Your Horoscope For December 17 – 23: Prepare For A Massive Cosmic Shift

We have A LOT of cosmic shifts taking place this week, and all of them coincide with the Full Supermoon, the Solstice, and several planets are going direct!

This month is a time when most people are so busy preparing for the holidays and finishing up the year that I wonder if we are getting a strong message from the planetary energies to take our time; to relax whenever possible; to deepen the moment and breathe in what is beautiful.

Overall, this is a month to cherish our social and personal values; our relationships to our community and friends. This is a month to stand-up for what is for the greater good and to be thankful of our personal rights and freedom.

Here is your in-depth horoscope for this cosmically powerful week ahead:

Aries March 21 to April 19

Your efficiency will get the gas it needs on Monday, when a Mars and Pluto sextile jolts you into “to-do” mode. You’re ready to conquer your task list, thanks to this favorable dynamic between the action planet and the tiny planet of transformation.

You may feel the urge to hang back from larger holiday events this week, Aries (and that’s totally fine, by the way). Your planetary ruler, Mars, is spending his whole week in watery Pisces — you may experience your emotions and dreams more intensely than usual. When the action planet moves through such an ethereal sign, ideas around humanitarian efforts and big picture ideas can feel more tangible. To avoid having your larger-than-life feelings and ideas crushed, save them for people who share your values.

On Friday, the sun, your personal planet of entertainment and creativity will shine his beautiful rays on your 10th house of career! The sun’s job for the next month is to help you get the recognition you deserve. Do you have a ton of new exciting ideas or projects bubbling up in your mind? From Friday onward, figure out how to get them into the right hands. Trust that Capricorn season will help you take your next steps. On Saturday, the moon is full in Cancer. Take a page out of the crab’s book by finding comfort and strength in your loved ones.

Taurus April 20 to May 20

Stamp out any feelings of FOMO this weekend, Taurus! Your ruling planet, Venus, will trine with dreamy Neptune on Thursday and Friday. These two planets will collaborate with each other to help you find inspiration in both your dwelling and your dearest loved ones. And when the sun’s moves into your ninth house of expansion the following day, you may find a revelation under your own roof.

Mercury and Jupiter will encourages us share what we appreciate about each other this week. The vibe of connection will be palpable — make sure to listen with intent as your favorites spill their most exciting plans for the new year. On Saturday, the full moon enters sensitive Cancer. Everyone’s intuition will be a-humming. We’re leaving 2018 with a shared wisdom that will help us make the new year a success. Mars, your personal planet of spirituality, will spend his whole week in Pisces, placing you in an atmosphere of thoughtful openness.

Gemini May 21 to June 20

On Thursday and Friday, Venus will trine Neptune, creating a very favorable dynamic between our love and dreams sectors. But that isn’t the only positive placement you’ll benefit from this week, Gem. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, and your personal love planet, Jupiter, are working together to deliver some well-deserved blessings. You just have to open your heart if you want to receive them!

The moon, your personal planet of money, waxes to full in Cancer on Saturday. If you began a small financial project on the 7th of this month, back when the moon was new, you may be inspired to spend your earnings on something shiny for your home. If you’ve been pining after an item to sweeten your space, shop for something that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Saturday also heralds the start of Capricorn season, putting your buoyant energy to good use. Plan your upcoming week after you’ve absorbed as much good juju as you can!

Cancer June 21 to July 22

Ready to buckle down, Cancer? On Thursday, your financial planet, the sun, will trine with Uranus, which is still retrograde. Just because the planet of change is moving backwards, doesn’t mean that he can’t be of some assistance. Take advantage of the old saying,”hindsight is 20/20.” What challenges have you encountered since Uranus began his reverse path this past August? You’ve got until the 6th of January to take detailed notes on how you handled those problems — and what you learned from them.

On Saturday, the sun will make his way into Capricorn your seventh house of relationships and friendship. Is it possible that you could find new and exciting ways to work with your faves? These first few days of Capricorn season may help you create something unique and so fulfilling that it doesn’t even feel like work. Also on Saturday, the moon, your ruling planet, waxes into a full moon in your sign. Listen to your gut instincts regarding your deepest desires, but keep them close to the vest until you’re ready to share your plans.

Leo July 23 to August 22

You can’t help but shine, Leo! Soak up the sun’s favor in your fifth house of fun until Saturday, when he makes his way into your sixth house of health and work. You’ll be buzzing with the positive vibes that you’ve gathered over the last month, and you’ll feel more than ready to align your mind and body as we move into Capricorn season.

The energy is intense as toward the end of the week when Mercury, your personal planet of cash, conjoins with lucky Jupiter. On Thursday, your planetary ruler, the sun, will trine with a retrograde Uranus. The planet of change rules your romantic life. Take a stroll down memory lane back to August when he began his backwards motion. If you’re in a relationship, this is an excellent day to spend with your partner — and maybe take things to the next level. If you’re single, you could have a eureka moment. Rather than try to guess what the planets have in store for you, let yourself relax and accept what comes with open arms.

Virgo August 23 to September 22

Has your romantic life been especially spicy lately, Virgo? You can send a cosmic thank you note to Mars, your personal planet of sexuality. Whether you’re single or attached, this fiery planet has been drumming up your mojo from it’s position in your 7th house of relationships.

