How To Make Your Own Leather-Bound Magical Spellbook, Or Grimoire

It’s not often we come across such a magical piece of work with real life application, but this DIY spellbook is definitely worth sharing!

If you have ever wanted to make a spellbook, or a Book of Shadows, this is exactly the post for you.

A Book of Shadows keeps the things you’ve learned, things you want to learn, and much more useful information that the owner finds valuable to his or her craft.

Unfortunately, with all the mysticism that witchcraft has gathered over the years, many who practice come to a roadblock under the assumption that creating a BoS (Book of Shadows) is something difficult and hard.

But, it’s really quite simple and we have the perfect instructional video for you to follow as well. Sure, it will take some time to make, but when you are done, you will have something you put your energy into and created with your own two hands.

The video we will be showing you today comes to us from one of my favourite YouTube channels, Nerdforge.

Materials Used:

Real leather (preferrably 0.5 mm thick or less – in this video: 2-2.5 mm)

– 52 sheets A3 sized paper (110 gsm)

– 2 sheets A3 black paper as end sheets (140 gsm)

– Black tea / coffee

– Waxed thread

– Hemp / jute cord for stitching

– Brass corner decorations

– Leather cord for headbands

– Embroidery thread for headbands

– Brass buckles

– Linen cloth for burnishing and covering the spine

– Leather dye

– Greaseproof baking paper

– 4 mm plywood covers

Today we’re making a DIY huge, leatherbound spellbook – using real leather and traditional bookbinding techniques. By using tea to stain the pages, sewing headbands and carving patterns on the cover, it really ends up looking like an “ancient”, mystical fantasy book!

Now that you have your book, here are some ideas for using it in the best way possible:

Keeping track of different uses for Essential Oils & Herbs

Identifying Rocks & Crystals and taking note of their energetic properties

Remembering dates and creating new traditions for Solstice Celebrations

Dream Logs are great for keeping track of what your subconscious is trying to tell you

Obviously you would want to keep note of your handmade Potions, Spells, and use of Tarot Layouts

There are so many things you could do with this, the options are endless!