Weekly Horoscope For The Biggest Energy Shift Of 2019: Full Supermoon, Equinox, and Chiron

This week has a lot of energetic shifts taking place. The March 20th Full Moon occurs on the same day as the Spring Equinox , and it opposes Chiron in Aries, suggesting a painful re-balancing .

Mars in Taurus trine Pluto on this same day adds power, passion and determination to this Moon’s events – movement will be slow but profound as you power forward with a security issue. No matter what this Full Moon exposes, know that external actions will harmonize with deeper resources for solid results. You can make real progress.

Venus (ruler of this Moon) in independent Aquarius squares Mars on March 21st, suggesting that Full Moon issues will also involve a crisis between liberated desires versus controlling actions. What you do to move ahead may be part of what upsets the balance, or you may be confronting possessiveness/obstinacy in others. Jupiter’s sextile to Venus urges continuous expansion into what’s new, as the Venus/Mars crisis is surpassed.

March 24th brings the second of three conjunctions between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. The first conjunction happened on February 19th, and now as Mercury Rx joins Neptune once again you’ll be reviewing or questioning a lie/dream/belief. Part of this process is putting it into words, even as other words dissolve.


The Full Moon in your partnership sector (opposite Chiron in your sign) can hi-light a painful conclusion involving a relationship, or your one-on-one connections in general. A vulnerability that’s triggered when you get close to others may be revealed, or an issue that makes you uncomfortable in partnerships. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this introduces a new chapter that heightens your awareness of wounds (and empathy) in connection to others.

Mars in your sector of personal resources trine Pluto can power up a career opportunity, especially concerning money. This aspect will focus on what you want and what you have to do to get it – a new career development can be lucrative. Venus in your social sector square Mars suggests that desired goals/connections involving friends, groups or your public image will be boosted, but watch for a crises between social image versus security (if you push too hard it may trigger discord).

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your hidden sector suggests that a second look at a dream, secret or hint can reveal more. Don’t be afraid to examine what you’ve been denying or ignoring. This will relate back to February 19th.


The Full Moon in your sector of routine can illuminate hidden work or medical issues, or a painful matter involving an imbalance between you and another. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this introduces a new chapter around how you care for yourself or what you do for others. Vulnerabilities that you’ve been denying may be key.

Mars in your sign trine Pluto favours travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Your ambitions and ability to reach further will be enhanced and your determined approach will take you far. Venus in your career sector square Mars suggests ambitions may extend to a professional relationship or your professional image, but there will tension between what you want versus what you do. Make sure you don’t become so focused on yourself that you forget about other people’s freedom. Besides this, this aspect can bring financial or psychological benefits as you tap into hidden sources of confidence or assistance from another.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your social sector encourages more questions or a review of a conversation with a friend or group. It’s time to examine the ideals/magical visions of others so you can uncover some truths. Social plans will shift or be dissolved. Too, this could be about changing your mind about a public statement. This will relate back to February 19th.


The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression can illuminate results involving a new romance, creative work, children/pregnancy or a public launch. You could feel exposed as a public vulnerability or social doubts are highlighted. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this will illuminate new ways of relating to the public or expressing your confidence. In some cases, this could be the start of work that heals/teaches others.

Mars in your hidden sector trine Pluto can intensify a background source of power, money or confidence. Tune into behind-the-scenes manifestations – what’s happening in private can help you deal with public doubts. Venus in your opportunities sector square Mars suggests that hidden ambitions or unacknowledged anger can create tension around a long-distance romance, travel, education, legal matters, publishing or beliefs. You’ll be encouraged to push for more, and you do have support, but motivations you’re not fully aware of can throw you off course.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your career sector suggests reviewing a discussion with management, a job offer or your professional words. Look carefully at missing or newly revealed information and be prepared for the facts to change. In some cases you may be questioning a professional ideal. This will relate back to February 19th.


The Full Moon in your domestic sector can reveal painful issues around career ambitions versus home and family. There may be an imbalance between moving forward versus harmony at home. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this can bring important results involving family dynamics that define a new season in your life.