On Thursday, the sun will trine with a retrograde Uranus. Since this planet rules your zones of health and work, you could have a realization around how to treat yourself better. If you’ve been thinking about trying a new workout or growing your own veggies, take the plunge now. Meanwhile, at the office, you find a way to make an everyday task way more efficient. Think in small changes this week and you’ll see major results.

You’ll be jazzed on Friday when Venus trines Neptune. Venus rules your cash, while Neptune rules love — any spending you do that day won’t result in regret. Thinking of a big ticket item? Go for it — as long as you’ve done your research.

Libra September 23 to October 22

You’ll be able to feel your energy building at work this week, as your career planet, the moon, waxes through the signs, Libra. She will pass through actionable Aries from Sunday to early Tuesday morning, lighting a fire under you, before moving into Taurus on Tuesday and focusing your attentions toward fine-tuning your ideas.

Recharge and get a good night’s sleep on Wednesday when the moon is void of course until 9:34 a.m. EST. You’ll be ready to bring your learnings to the table on Thursday morning when the moon waxes in Gemini through Saturday. Lucky Jupiter and chatty Mercury will join each other on Friday as well, sealing the bonds of any contracts made. On Saturday, the sun enters Capricorn, reinforcing your can-do spirit. Take a break from attacking your to-do list that night and share your highs and lows with loved ones while the full moon is in Cancer.

Scorpio October 23 to November 21

Have you been thinking about how you can feel more content at home, Scorpio? A retrograde Uranus will trine with the sun on Thursday. The planet of change is your personal ruler of home and family, and when it forms this aspect with the sun it will lend a greater sense of clarity around what needs to be done to make your dwelling more peaceful. What changes can you make to get closer to your ideal living situation?

Thursday’s trine will also reveal how you can find more success at work and chase your ambitions at top speed, as the sun rules your career zone. Take all of your realizations into the new year, when Uranus will finally be direct. The demand for focused energy on work increases on Saturday, when the sun makes his way into Capricorn. If you can work ahead of schedule before your winter vacation, you’ll be better for it!

Sagittarius November 22 to December 21

Your glow is undeniable this week, Sagittarius! Enjoy every moment of your season that you can before Saturday, when the sun turns his attention to Capricorn. At that point you’ll be ready to hunker down and work, thanks to your career planet Mercury’s forward motion and the sun shining in your second house of finances. Are you thinking about expanding your circle? You could make a friend at the office.

Venus, your personal planet of health and work, will form a sextile with Saturn your personal planet of finances. Don’t underestimate the power of shared challenges to create strong bonds! If you invite a few coworkers over to blow off steam you’ll be sure to find common ground. Mercury, who also rules your love zone, will join with your ruling planet, Jupiter, on Friday. These two heavenly bodies have great news to share with you. If you’re in a relationship, celebrate your wins with your partner. If you’re single, you’ll feel downright magnetic!

Capricorn December 22 to January 19

Have you been thinking about getting away, Capricorn? Mars, your personal planet of home and family life, is moving through your third house of communication and travel. If you don’t have any grand trips planned, remember that you don’t have to get on a plane to find a fresh perspective. Hop behind the wheel for a weekend or check out deals on train rides! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but the time has come to break out and seek inspiration.

The moon, your personal planet of love, bounces through the first four signs of the Zodiac this week before she reaches her brightest state on Saturday night. When she approaches a full moon in Cancer, think about how you show love in your romantic relationships and friendships.

If you need a moment away from the office, see if you can work remotely on Thursday when Jupiter meets with Mercury. The red giant is your personal planet of spirituality, while the tiny messenger is your personal planet of health and work. Keep your eyes and ears open on Thursday when a retrograde Uranus trines with the sun. The planet of change happens to rule your cash, so you could be surprised with money owed to you. You’ll be ready for the spotlight on Saturday, when the sun enters your first house, illuminating your most admirable qualities.

Aquarius January 20 to February 18

On Thursday, your ruling planet, Uranus, will trine with the sun, your planetary ruler of love. Uranus’ retrograde motion will help partnered Aquarians come to happy realizations about what’s really working in their relationships. Single Water Bearers may stumble upon brand new routes to self-improvement. T

The sun will highlight your 11th house of friends all week long until Saturday, when he moves into your 12th house of spirituality and the unconscious mind. You may feel like retreating after spending your energy on socializing, and that’s okay! This is the same day that Capricorn season kicks off, inspiring you to get down to business for 2019. Mars is here to help you think about the bigger financial picture, as he tours your house of money all month long.

Pisces February 19 to March 20

How do you nurture and pursue your goals, Pisces? Do you push them forward on your own or help them grow by seeking feedback? If you set an intention on the 7th’s new moon, you’ve got time to make real progress this week — just follow the phases of the moon! As the planetary ruler of your creative juices, the moon will lead you toward success as she moves through the first four signs of the Zodiac.

Begin brainstorming with Aries’ passionate energy from Sunday to early Tuesday morning. Test your ideas from Tuesday until Wednesday evening when the moon is in Taurus. From Thursday to Saturday, harness Gemini’s quick wittedness for discussing your learnings. Take in your feedback and make notes on Saturday with the full moon in Cancer.

On Friday, your planetary ruler, Neptune, will trine with Venus. Neptune is all about idealism and dreams, while Venus rule love and beauty. Take time to consider how you can combine your dreamiest ambitions with your passions.

That’s your horoscope for this week! If you’d like to know more about the full moon, check out a great article HERE, and if you’d like to know more about the Solstice and what it means for you check HERE.