Horoscope: Rare Astrological Alignment Of Jupiter And Venus Bring Powerful Shift To Your Love Life

Two of the most romantic planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Venus, align together in the sign of Sagittarius to bring us love, abundance, opportunity, and optimism for the future.

This alignment happens throughout the week of January 21st, but we will feel it most strongly during the first part of the week.

After the intense Blood Moon Eclipse, this alignment of cosmic energy will bring relief, and will help us to see the positive side of whatever the Eclipse energies may have brought our way.

The alignment of Venus and Jupiter will also be helping us to feel hopeful about the future and excited about what is to come. This may bring a sense of relief, as often Eclipses can stir things up, and make us question our path moving forward.

In fact, no matter what has been stirring for you during this potent Eclipse, know that Venus and Jupiter aligning provide a protective effect and help to temper any harsh energies.

When these two planets come together, they shine like bright beacons in the sky, and encourage us to think bigger, to open our hearts, to explore, to tap into abundance, and to go after our goals no matter how big or grand they seem.

Venus and Jupiter also inspire us to travel, and to surround ourselves with things that make us feel good. In fact, under this energy, it is the perfect time to clear through each room of your house, and to let go of things that no longer inspire you and no longer align with the vision of your life.

These two planets also come together to help us create that clear vision for our lives, as every now and again, our dreams need updating.

Here is your horoscope for this adventurous time:


This alignment in your sector of self- expression can trigger a performance, new attraction, creation or moment where you decide to put yourself in the spotlight. A result may finalize something in these areas. Risky behaviour can be part of this vibe.  But Mars in your sign square Saturn reminds you of your professional responsibilities. You’ll have to go slow or deal with frustrating issues of authority and control, but the extra effort that’s demanded can also be an essential part of what you’re trying to create or express. In some cases, freedom of expression will have to be balanced with professional reputation.


This alignment in your domestic sector delivers results at home/with family that involve domestic pride or your desire to express your true self within your family. A relocation, new future goal or dramatic shift in domestic priorities may also be featured. Meanwhile, Mars in your hidden sector square Saturn suggests open actions/anger may be very difficult, as you feel blocked or repressed. A struggle behind the scenes can drain some of your energy.


This alignment in your communication centre delivers a dramatic message, decision or conversation. Words and ideas may be showy with a focus on personal beliefs and the freedom to express them. Meanwhile, Mars in your social sector square Saturn can put the brakes on a public announcement, your public actions or issues with friends. The open expression of anger or ambition may be denied as hidden rules/restrictions keep you in line. This can be a frustrating moment where you have to hold back or focus on public responsibilities.


This alignment  in your sector of personal resources illuminates a result involving earned money, values or self-esteem. Pride and the ability to create these things for yourself will be the issue, as well as your freedom in the context of what you share or owe. Watch for a result that clarifies what you need or how you can bring more power to this area of your life. Mars in your career sector square Saturn focuses on a key area of ambition or issues with management. You may feel pressured or blocked by what you have to do, or what you can’t do. Extra work, or the rules/demands of a partner, can push you to take stock of your earnings and security, as well as how you respond to authority.


This alignment can illuminate a key area of pride, recognition or power, especially regarding your relationship with another. A one-on-one connection can reflect important issues, so pay attention to the other person’s response to an ending or result (independence may be an issue). Watch for a turning point in a partnership or how others respond to you – this can clarify something about your ego. Meanwhile, Mars in your sector of opportunities square Saturn can limit your efforts regarding travel, education, legal matters or publishing. There may be very strict rules that you have to follow and your path forward may be blocked, or require extra effort. Consider how this plays into the eclipse’s turning point.


This alignment in your hidden sector illuminates what you’ve been ignoring or denying regarding health, work or daily habits. An area of pride or creativity (or perhaps something you’re not proud of) will be emphasized, and you may be pushed to go public with it or end it (if it’s undermining your personal power). Meanwhile, Mars in your sector of shared resources square Saturn defines an issue of anger, frustration or blocked action regarding shared finances or intimacy. This could be a buried psychological issue or someone else’s attempt to control you. Consider what you can and cannot do – work within those limits.


This alignment in your social sector illuminates a very public result or ending. Key themes can include your desire to stand out/perform/create or receive appreciation/respect for who you are. In some cases, a new attraction could reach a dramatic turning point. Meanwhile, Mars in your partnership sector square Saturn indicates hard focus on one area of your relationships. The actions/initiatives of another may be out of step with your responsibilities. Or, you may find that forward movement in a relationship is temporarily blocked as you reach a moment that requires extra effort or a hard look at reality.


This alignment in your career sector delivers a result involving your professional status, a job search or launch of a business. Results will involve the full expression of your talents plus what’s most personal to you, in a public context. Meanwhile, Mars in your sector of routine square Saturn suggests that specific health and work issue can be frustrating as you experience pressure to perform or improve. At the same time, you may find that your energy is restricted and you have to move carefully, giving all your attention to certain priorities.


This alignment in your opportunities sector can deliver a result or conclusion that opens up something new and exciting in the areas of education, travel, legal matters or publishing. Making your voice heard on a larger scale, or putting an ideal/dream into words are possible themes, as well as adding fuel to a big idea. Meanwhile, Mars in your sector of self-expression square Saturn will confront you with some limits about how much you can express. You may feel a dent in your self-confidence as a lack of resources or security reminds you that there’s more work to be done.


This alignment in your sector of shared resources illuminates a culmination involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. Tied into this will be your independence, pride and security in the midst of what you share or owe. Mars in your domestic sector square Saturn in your sign adds in themes of heavy responsibilities at home/with family that can emphasize what you can’t do, or where you have to work harder. In some cases, you may be attempting to enforce rules on other family members.


This alignment in your partnership sector turns the spotlight on how your ego and purpose are connected to a partnership, or lack thereof. You pride yourself on being independent but you’re not an island- this culmination will illuminate a key relationship issue, and Mars (in your communication sector) square Saturn will sharply define an edgy piece of information or a difficult conversation. What you can’t say, what you have to say or where you feel blocked from expressing anger/passion will be themes.


This alignment in your sector of routine spotlights a health or work issue that you may have been ignoring. This is about bringing pride, power and attention to what you do on a daily basis, or how you take care of yourself. Results can be unexpected, and Mars in your sector of personal resources square Saturn will define certain limits around earned money or self-esteem. There may be rules or extra work that you need to attend to in order to get what you want.