.

Aspects to Mars in your sign will amplify your confidence by urging you to reach for whatever you want (be it a creative project, new attraction or reason to celebrate). This can be a joyous aspect that gifts you with luck and excellent timing, but do pay attention to restrictions in a routine or health scenario. You can only go so far and must balance this with the reality of your obligations. If you run into a snag, don’t try to push past it -do as much as you can, then leave it.


The Sun into your hidden sector can see you pulling back to heal, take time out or regroup. Too, you may need time alone to look more deeply into something that requires your full attention.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your social sector suggests the return of a past friendship, social connection or attraction. As you renew the connection or rephrase your public words, know that this should be a favourable influence, for the most part. The message can be sweet or your words can resonate with others on a personal level. But as Venus enters your hidden sector, there will be cause to put things on hold or look to what’s happening behind the scenes.

Aspects to Mars in your hidden sector can activate private motivations or behind-the-scenes efforts involving home/family. You can do a lot, even if few people witness your actions, but you’ll also be dealing with a commitment to, or restrictions around, what you’re trying to create/celebrate. Delays and extra effort are part of doing it right with maximum effectiveness.


The Sun into your social sector illuminates public recognition, pride in your public image and your friendships/group affiliations. Where you stand out or where you don’t belong can also be hi-lighted.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your career sector suggests that the return to a previous job offer, conversation with management or professional contact can deliver something favourable. Also good for charming others (in a professional sense) or reaching others with your business ideas. The key will be a review or intensified attempt at communication. As Venus enters your social sector, this energy will spread to your social contacts and become more public. Excellent for boosting your image or connecting with others in a fun, showy way.

Aspects to Mars in your social sector add more assertiveness and buoyancy to your public communications. Your big ideas or hope for the future will support your actions, but you will have to balance this with domestic/family responsibilities which can slow you down a bit.


The Sun into your career sector hi-lights ambitions, professional image and ability to gain attention for your work. This is the time to take stock of how fulfilling your future goals are and whether you feel that others are acknowledging your professional contributions.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your sector of opportunities indicates that a second look at issues around travel, education, legal matters, publishing or a long-distance romance can deliver some good news. You could learn something that boosts your faith, or deliver your message in an emotional but attractive way to a wider audience. As Venus enters your career sector, your professional magnetism, relationships and image can all benefit – you can attract lucrative opportunities and attention through your confidence and willingness to show off your talents.

Aspects to Mars in your career sector can advance a financial opportunity or business growth, as your ambitions follow the most lucrative path. But pay attention to rules, official words or strict conversations – there will be some information/documents that you have to abide by and that may restrict some of your actions.


The Sun into your sector of opportunities hi-lights the “Why not?” situation. The quest for more and better is energized, as well as issues around travel, education, legal matters, publishing and faith.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your sector of shared resources suggests the return to an uncomfortable conversation/confession, or a second look at shared finances/intimacy can reveal something beneficial. Look deeper, open up, ask the tough questions. As Venus enters your opportunities sector, the above issues can develop a more hopeful and liberated tinge, as you see future possibilities for money and relationships. Your faith can be restored, as well as your sense of freedom.

Aspects to Mars in your opportunities sector (including the trine to Jupiter Rx in your sign) can encourage you to push a new situation further. You may discover evidence that encourages you to believe or take a risk. While there’s potential for growth, be aware that financial restrictions (including accountability and budgeting) cannot be ignored. Keep track of what you’re earning and make sure you are being scrupulously honest. There’s a gift coming at you, but it must be balanced with discipline.


The Sun into your sector of shared resources illuminates what’s hidden, buried, intimate. What you share and where you merge (or where you refuse to share). This part of the year can be a bit uncomfortable for you as vulnerabilities are hi-lighted, but it can also be rewarding if you’re willing to go deep.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your relationship sector indicates a significant conversation with a partner from the past, or the return to a past conversation in a current relationship. Too, you may be reminiscing about previous attractions. Either way, this can reveal something sweet, sentimental or beneficial. As Venus enters your sector of shared resources, what’s discussed/revealed will take you (and another) to a deeper level as you consider the behind-the-scenes dynamics.

Aspects to Mars in your sector of shared resources (including the inconjunct to Saturn Rx in your sign) can encourage you to let down your guard, spend more, or be convinced to share more than you usually would. Overall, this is a quietly buoyant aspect, but Saturn is a reminder that your boundaries or responsibilities cannot be ignored.


The Sun into your partnership sector emphasizes the balance between you and others. This may be one, specific person or your one-on-one relationships in general. The key is how their pride, power or drive for attention reflects what’s going on in your life.

Mercury Rx/Venus in your sector of routine indicates that a second look or correction can trigger very favourable results in the areas of work or health. Don’t give up on trying to improve – there may be more help or encouraging developments than you expected. As Venus enters your partnership sector, a new attraction can be triggered, or sweet moments in an existing relationship, Too, you can be encouraged by the give and take between you and another.

Aspects to Mars in your partnership sector suggest a relationship can expand through social avenues, or a partner’s actions can be enthusiastic and encouraging. But hidden fears/limits are still a factor – don’t ignore what’s ending or what’s unpleasant but crucial. It’s helpful if you’re aware of what’s going on behind the scenes.


The Sun into your sector of routine encourages you to look at self-care (including health and work) plus service to others. But the key is pride and power – do you undermine or empower yourself in theres areas?

Mercury Rx/Venus in your sector of self-expression can indicate a message for a past flirtation, or your second attempt at expressing creative/romantic words. Too, there can be some good news that’s worth celebrating. As Venus enters your sector of routine, you’ll be looking at how the above fits into your daily life or how you can make it work on a practical level.

Aspects to Mars in your sector of routine can encourage you to take on more (especially in a work scenario) or push yourself past sensible limits. While this is an energetic influence, pay attention to external rules/judgments – they will impact your actions and slow you down.