Weekend Horoscope March 29 – 31: Major Cosmic Shift In Your Favor

Mercury Retrograde has ended, and the moon is heading into her manifesting phase which makes for one amazing cosmic shift.

If there’s one thing this past month has taught us, it is the art of letting go.

While it may be tempting to hold on to the past, we must let go of that which is not working in our lives. This includes people, situations, and even ideals. We must not hold ourselves accountable for past mistakes. Remember, our mistakes do not limit us, our fears do.

Letting go of fear will prove hard, but necessary. Also, we must learn to forgive ourselves. We are humans, designed to be imperfect. Every morning when we wake up, we have the opportunity to have a second chance. How will you use yours?

Let’s see what your weekend horoscope has in store for your zodiac sign:

Aries – March 21-April 19

This weekend starts off with a bang, mostly felt under the Last Quarter Moon on March 29th. Your need for recognition and fame is dwindling, much due to your dynamic inner confidence. Letting go of past desires for acclaim and popularity are helping to elevate your spiritual side, allowing you to heal yourself on the 31st. Knowing who to trust will prove difficult this weekend. Therefore, psychic protection is essential. Meditative techniques such as visualizing a protective energy field surrounding you away from others will serve to push out those who aim to cause you harm.

Taurus – April 20-May 20

Creating the life you desire has its speed bumps. But, this weekend brings you closer to your emotional needs. The Last Quarter Moon on the 29th lets you step outside the box, by bringing an unexpected new friend, even a new love interest, your way who will help you heal your wounded heart. The connection will be electric and magnetic, filled with promise and uniqueness. While your new pairing will seem unconventional to the outside world, know that only you call the shots in your life. Don’t listen to what others say, trust your instincts. You, and you alone, know what is right for you.

Gemini – May 21-June 20

It’s time to take your power back, Gemini! The Last Quarter Moon on March 29th, along with Mars’s ingress onto your Sun on March 31st will push you to assert your authority onto others. While normally you would advise yourself away from making intense moves, this week urges you to express your truest and deepest feelings—even if it hurts. Friends who have let you down, or dreams you have abandoned will remain in the lurch. Leave space for peers who appreciate you and let professional aspirations take flight in your heart. Mercury’s direct motion on the 28th gives you a deeper understanding of recent events. Do not repress your emotions—express yourself with sensitivity for others in mind in order to make yourself heard.

Cancer – June 21-July 22

The focus of the week is primarily on you, dear crab. After an intense few weeks dealing with manipulation and power struggles within interpersonal relationships, you are finally taking a well deserved moment to mend your heart. Looking back at past arguments may consume your time. However, it’s not worth the energy. The Last Quarter Moon on the 29th helps you reconcile the recent past and implement much needed self-care. Your energies will be internalized on the 31st, aiming to bring you back to your spiritual core. Your cosmic incentive of this week is to pamper yourself with good food, wine, and TLC. Sleep in over the weekend. Share merriments with friends. Take good care of yourself this week, Cancer. Enjoy the sweetness life has to offer. Live the good life, filled with love and serenity this week. Block all the negativity out, opt to fill your heart with positive vibes only.

Leo – July 23-August 22

All of life’s mysteries are pushing you to have a deeper understanding of yourself and how you connect to the spiritual world. Last Quarter Moon on the 29th aims to help you make lemonade from lemons. Your previous setbacks will bring you to a deeper understanding of what you want to give to the world on the 31st. Aligning your professional desires and spiritual beliefs will essentially elevate your status as well as your divine connection to the world. Embracing change this weekend will be rewarding. Have faith in yourself and the universe.

Virgo – August 23-September 22

Being a visionary is your life’s goal. This week, you will find that others respect and admire your views and prophetize your insights. The Last Quarter Moon, occurring on March 29th, initiates your claim as a leader in your professional endeavors. Be prepared to encourage others to motivate and grow along with you. Side by side, you will all navigate your ways through turbulent waters on April 2nd, all of which will help you to survive the rapturous intense emotional stresses the end of the week brings. You will leave this turbulent weekend feeling supported and full of hope, as well as being in tune with the community and world. Together, with others, you can transform the world. Most importantly, allow yourself and others to see the potential and promise granted by the cosmos.