Mars in your social sector trine Pluto indicates steady and powerful growth in all levels of relationships. A powerful partnership can encourage you to move forward and impact others with your efforts, while encouraging you to honour any ambitions that come up during the Full Moon. Venus in your sector of shared resources square Mars can trigger underlying tension around public efforts versus private matters, but if you maintain steady progress while initiating improvement in your daily routines, you can benefit.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your opportunities sector hi-lights questions, delays and reviews regarding travel plans, education, legal matters, beliefs or publishing. Questions can uncover new answers, or encourage you to ask more questions, but this is all an essential part of sifting through the layers to arrive at an ultimate truth. Don’t take any information for granted. This will relate back to February 19th


The Full Moon in your communication sector can bring an answer or decision that reveals an uncomfortable truth. Results involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing may illuminate what you didn’t want to know, or a key matter involving teaching/mentoring. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this turning point can open your eyes to how your words are received. This could also be a new season regarding learning or traveling.

Mars in your career sector trine Pluto can support your professional actions and ambitions. You can move ahead successfully as long as you apply patience and work with the current restructuring of your health or work routines. Changes on the job can ultimately benefit you. Venus in your partnership sector square Mars indicates some relationship tension as your actions upset the balance with another, but there will also be a surge of confidence as what’s happening supports your talents and self-expression.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your sector of shared resources suggests a crucial conversation or discovery regarding shared finances, intimacy or psychological issues. Questions and research can dissolve certain facts and uncover others, although there may be (temporarily) more confusion as you deal with emerging issues. Remain focused and stay open to what emerges. This will relate back to February 19th.


The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources can hi-light results involving earned money, values and self-esteem. What you want for yourself versus what you share with or owe another will be an issue, along with any vulnerabilities in that relationship. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this can trigger a new chapter where the balance of self-sufficiency versus dependency is adjusted.

Mars in your opportunities sector trine Pluto adds quiet power and confidence, giving you the drive to push past any uncomfortable issues during this Moon. Mars/Pluto will encourage you to reach further, take calculated risks and keep building a new foundation that supports your talent, a creative project or new romance. Venus in your sector of routine square Mars can stir up tension between health/work issues versus an area of exploration- use caution as you move forward because you’ll still need to work out what’s doable and what’s not. However, these energies also encourage you to make positive updates to a health/work routine or co-worker relationship.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your partnership sector can see you confronting a lie or vague statement in a current or past relationship. Your push for clarity will relate back to February 19th as you move through another layer of possibilities and get closer to the truth.


The Full Moon in your sign can bring a painful turning point in a relationship, perhaps involving wounds or insecurities that you’ve projected onto another. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this is a crucial new chapter that will push you into territory where you confront codependency, asserting your will and claiming your sense of self in a relationship.

Mars in your sector of shared resources trine Pluto can deepen an intimate relationship or empower your efforts to dig into family history, pay off debts or unearth a new level of trust with someone. This aspect suggests there’s plenty of determination to work through the uncomfortable moments. Venus in your sector of self-expression square Mars can trigger compulsive attraction or spending – watch how hard you’re pushing (or how hard someone else is pushing you). At the same time, this can encourage you to speak out, make your intentions known or have faith in what you have you to offer.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your sector of routine can emphasize missing information or corrections involving health or work. Connecting to February 19th, this aspect urges you to question what you know or go back over a problem. In some cases, a problem may dissolve on closer inspection.


The Full Moon in your hidden sector suggests that a background revelation may shed light on a health or work vulnerability. An area where you feel unprepared or disorganized could suddenly come to light. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this could be about rebalancing what’s been hidden with what’s in your immediate reality.

Mars in your partnership sector trine Pluto suggests these issues will also involve a steady flow of power and influence from a partner. In a romantic or business context, a significant other can tap into your deeper motivations, or their actions can harmonize with your words. Venus in your domestic sector square Mars does indicate some home/family tension as the actions of another disrupt things close to you. But there’s also room for positive developments (including financial or self-esteem issues) and there could be a reason to celebrate.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your sector of self-expression sees you referring back to a conversation, flirtation, romantic promise or creative work from February 19th. You may be questioning a beautiful idea or rewording something. This process is a necessary part of putting what you want into words.


