Your June Horoscope Reveals What You Really Need Right At This Moment

This month we have a continuation of Mars being out-of-bounds joined with Mercury out-of-bounds. So, anticipate more fireworks with words and actions that create more war-like energies. This could also be a dynamite timing for expression of the creative mind. So, please – all of you who have a creative way to avert unnecessary problems – please stand up and speak your minds!

Be careful not to spread yourself too thin when accepting invitations, and enjoy every moment. The Sun opposes a retrograde Jupiter on June 10, offering an opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. The luck on this day is a bit like flipping a coin and getting your desired outcome.

Enjoy the moment but don’t brag about your win to everyone you meet. Express your creative side on June 14 when fiery Mars trines dreamy Neptune. The action planet will help you to bring your inspirations into the physical world through art or dance. Give your creative muscles a little flex and see what happens. Things may not be as they appear on June 16 when Jupiter squares Neptune.

Be wary of big promises — don’t make them or believe in them while the planet of luck (Jupiter) tangos with the planet of dreams (Neptune). People may try to make big promises that sound enticing while Mercury trines Neptune on the 16th. The Moon waxes full in Sagittarius on June 17, bringing our collective attention towards our shared goals and thoughts.

Here’s your Personal June Horoscope:

Gemini – May 21 to June 20

Did you know that the average brain processes about 70,000 thoughts per day, Gemini? Yours will most likely exceed that amount as the Sun highlights your house of self for the first three weeks of this month.

Your domestic ruler Mercury enters the home-loving sign of Cancer, helping you to spin up new ways to improve your space. Play it cool at work on June 9, when the Sun squares your career ruler, Neptune. It might be difficult for you to corner your thoughts while these two planets are at odds. Romance could spark on June 10, when the Sun opposes your love planet Jupiter, who is currently in retrograde. If it fizzles out, move on to the next, you’ve got so much to enjoy this month.

You know what Gemini? It is time to have a gotdamn party. You should be celebrated. I wish you a parade of people that see and appreciate your dualities, and I wish for you to be carried atop their shoulders — no, actually, the birthday party that I see as truly befitting your recent hard work adapting to major shifts as well as your inherent spiritual excellence is a crowd of people who you think are hot and interesting hoisting you aloft and depositing you in different enclaves of cool people with different assorted snacks and games. That is what you deserve.

Cancer – June 21 to July 22

You might feel like you’re behind the curtain, Cancer. Listen with intention and take your time to absorb your environment as the Sun spends his first three weeks of June in your 12th house of introspection. You’re a naturally empathetic sign, which is enhanced by this movement.

An offer on June 9 might be too good to be true when your financial ruler, the Sun squares Neptune, your personal planet of luck. If something seems a bit off, graciously decline. Lady luck arrives on June 10, but you’ve only got a 50/50 chance while the Sun opposes Jupiter. Take a chance, but don’t put all of your money on one horse. Looking for a leg up at work or a new work opportunity? Brush up your resume ahead of June 14 when your career ruler Mars trines lucky Neptune. Look for smoke and mirrors on June 16 when Jupiter squares Neptune — people are likely to over-promise and under-deliver. Listen to your inner voice on the same day when intuitive Mercury trines Neptune.

With Mars the powerhouse planet on your side, you’ll have the energy, drive, and confidence to see your goals through.

Leo – July 23 to August 22

You’ve got the eyes and ears of your favorite people, Leo. The Sun, your ruling planet, continues to brighten your 11th house of friendship for the first three weeks of June. Entertain your favorite people and revive each other with your positive energy.

Be mindful of anyone who guarantees that they can make your dreams come true on June 16 when Jupiter squares Neptune. When these two planets square, promises made are more style than substance. Hold off on closing any deals or accepting offers. Even the most solid sounding ideas could fall flat, so hold onto your money while financial Mercury trines dreamy Neptune on the same day. Your health and work ruler Saturn has been in retrograde, encouraging you to take better care of your well being.

You still need to find ways to play this month and relax. And lucky for you, that is precisely why capitalism made weekends! July will give you plenty of time to do serious work stuff, so for now, enjoy June. With the Gemini energy floating around and amping up your inner fire, it is time to chill with the dearest of homies and give and receive love that feels like a vacation.

Virgo – August 23 to September 22

You’re like a machine, Virgo. Work is your top priority while the Sun lights up you 10th house of career and social status for the first three weeks of June. Make time to recharge and create a quiet space in your home for attacking your passion projects. Creating harmony at home will help your work to flourish. It might be time for you to do a clean sweep of your files, or remove anything that makes you less productive.