Libra – Sept. 23-Oct. 22

A lover, not a fighter, this weekend brings out your tenacious energies. In the past, you have chosen to take the passive route in expressing your views. This week, you are granted the gift of asserting your will, which will help you to feel emotionally fulfilled and understood. The Last Quarter Moon on March 29th forces you to take control back within interpersonal relationships that have recently gone haywire. Letting others know your truest feelings may make you feel insecure and stifled at first. But, with some help clearing out and balancing your Throat Chakra, you will be talking your heart out in no time. A simple trick to open up your Throat Chakra, is singing. Chiming a tune will clear out uncertainty within you, bringing you closer to your desires. Also, carrying Blue Kyanite around with you will heal your expressive energy. By week’s end, you will speak your truth with love.

Scorpio – Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’re currently moved by all the beauty in the world, which will serve to inspire your idyllic notions. Connecting to the earth will allow you to feel centered and calm all throughout the weekend, even on the 29th when trickster Mercury tries to reverse your romantic fortune under the Last Quarter Moon. While you may be inclined to indulge with your enchanting ex (this can be a former lover, friend, flirtation, business partner, or spouse), be careful not to jump in the deep end of the ocean before assessing if the relationship is worth the effort. Use your inner power and resilience to protect your heart before opening yourself up again. Pay homage to the past through nature by reflecting on yesteryear during the season of rebirth, noting how far you have come and evolved.

Sagittarius – Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This weekend may make you feel a bit sluggish, as relationship issues consume all your energy on March 31st. It’s important to heal your body from within in order to gain strength and resilience from vampiric energies of others. Balancing your Root Chakra will prove to help your inner flow. Try dancing, walking, and meditating with Black Obsidian to help ground the energies this week. Dancing and walking aim to stretch out your Root Chakra through movement. While Black Obsidian helps to protect against misuse of power from others, which will prove beneficial under the Last Quarter Moon, by calling upon ancestors for shelter from harm. Not only will you gain clarity and insight, you will also be shielded and protected from negativity coming your way. With your aura clear and free of negativity, you will feel energized and ready to plan your next adventure.

Capricorn – Dec. 22-Jan. 19

A realist by nature, you are slowly learning that dry cold facts are not for you. It’s time you embrace your poetic mind. Trying out new spells will serve to elevate your personal magic, as you are in the mood to create incantations and harvest your power. You may find that your biggest of magic comes from within. The Last Quarter Moon on March 29th is a particularly potent day for you, as the Moon aligns with your Sun, creating your personal monthly New Moon. Under this luminary, you will be able to plant a seed for a new beginning around your personal dreams. The universe has its ear open to you on the 28th and is listening. Speak to your ancestors; they are working hard to bring your desires to you. They are helping you to gain courage and motivation by making you run towards what you love.

Aquarius – Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Living in the immaterial world has caused your creativity to sore to new heights. However, it has also put a drain on your personal assets. The weekend brings such financial issues into focus, when Venus and Uranus push you to take a deeper look at your savings. It will be challenging to augment your bank account, as the relationship to financial security may trigger childhood wounds, especially on March 31st. Take a bay leaf and write down your intention to manifest money on it. After you are done writing on the leaf, let it burn, so that the universe and receive your wish. Hopefully, you will be given more money, which will help alleviate financial stresses. By week’s end, your bank account may be filled with money and your pockets lined with gold.

Pisces – Feb. 19-March 20

Getting clear on your new direction may prove confusing now, even though Mercury stations direct, conjunction your Sun, on March 28th. As Mercury and Neptune align with your Sun on April 2nd, you may be more inclined to embrace a spiritual engraver, one which will heal your heart and mind, as it will soothe your heart. Pay attention to your dreams this week. Your psychic abilities are on point allowing you to have revelations through your visions. Keep a sleep journal close to your bed and write as soon as you wake up. You will be able to piece your dreams together this week, which will help you understand the messages the spirits are trying to tell you. This will enable you to manifest the next phase of your life.