The Full Moon in your social sector can deliver a public result or ending that’s connected to your self-expression. Putting yourself out there in way that make you vulnerable will be a theme. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this symbolizes a new chapter in social relationships and a rebalancing of your public identity.

Mars in your sector of routine trine Pluto suggests that you can support yourself during this Full Moon with steady, practical actions in the context of health or work. Building yourself up slowly by tapping into transformational energies in how you achieve security (financial or emotional) can lead to potent physical changes. The key is setting a course and sticking with it. However, venus in your communication sector square Mars indicates that actions will be at odds with words – your daily efforts (to improve or correct) may trigger some conflict, but Jupiter in your sign sextile Venus also hints at beneficial social contacts or an enhanced ability to deliver your message in an appealing way.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your domestic sector takes you back to a family conversation/information from February 19th. You’re examining an issue around illness, addiction or a literal/metaphorical leak in your foundation. This could also represent attempts to move past a lingering domestic issue that you’ve been having trouble releasing.


The Full Moon in your career sector presents a result involving professional image, a job search, future goals or relationship with management. Watch for a change in the balance between home and work, with a sensitive domestic issue highlighted. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this is about a new chapter that urges you to rebalance career and personal life, while addressing family wounds.

Mars in your sector of self-expression trine Pluto in your sign powers you up and gives you an edge during this Full Moon. You’ll be feeling more confident, powerful and ready to move forward with a personal ambition. The creation of something long-desired is favoured, but the square from Venus in your sector of personal resources suggests caution with money or self-esteem issues. This is something (or someone) you want very much, but the force of ambition can trigger a crisis regarding available resources. Nonetheless, watch for a subtle background hint that you’re on the right track. Too, there could be an unexpected spot of assistance.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your communication sector sees you returning to a conversation, dream or vague/unrealistic idea from February 19th. You’re reviewing or questioning the fantasy as you examine the details for proof. In some cases, a previous answer may dissolve upon closer inspection.


The Full Moon in your opportunities sector brings results involving relocation, travel, education, legal matters or publishing. A big-picture announcement or decision will also trigger a newly emerging vulnerability involving your communication or right to assert yourself verbally. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, you’re moving into a new phase where you’re more aware of how important it is for you to be heard.

Mars in your domestic sector trine Pluto says that this Full Moon will also be about slow but powerful changes on a personal level. A gradual shift in family dynamics, an inevitable ending or reconstruction is progressing, and the news this Moon delivers will be part of the process. You can empower yourself by going deeper into personal/family transformations which will strengthen your foundations. However, the square to Venus in your sign suggests domestic actions will clash with you want for yourself, or with your self-image. There’s a social opportunity here and perhaps even some romance, so don’t allow tensions at home to throw you off your game.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your sector of personal resources takes you back to information about finances or personal values from from February 19th. You may be questioning what’s vague or missing, or there may be a push for you to deliver precise details about something you haven’t been clear on.


The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources delivers a shift in the balance between your security versus what you share/owe. Shared finances, intimacy or psychological issues can be illuminated, along with your vulnerabilities around being self-sufficient. Aligned with the Spring Equinox, this will bring you to a new chapter where issues of trust are actively explored. A shift in the power balance between you another can be involved.

Mars in your communication sector trine Pluto helps you deal with this Moon’s issues by powering up your ideas and communication. Words and actions will combine and have a powerful impact on others – tap into your steady determination regarding what you know you need. What are you prepared to say and do to get it? Venus in your hidden sector square Mars can trigger some tension as unacknowledged desires clash with external actions/words, so it’s important that you fully acknowledge what you really want. There is potential to fuel a promising goal regarding career and success.

Mercury Rx/Neptune in your sign hi-lights a key realization, dream or higher goal from February 19th. You’re working on putting the dream into words, and it’s not a straightforward process. There may be false starts, questions and confusion. Some things may dissolve while other facts become clearer.