The Upcoming Mercury Retrograde Will Affect These 6 Zodiac Signs The Most

Isn’t it amazing how the celestial objects located at such long distances from you can affect your life? It is indeed worth pondering over, how they can bring good luck to you from so far. Well, such celestial events have been happening and impacting events in our life.

Here is another one, a Mercury retrograde that will occur in March.

Let us see what impacts this retrograde going to have from March 5 to March 28.

According to astrological predictions, there are six zodiac signs that are going to be affected the most. Take a look, if you are there on the list.


Dear Gemini, it is worth reminding you that Mercury is your ruling planet. For you, the effect is going to be seen in your level of communication. While a Gemini is always considered to be wonderful at communication, this time the effects are such that your ability will be hampered for some time. You might keep forgetting things while speaking and feel tongue-tied. However, try not to be affected and remember to speak clearly to minimise the effects that might happen during the Mercury retrograde.


Though Cancerians are believed to be silent spectators, this retrograde is not going to let them be silent anymore. The retrograde might make you emotional and short-tempered, that is what can be predicted. You might get annoyed at petty issues without any good reason being behind them. We would advise you to have patience before you speak.


While Leos are the charm in the room, the spirit of joy and the energy boost, it might not be so during this March, is what seems. The energy levels will be low. You might remain somewhat lazy and uninterested.


You might remain somewhat confused about most of the things in life. Do not over-think too much and just let the phase pass. Ignore the confusion, and be patient as you might feel tensed about things and issues of little importance.


Yes, we know you are wonderful at keeping your heart unheard and concealing things from others. However, this retrograde is going to make all your true feeling are going to come to the surface. The advice is try staying cool with people and not to hurt them by your words.


Unnecessary frustration might hit you during this retrograde. Try to have a different outlook and see through things from a different perspective. Being positive will help you realise that things are not as bad as they appear.