Weekly Tarotscope: New Moon, Mercury, And The Sun In Taurus Carries A Vital Message

New Moons always represent the start of one lunar cycle, right when the Moon is conjunct the Sun and is invisible to our eyes. This conjunction is an excellent time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Moreover, it will be a good period for starting new projects or making radical changes.

During New Moons, we can find clarity on what we want, and we will let go of everything that no longer serves us. New Moons’ effects usually last for two weeks, until the following Full Moon.

With the upcoming New Moon, occurring in the sign of Taurus, we may expect new beginnings and fresh starts related to our sense of safety and our belongings, together with our capacities to persevere and be patient.

Mercury also joins the trio of the New Moon and the Sun in Taurus.

Speaking of Mercury, it will enter Taurus on May 6th, moving to conjoin Uranus on May 8th. The Taurus Sun made this same conjunction on April 22nd, so the initial illumination of a radical change or update will be communicated, written or fully understood.

Let’s see what your weekly Tarotscope has to say about all of this. Scroll down to your zodiac sign to read your important message for the week.

Aries Tarot Horoscope: 5 of Cups

The 5 of Cups indicates you’ve been allowing yourself to wade in a sea of regret and disappointment. While the pain you’re feeling is very real and shouldn’t be minimized, it isn’t a free pass to stay stuck in this mode forever. By choosing to focus on your perceived failures or mistakes, you can’t see the positive things right in front of you, nor can you move on toward greener pastures. There’s still hope, and it’s important this week that you find where that hope is and shift your attention to that.

Too, you may be dealing with professional manipulations or jealousy. You’re at a turning point, and pushes you to look beyond old definitions of achievement towards something that’s more personally meaningful. Use your courage and tap into unexplored opportunities for growth. This can be a continuation of events from May 1st-2nd.

Taurus Tarot Horoscope: Knight of Pentacles

Have you had your head in the clouds recently? The Knight of Pentacles is urging you to come back down to Earth this week and apply effort to your ideas this week. Maybe you’ve been suffering from a case of “all talk and no action.” Alternately, you could be putting off your day-to-day responsibilities in favor of more exciting offers. No matter what your situation, you’re being encouraged to create a plan of action or stick to a routine as progress is best achieved through discipline.

An urge to break free, or a disruption/surprise can be verbalized. This could be about you speaking out or being hit with a shocking but clarifying message.

Gemini Tarot Horoscope: 10 of Swords

The 10 of Swords acknowledges you are going through a painful time right now. Perhaps you’ve been betrayed, or it could be you’re experiencing a period of things crashing down on you. These types of experiences are never pleasant to go through, but this week you’re being called to focus on the new beginning that this ending can make way for. Even though you may feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, take solace in the fact that there’s nowhere else to go but up. Remember, obstacles can be opportunities in disguise.

The reveal of a secret can be shocking, as can the clarity about what you’ve been refusing to look at. Events from April 22nd will be put into words.

Cancer Tarot Horoscope: Ace of Cups

You’re going to ride the wave of good vibes this week! The Ace of Cups is signaling a time that is overflowing with positive emotional energy: love, happiness, creativity, and compassion. It also signifies the ability to strengthen your existing relationships — and perhaps meet a new friend or lover! If you’ve felt closed off lately, it’s time to open your heart to allow the love and peace you deserve in. This is your chance to sip from the cup of profound spiritual fulfillment, so drink up!

You may decide to speak out in an unexpected way, or you could learn something disruptive but truthful about an acquaintance.

Leo Tarot Horoscope: 8 of Wands

The 8 of Wands represents high energy and forward momentum, signaling a time of getting things done and making things happen. You might feel as though a lot is coming at you this week, and it could become difficult to figure out what you should pay attention to. Combat these distractions by honing in on a single goal and removing any distractions so you can focus on it. By using this energy to your advantage, you will turn this into a period of great productivity and progress.

This is your turning point- do you stick with an outdated situation or move forward while deciding what responsibilities are no longer relevant? In some cases, this could be about moving beyond self-imposed limits.

