The One Thing Your Zodiac Sign Never Wants To Hear…Ever

Every zodiac sign has a laundry list of their pet peeves. We’ve boiled them down to one line—the one thing you should never say to each of them.


Aries: Whoa, calm down, champ/buddy/pal/tiger/friend/sport!


Why: Aries hate being patronized, especially in an aggressive way. Not only that, but they demand to be taken seriously, especially when agitated. Anyone who attempts to downplay their feelings using condescending nicknames is cruising for an Aries bruising.


Taurus: I’m not that hungry, so I’ll just have some of your fries!


Why: Taurus is the most possessive sign in the zodiac, and they love food more than most. If you are hungry, you better get your own order because they will not tolerate a fry sneak! And don’t even think about sharing popcorn…


Gemini: Someone is mad at you, but I can’t tell you who or why.


Why: Geminis need the tea, the whole tea and nothing but the tea, so help them Mercury. Denying them crucial details is cruel enough, but when it’s about them? They’ll put all their best sources on the case until it’s closed.


Cancer: Let’s change things up and meet at this café I’ve heard is cute.


Why: Cancers love to stay home, and they aren’t crazy about change. So, traveling out of their comfort zone, especially for the sake of novelty, is not going to be their favorite suggestion.


Leo: I was going to get you the luxe spa package, but this one was basically the same but cheaper.


Why: Leos are known for their generosity with friends, preferring grand gestures to show how valued they really are. They expect no less in return, so anyone trying to save a buck on their present is sending the wrong message to the lion.

Virgo: Let’s just figure out the details later…

Why: Virgos are perfectionists who live in the details of anything they do. To hear someone shrug that off means a) they don’t appreciate the Virgo’s hard work, and b) they’re probably going to mess something up that the Virgo will have to fix!

Libra: Let’s take a vote.

Why: Libras are consummate people pleasers, never wanting to stay too far from the consensus lest they alienate someone. So being put on the spot to potentially disrupt that social ecosystem gives them the cold sweats.

Scorpio :Don’t worry, I swore my friend to secrecy about your password.

Why: Scorpios are incredibly secretive, so if they trusted you with their Hulu password and found out you shared it with someone else, it’s basically a living nightmare for them. Telling them not to worry only makes it worse.

Sagittarius: Wait, why didn’t you finish your Ph.D. again?

Why: Sagittariuses are intelligent and curious, and their natural talent for articulating theoretical concepts means they are used to being treated like the smartest person in the room. So when someone sees through their charm and asks for credentials, it’s tough on their egos.

Capricorn: Can…I talk to you about something personal?

Why: Capricorns like to keep clear boundaries, even between friends. If they sense someone taking a step toward intimacy when they haven’t explicitly invited that, they are not here for it.

Aquarius: LOL, I guess I’m just not really into politics.

Why: Aquariuses have opinions about everything, and if they don’t, they are happy to tell you their opinion on why it’s not worth their time. When people casually profess apathy, especially to avoid ruffling feathers, it will for sure ruffle the Aquarius.

Pisces: I just don’t believe you.

Why: Pisces don’t tend to live in reality; it’s too harsh there. They prefer to build their own worlds instead, and they need the people around them to believe in it. If they don’t, it puts them right back on Planet Earth, where they don’t want to be.

Kiki O’Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn, New York. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don’t believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.