What This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Means For Your Zodiac Sign

An eclipse does exactly what you would expect. It  leaves you or others in the dark. It covers up what would normally be obvious. It can ‘blind’ you to what’s really happening.

The Full Moon on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, at 24 degrees Capricorn is a partial lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse July 2019 astrology is powerful and confrontational because of close conjunction to Pluto. Intense emotional reactions, compulsive behavior, and power struggles are likely to result in a crisis, IF you’re not careful.

Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses attention on your emotions, intimate relationships, and your home and family. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse.

This lets you take an impartial and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

Depending on how things have gone in the last 6 months, we can now see the fruit blossom from the seeds we planted at the last solar eclipse.

The effect of a lunar eclipse can last up to three months, it can bring a volcanic purge at some point. This can be a sombre, but cleansing and healing time or a joyous, birthing time.

Eclipses get their bad reputation because humans are creatures of habit and become upset by the unexpected. If you have been stubbornly resisting growth, you could experience the Lunar eclipse as really volcanic.

The violent energy that desperately needs to be purged, shouldn’t be dreaded. Lunar eclipses are extremely emotional times, therefore we just really need to sit down quietly and listen to what comes up, for our feelings are our psychic barometer. Unashamedly ball your eyes out if you have to and allow red eyes with this blood red moon. Don’t fear the tears for they are sacred salty purification.

This Lunar eclipse is a fantastic one for burning old karma.

How will this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affect your zodiac sign?


Release old ambitions that are no longer in alignment with you. Open up to the path that is organically forming right now.


It appears you are graduating and are now ready to rise to reach larger audiences through broadcasting, publishing or teaching.


You will need to release old subconscious beliefs about money, about who you are and what is possible. It’s time for a fresh look at your life and breaking through that glass ceiling.


Let go of relationships or relationship patterns that kept you playing small. As you break out of your shell, there will be a ripple through your closest relationship. Allow change.


Your health will come into a sharper focus this year as it this Lunar Eclipse of July 16 will be the time to quit a habit and never go back. The angle to Saturn and Pluto bring finality.


A love relationship will come to a point where you will both realize it is time to go to the next level or else- time to move on. Neptune’s angle shows growth potential is strong.


If you have been living in an environment that’s no longer you, this will be your year to leave the old pad for new digs and as you do this, your professional world will transform too.


A long awaited piece of information will arrive this July so wait until you receive all the facts to move ahead. Also note it’s best to sign contracts in August versus July, post retrograde.


Letting go of an old source of income and security will open the space up for an exciting, fresh start. You have lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius now, so an ideal time to explore this.


A Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn means it’s time to shed that skin of comfort and safety to live a life true to you. This means a relationships will transform and you must trust the process.


You will finally be able to break through a mental block that has been hindering your expression. Flexibility and openness to new approaches will be key as you are freeing yourself.


It’s that time to ‘clean house’ socially speaking and this means deleting certain numbers and choosing not to spend time with those who are downers. Your mission will guide you.

Overall Reminder For Each Sign:

Something will be eclipsed out of your life to make room for a new beginning and you will need to allow this to happen. It’s best to go with the cosmic current and wait to see what comes in with the tide before you make any major decisions. Observe, listen and know that you will be supported when you’re on board with change. Of course this may not be comfortable or easy, so you will need to be brave. Give yourself lots of breathing room to process. Most importantly, surround yourself with high vibe people and trust the eclipses to do their cosmic magic.