The Great Consciousness Shift Is Happening Right Now- Can You Feel It?

A Great Consciousness Shift is Happening: Can You Feel It?

This time, right now, is designed to bring out the greatest in us, the power that is only called upon by an enormous challenge. This is a monumental time where the Human race will be forced into transmuting and evolving into new levels of consciousness, the way they think, shifting their focus from lack, separation to abundance and oneness.

How Did It Start?

We are brought up taught that we have to compete, that we have to strive to be the winner and that we have to be super ambitious in order to get where we want to be.

While there is some truth in that, many of us get caught up in idle ambition. In going after something or someone in order to feel fulfilled and to have the life that we think we desire.

This is the work of the ego or the false self, who likes to repeatedly tell us that we need something outside of ourselves to get what we truly desire. That through having more and more that we will feel satisfied with our lives.

The trap with this line of thinking however, is that more is never enough, and the ambition to keep having grows and grows until we end up leading a life where we ultimately feel unsatisfied.

This lack of satisfaction then leads to a searching. A searching that will hopefully and ultimately lead to a shift or an awakening.

The Shift

It is usually when we have reached rock bottom in our lives that we call on something deeper, that we no longer look outside of ourselves for the answers, but instead we look within.

This moment is the Shift and moves us out of ambition and into meaning. Instead of idly pursing things for the sake of having more “stuff” suddenly we start thinking about a bigger purpose.

This then leads to a greater understanding of the Universe. That life is not about trying to control and get head but really it is about joining the flow and allowing life to live you instead of the other way around.

To surrender to this place takes a lot of trust, and often this trust can only be found in truly understanding and connecting with your higher self and the Divine.

To put it in perspective, we were all created by the flow of the Divine. From the moment of our conception to the first nine months of our lives, we had no control, we simply allowed the Universe to do its thing and why should that stop?

This doesn’t mean that we take a passive approach to life, but instead it means that we should trust in our inner wisdom and that our beings know exactly what it is that we need without our interference.

Through this understanding, ambition turns into meaning which then turns into purpose.

Living your purpose is all about trusting in the rhythm of life, detaching from the outcome and knowing that whatever needs to show up will do so at the perfect time as long as you are paying attention.

Instead of pushing things along, you instead just allow life to take over.

As Wayne Dyer states- “don’t die with your music still in you”– and the only way you can release this music is by allowing things to flow. Your song is already written, you just have to play the tune.

If all of these thoughts seem absurd to you, it is because you are yet to experience the Shift. For those of you who are resonating with this on some level, a Shift has probably already happened or is in process.