Lost something in your home recently? Go on a treasure hunt in your house on June 10 when the Sun opposes a retrograde Jupiter, your planetary ruler of home and family. The odds are in your favor to come up with something that will bring you a little joy (even if that joy is that you’ve found a new part of your house to clean). Single or attached, the chance for romance is high on June 14 when Mars, your sexual ruler, trines Neptune, your love planet. Don’t make excuses during this beautiful Friday — connect with someone who lights your fire. Make sure that you’re on the same page with a loved one on June 16 when your domestic ruler Jupiter squares romantic Neptune. Both parties could become disillusioned over a confusing conversation. Be honest and put your cards on the table. Lean into the positive and peaceful energy when Mercury trines Neptune on the same day.

The moon in Gemini will team up with auspicious Jupiter to bring you lots of lucky energy in your career sector. Stay on the lookout for some intermediary that is drawn to your fastidious excellence.

Libra – September 23 to October 22

Is it time for you to broaden your horizons, Libra? You may feel the pull of wanderlust while the Sun lights up your 9th house of exploration and adventure. Seek out new experiences close to home and enrich your day to day with as much culture as you can soak up.

Embrace solitude in the comfort of your home. Your mind is as sharp as a tack June 8 when your ruling planet Venus enters intelligent Gemini. Chat up everyone who you comes your way on June 10 when the Sun opposes Jupiter, your personal communication planet. There’s a chance that one of the people you encounter could have an exciting opportunity for you. Approach them with your carefree attitude, and they’ll warm right up. Single Libras could come across someone new to date at the office or along your morning route on June 14. Mars, your love planet, trines Neptune your personal planet of well-being opening up your dating pool.

Are you soaking in the rays wherever you are? If you are not, if you find yourself kept indoors by meddlesome obligations or you know, life things, June is a month to consider getting away for a while. This doesn’t have to be a trip to Greece or anything. You can do something much more intimate and still take full advantage of the auspicious travel energy.

Scorpio – October 23 to November 21

You’re like a vault, Scorpio. The Sun’s influence in your 8th house of transformation has you plotting some major career moves. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your network to help you along your way to your next big gig. Your love planet Venus enters Gemini on June 8, hastening your romantic thoughts and words. If you’re seeing someone new, it may be hard to hold back your affection.

Charm them with your sensual nature and let the sparks fly. Try your luck at work on June 10 when the Sun opposes Jupiter, your financial planet. Asking for a raise or the opportunity to take on more responsibility could be a bit of a gamble, but you’ll never know unless you ask. Looking for a change of pace in the kitchen? Get creative with meal planning on June 14 when your health and work planet Mars trines imaginative Neptune.

In Gemini season, Jupiter is sashaying through your second house of earned income, and this signals a period of serious financial returns. Alas, no good thing comes without asking for it. So speak up this month and claim your abundance.

Sagittarius – November 22 to December 21

Your community gives you strength, Sagittarius. The Sun illuminates your 7th house of partnerships for the first three weeks of June, helping you to collaborate and build trustworthy relationships.

You’ll want to spend your time staying in over going out, so make your home a haven to relax. Your adventurous spirit will welcome some much-needed downtime as Mercury moves through this sensitive house. Venus, your health and work ruler, enters conversational Gemini on June 8, inspiring more conversation in your daily routine. Expect to bump into more friends on the street and create friendships with colleagues. June 10 is a bit of a wildcard as the Sun opposes your ruling planet Jupiter. Take chances and explore this spontaneous energy. Jupiter squares Neptune, your home and family ruler on June 16, ringing a few internal alarms. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid deception by sticking with your inner circle on June 16, when your career and love ruler Mercury trines domestic Neptune.

Jupiter entered your sign a few months ago, and this good luck planet is seriously giving you a boost. This will be the year your wishes come true.

Capricorn – December 22 to January 19

You’re committed to creating a healthier lifestyle, and it’s paying off Capricorn. The Sun supports your new self-care goals as he lights your 6th house of health and order for the days leading up to our next summer solstice.

Get ready to speak up at work on June 8 when Venus, your career planet, enters garrulous Gemini. Slow down for a day on June 9 and listen as the Sun squares communicative Neptune. Pay extra attention to body language and keep your conversations in-person if possible. Enjoy the frenetic energy that June 10’s Sun-Jupiter opposition brings. Allow yourself to be surprised. Savor harmony at home on June 14 when Mars, your home and family planet, trines with peaceful Neptune. Mentally fact-check any promises made to you on June 16 when Jupiter squares Neptune. Something’s up, and you can smell it. Stick to prioritizing your schedule on the same day when Mercury trines Neptune. Guards come down quickly on the 17th when the Moon waxes full in Sagittarius.

