Everything You Need To Know About This Pisces Season, Including Mercury Retrograde

On February 18-19th, the Sun will move into the 12th and last zodiac sign of Pisces.

Depicted by two fish swimming in opposite directions, this water sign represents the duality of life and the wholeness we experience when we have an understanding of both light and dark.

As the Sun has journeyed through each of the 11 zodiac signs so far, we have gained wisdom and moved through fears, we have loved and lost, we have cried and we have laughed, but each and every one of these events was only bringing us closer to wholeness.

Now, as we enter the final zodiac sign of Pisces, we are going to be able to put our journey into perspective, reflect on just how far we have come, and find a sense of completion.

Under this energy, we are going to see the rewards of our hard work and it will be important for all of us to celebrate and honor the road we have traveled.

As we wrap up this cycle, we are also going to be guided to let all the pains, burdens, and dead weight of the last 12 months go, so we can clear the way for the new cycle that will begin in March.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (March 6-March 28)

Even the most precise, direct and confrontational signs (Virgo, Capricorn and Aries, we’re talking to you) lose focus when Mercury retrograde is in pensive Pisces. Details are not your friend right now, as you find yourself staring off into space and pondering life’s “what ifs” instead of facing reality. Memorizing facts, accurately calculating numbers, getting places on time, etc., all go so south with Mercury retrograding in Pisces.

So, should you go back to bed, pull up the covers and wait for this unpleasantness to pass? Nope. Because to compensate for Mercury retrograde in Pisces’ preoccupied energy, the universe gives you an exceptional sense of intuition to balance things out. Were you too distracted to study for the big test? Facing a crisis at work? The answers you need may pop into your head seemingly out of nowhere. When you can’t rely on facts and logic, your intuition fills in the blanks. You’re welcome!