Virgo Tarot Horoscope: Justice

Are your beliefs aligned with your actions in the world? Have you been making choices that reflect your highest self? That’s the question the Justice card wants you to ask yourself this week. This is especially important if you’re facing a major decision right now. What you do could have a long-lasting impact — either positive or negative — on both you and the people around you. Connect with your intuition and allow it to be the compass that leads you down the right path, so you can avoid unintended consequences down the road.

Aspects to Venus in your sector of shared resources can encourage spending (especially on the domestic front) or emotional expansion, but the bigger issue will be pressure to achieve, conform or deal with jealousy versus rising above it all and aligning yourself with others who support your values. You may be pushed to step beyond old definitions of success, or fears of fully expressing yourself and moving towards a more authentic, public connection.

Libra Tarot Horoscope: Ace of Swords

Your breakthrough moment has arrived! The Ace of Swords signals that the fog is lifting, and you have greater mental clarity this week. It may feel as though you’re viewing the world through a brand-new lens, one that helps you cut through the noise and get to the truth of the matter. Is a situation not what it seems? Has someone been deceiving you? Have you been deceiving yourself? You’re being handed an opportunity to clear the air and get to the heart of the matter.

Expect a major discovery or radical conversation that unearths something in the areas of shared finances, intimacy or psychological development. Don’t be afraid to confront an uncomfortable truth.

Scorpio Tarot Horoscope: 9 of Swords

The 9 of Swords indicates that you are suffering from some kind of loss or disappointment right now. This could have been something you saw coming, or it could have been something sudden and unexpected. Regardless, this stress has been weighing on you, possibly making you feel as though you’ll never recover from this situation. Take the time necessary to grieve and heal, keeping in mind that although what you’re going through is tremendously difficult, you can move on and grow from this experience.

Get ready, a partner might deliver some surprising news. Or, your eyes could be opened to a clarifying truth about your relationship. In some cases, a new attraction could act as a messenger.

Sagittarius Tarot Horoscope: The Hermit

It’s time to take a break from your everyday life! The Hermit is indicating that you may have a need to withdraw and reflect this week. It could be that you’ve been immersed in many new experiences or spent much of your time recently socializing. Now it is necessary to go for a walk in the forest, take a long bath, book a weekend getaway, or anything else that helps you disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your inner world. Recharging your spiritual batteries will help you reemerge with a renewed perspective.

Aspects to the Sun in your sector of routine encourage you to stabilize a health/work scenario by applying discipline and maturity in a financial or emotional area. Restraint and the acknowledgement that old habits must be left behind can help you build a new, daily structure.

Capricorn Tarot Horoscope: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is primarily a card about intuition. This week, you’re being called to work on your perceptive skills, so that you can fine-tune your ability to hear your inner voice and receive messages from your unconscious mind. Have you been out of balance in a certain area of your life? Are you unsure if you’re on the right path regarding a specific situation? This card is encouraging you connect with your internal wisdom, because the answer you’re seeking is already inside of you.

Old habits of control and domination (as well as following traditions) will be an option, but so will be moving towards a more balanced, empathetic and authentic approach. A relationship could be at a tipping point, as could a family issue – watch for background assistance or a hidden sense of optimism/guidance.

Aquarius Tarot Horoscope: 5 of Swords

You’re being encouraged to choose your battles wisely this week. The 5 of Swords signals that a conflict is currently brewing in a particular area of your life, and a confrontation could take place soon. When it does, you may be tempted to win the argument at all costs — but have you considered what those costs are? In your attempt to prove you’re right, you may say or do things you regret later, as well as sabotage your relationship with the other person (or people). Before going to battle, consider how winning in the moment could lead to a long-term loss.

A major disruption or update to home and family will be part of a discussion or surprising news. Now is the time to clear the air, talk about the past and consider new options.

Pisces Tarot Horoscope: 9 of Wands

You could find yourself approaching the finish line this week! The 9 of Wands recognizes the persistence and dedication you’ve put into a personal goal you’ve been working toward. Your initial goals and ideas were planted and have grown, and you are so close to finally reaching your destination. While the road may have been long and weary at times, this is no time to give up. Resilience is your greatest asset right now, so put on your battle armor and keep moving forward no matter what life may throw your way.

Mercury into your communication sector, conjunct Uranus, can deliver an eye-opening message or see you speaking out in a radically new way. Events from April 22nd will be put into words, clarifying the details of what you need to acknowledge.