Full Moon In Scorpio Horoscope: Spellbound Meaning For This Intense Shift

This Full Moon in Scorpio is creating a need to dive into your feelings as deep as possible. Now, more than ever before, you will feel a strong desire for meaningful emotional exchanges. This may not be easy for some of you, and you might be forced to change some aspects of your life. Shallow relationships do not satisfy you, and you are finding yourself tired of fake friendships.

The Scorpio moon peaks at 2 degrees in an enthralling trine to Neptune (in Pisces). It’s a time of being spellbound or for breaking spells. Hypnotic seductions vie for our attention, and a power wants to keep humanity in a state of fear. It’s also a pairing to move beyond needless nightmares and be captain of your own ship. The full moon illuminates holds on the psyche and opportunities to dissolve them.

If you’re wrestling with an issue, ask for clear messages for transforming it. Earth energies show us how to be resourceful and prioritize. This might take extreme measures, but stripping away needless drama fortifies us for what’s ahead.

The full moon on Saturday May 18, 2019 at 27° Scorpio is opposite MercuryHere is your horoscope for this shift:


You reap what you sow, Aries. And with all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into your career recently, those investments are bound to start bearing fruit soon (if they haven’t already). Just remember to pay back your debts—even better, pay them forward!

As independent as you like to be, this Full Moon reminds you that you need others in your life. You may have to pay more than you’d like for the material, physical or emotional desires that are awakened by the intensely emotional event. But you can either go hungry with self-sufficiency or fill up by sharing.


What’s your obsession, Taurus? Our culture sends a lot of mixed-up messages about what we’re supposed to want in life—but only you know what really turns you on. If something doesn’t resonate with your deepest desires, feel free to say “no thanks.”

This Full Moon challenges your fundamental need to keep things simple and down to earth. A discontented partner or your hunger for a richer connection may cause you to leave the safety of your comfy emotional cave and encounter the values of others that are bound to stretch you.


More fuel for the fire, Gemini—when you’re working and living at this level of intensity, it takes a lot to keep your motor running! Still, this pace may not be sustainable forever. Temper your passion with pragmatism to avoid burning out.

The single-minded Full Moon in Scorpio falls in your 6th House of Work, representing a need to dig more deeply on the job. Whether you have to give more in your current situation to stay afloat or you desire a more rewarding situation, powerful feelings will guide you more effectively than vague ideas.


A promise is a promise, Cancer. And once you’ve committed yourself, there’s no backing out… even when it’s clearly time to move on. But you’ve only got so much time and energy, so no one will blame you if you start spending it more selectively.

Passions can boil over with this steamy Scorpio Full Moon in your 5th House of Romance. Jealousy and desire can spur you to explore some provocative behavior, but it’s probably healthier to allow your need for love to drive you forward rather than let your fear of rejection hold you back.


“Pride and joy,” Leo: If we had to guess, that’s how your family members think of you. You’ve impressed them enough already—so isn’t it time you started pursuing a more personally meaningful goal? Consider what legacy you want to build.

The psychologically astute Scorpio Full Moon falls in your 4th House of Roots, awakening buried memories from the past or stirring up issues on the home front. Putting on a brave face may look strong, but it’s much braver to dive into the dark places of fear and uncertainty where the power for real change lies.


We believe in your vision, Virgo, and it’s clear that you do too. More than any other sign, you manage to be both an idealist and a realist. Now all you need is a well-crafted mission statement to attract more supporters to your cause.

Reason and logic may be your usual allies, but emotion is the currency that will give power to your words and ideas. This intense Scorpio Full Moon in your 3rd House of Communication tests your commitment to your ideas and your willingness to feel as strongly as you think.


This full moon is called the “Flower Moon…” and right now, Libra, everything’s coming up roses for you! But someone, somewhere, may be going without in order for you to enjoy the finer things in life. Remember to give thanks—and give back.

Financial concerns could reach a critical mass with the hungry Scorpio Full Moon in your 2nd House of Resources. However, the gift of this lunation is its capacity to inspire you to reconnect with underused or forgotten gifts and talents that are ready to re-emerge and be used in new ways.


You’ve changed, Scorpio…but try explaining that to the people closest to you; they’re still trying to relate in the same old way, while inside you’re a totally different person. Don’t be too quick to cut ties, though, as there may still be a way to reconnect.

This Full Moon in your passionate sign can either lead to a meltdown as you hit emotional or physical limits or it can signal a recommitment to your health and appearance. The latter will energize you with the sex appeal and personal power to fulfill needs that aren’t being met by others.


Dreaming of quitting your day job, Sag? That might be premature—at least until you have a better sense of how to make it work. For now, clear some space in your schedule to rendezvous with your hidden talent or secret passion.

You tend to walk away from the past without regrets or recrimination. This Full Moon in deep Scorpio, though, falls in your 12th House of Forgotten Things, revealing where unfinished business and unfulfilled desires weigh you down and need to be addressed before moving ahead.


“Creative control” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it, Capricorn? But it’s not exactly what you think. Having an original idea is a great start—but to bring it fully to life, you’ll eventually need to surrender and trust the creative process.

Complications with friends or colleagues can be expected with the Scorpio Moon falling in your 11th House of Groups. Manipulative individuals may withhold support or mistrusting allies can question your motives. Being clear about your own expectations is the fastest road to a healing truth.


Keep the home fires burning, Aquarius—you’ll need them to sustain you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as you navigate some profound inner shifts. New insights are coming in right now about your true calling and path of service in the world.

Living in your head may not work when emotional individuals make it harder for you to meet your public and professional responsibilities. This Full Moon in secretive Scorpio challenges you to feel what others want instead of assuming that they are logical and reasonable people.


You’re a slippery one, Pisces. But when it’s so easy to get lost in your own stream of consciousness, it helps to have some kind of container. Consider joining a supportive community or adopting a new philosophy or lifestyle that makes sense for you.

You may encounter contrasting attractions and fears about travel with the potent Scorpio Moon occurring in your 9th House of Faraway Places. It may become clear, though, that you need to expand your horizons or broaden your education to satisfy a hunger to grow you might not have even recognized.