You are the ever-industrious, ever-ambitious, climbing your way to the tippy-top. These qualities will serve you well this month when Gemini season brings you a sudden onslaught of work assignments that only you could do. This might feel like quite the balancing act, and there aren’t too many others who could handle it, but there is no doubt among the wise council of interplanetary astrological movers and shakers that you will rise to the occasion.

Aquarius – January 20 to February 18

Is anyone having more fun than you, Aquarius? Your love planet the Sun brightens your 5th house of pleasure and romance for the first three weeks of June, lending you a brilliant glow. T

There’s nothing that you can’t accomplish — get excited to take on the world by setting an intention when the Moon waxes full mid-month. Problem solving is your superpower on June 8 when Venus, your domestic planet, enters quick thinking Gemini. Avoid hurt feelings and press pause on cash-related conversations as the Sun squares Neptune, your financial ruler on June 9. Reschedule and revisit any concerns with your partner on June 14 when action-oriented Mars trines money-minded Neptune. Exercise caution when dealing with your assets on June 16 when lucky Jupiter squares Neptune. The Moon waxes full in Sagittarius on June 17, reverberating a spirit of optimism through the air. Saturn, your personal planet of inner growth sextiles Neptune on June 18, offering you a new outlook on your income.

Venus will be reclined on her fainting couch in your fifth house of true love for the next month or so. If you are in the mood for romance, this is a good time to make some moves.

Pisces – February 19 to March 20

Sticking close to home serves you well, Pisces. The Sun, your health and work ruler, illuminates your domestic 4th house, saving your energy for the long-awaited summer solstice.

Brace for some speed-bumps on June 9 when the Sun squares your ruling planet. If you can roll with the punches, your mood will be unbeatable. At the very least, awkward situations can help you practice your storytelling. An interesting opportunity arises on June 10 when the Sun opposes a retrograde Jupiter, your personal planet of career. It’s a toss-up, so why not take your chances? At the very least, you’ll learn something new about what direction you’d like to take next in your professional journey. Listen to your gut on June 14 when your financial planet Mars trines Neptune, your planetary ruler. Steer clear of anyone who makes obnoxious claims at the office on June 16, when Jupiter, your career planet squares Neptune. It’s an excellent day for veiled skepticism. Sit back and see how it all shakes out.

Being such a psychic and empathetic bunch, it is common for Pisces to feel a little self-conscious and maybe even occasionally a touch paranoid. I am here for two purposes this month– firstly, to give you resounding affirmation that people like you and think you are cute for sure (FOR SURE) and secondly, to tell you that if you put faith in your charm and abilities this month.

Aries – March 21 to April 19

You’re putting your money where your mouth is this month, Aries. Communication is vital as the Sun, your ruler of entertainment and creativity, highlights your 3rd house of thought and speech for the first three weeks of June.

Ask for what you want when Venus, your personal planet of both love and money, enters the free-spirited sign of Gemini on June 8. You could have an exciting travel opportunity arise on June 10 when the Sun opposes Jupiter, but you’ll have to act quickly. Trust your intuition if it doesn’t feel like a good move. Get comfortable with your inner self on June 14, when your ruling planet Mars trines your spiritual ruler, Neptune. Pay attention to the shiny promises that people make on June 16 when Jupiter squares Neptune — things are not as they appear. Re-evaluate your work routines on June 16 when Mercury, your personal planet of wellbeing, trines intuitive Neptune. Is there a simple way for you to enrich your daily life? Saturn, your personal planet of career, sextiles Neptune on June 18, giving you a new perspective on your career goals.

Even if you need to get out of town for a while, don’t go making any big impulsive life changes. Come back home and focus on taking the things that invigorated you out there in the big bad world into your lil nest.

Taurus – April 20 to May 20

Your financial mind takes a much needed turn this month, Taurus.

Have you been aching for a new apartment or home? Is it time for a small renovation or DIY project? When you consciously put cash into your bettering your home, you’ll be able to feel the results work their magic. Venus, your personal ruler of well-being moves into chatty Gemini on June 8, helping you to vocalize your needs for change at the office and in your daily routines. Ask for advice, and get ideas on how to make small adjustments to make a real difference — your friends will be happy to help. Keep your eyes peeled on June 10, when the Sun opposes lucky Jupiter. It’s a great day to make a small-stakes risk. Mars, your spiritual ruler, trines dreamy Neptune on June 14, encouraging you to take a day to disconnect. Experiment with music, art or connect with nature as these two planets move together. You might be inspired to make an interesting purchase on June 16 when your financial ruler Mercury trines dreamy Neptune. Hold onto your receipt in case you change your mind.

The last month or so was challenging, even though you had all that birthday luck flitting about your chart. According to astrology, this has been most obvious in financial matters. Which I know is so hard for you as someone who generally loves security. June is a month where cashflow should be much less of an issue for you than it has been lately.