This Is What People Absolutely LOVE About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Believe it or not, but your sign says a lot about who you are and what might make people drawn to you. Of course, everyone varies, so not every zodiac trait might be applicable for your individual personality type; however, you’d be surprised to find some overlap.


And, even if you don’t notice the similarities in your own life, you can get a hint as to how others might be based on their zodiac signs, which can be beneficial when looking to build relationships and communicate effectively.


Here’s how to know what you best qualities might be, and why people may gravitate towards your energy and character, based on the stars. We chatted with astrologer Valerie Mesa to get the lowdown on these positive attributes.


Aries = Likable Traits: Their Go-Getter Personality & Can-Do Attitude


Ruled by red-hot Mars, Aries exudes strength, confidence some and serious “don’t mess with me” vibes. “This fire sign comes across as bold and incredibly willing – their drive is an unstoppable thing. Their friends and loved ones can’t help but find their can-do attitude totally entertaining,” says Mesa.


Taurus = Likable Traits: Their Patience & Earthy Sensuality


Those born with their sun in Taurus are an absolute delight to be around. “Venusian and irresistible, this earth sign is honest, dependable and always down to indulge in the pleasures of life,” says Mesa. This can be a super fun companion for a good meal or Netflix binge!


Gemini = Standout Traits: Their Brains & Clever Wit


Hysterical and intellectual, those born with their sun in Gemini are natural conversationalists and incredible storytellers. “There’s really nothing a Gemini can’t do, and the world can’t help but admire their chameleon-like personalities,” says Mesa. Just remember: Gemini is the sign of the twins, so they may shift between two different personality types without a warning.


Cancer = Standout Traits: Their Exceptional Memory & Strong Empathy


“Cancer is definitely the most sensitive in the zodiac. Nostalgic and incredibly receptive, those born under the sign of the crab are born with an emotional sixth sense,” says Mesa. Their nurturing and empathetic nature is like no other; yet, make sure you never hurt them or their loved ones. This water sign forgives but never forgets, she says.

Leo = Standout Traits: Their Shiny Charisma & Fun Personality

The class clown and the life of the party, those born under the sign of the lion can’t help but bring utter joy to the people around them. “This fire sign is artistic, charismatic and full of life. It’s always a party when they’re around, and their childlike sense of humor is one of a kind,” says Mesa.

Virgo = Standout Traits: Their Attention to Detail & Poker Face

In the midst of making the most difficult tasks seem like the easiest in the world, Virgo remains cool, calm and collected. (Jealous, right?) “The truth is, this earth sign’s mission is to do the job right or not at all. Their precision and eye for detail is something out of this world. Beyoncé woke up like this,” says Mesa.

Libra = Standout Traits: Their Irresistible Charm & Diplomacy

Libras are the children of Aphrodite, and just like Taurus, are simply delightful. “Socially curious and charming conversationalists, Libra is a pro at analyzing all sides of a story. Delicate and harmonious, this air sign will lure you in faster than you think,” says Mesa.

Scorpio = Standout Traits: Their Jaw-Dropping Appeal & Psychic Abilities

“Despite their femme fatale appeal and smoldering aura, Scorpios are blessed with many different powers. For instance, with Pluto being their ruler, Scorpios have the power to intimidate and scare whomever they please, with just one look,” says Mesa. Yikes. But, at the same, awesome. “They’re secretive psychics who plumb into the depths of your psyche in seconds. Their eyes are x-rays with a dose of mental hypnosis,” says Mesa, which can be incredibly alluring.

Sagittarius = Standout Traits: Their Philosophy & Contagious Optimism

Sagittarius’ overflowing optimism is so genuine it’s contagious. “Similar to their sister sign Leo, this fire sign’s personality is colorful and full of life. Worldly and intelligent, Sagittarius is known as the philosopher of the zodiac,” says Mesa. They’re the ones you call when you plan a sporadic road trip or decide to go skydiving.

Capricorn = Standout Traits: Their Success & Powerful Wisdom

They play to win just like Aries, except they’re hardly as impulsive. “Wise and determined, Capricorn’s ambition is not like anything you’ve ever seen. Their choices are investments and their routine is strict. They are the personal trainers of their entire life, and trust me when I say, it’s no days off,” says Mesa. That determination is something to really admire.

Aquarius = Standout Traits: Their Humanitarian Spirit & Unique Mentality

Aquarius is on a completely different level, both mentally and intellectually. “Their humanitarian spirits and innate ability to think collectively is truly unique. Original is an understatement for this air sign. They are quirky, scientific and out-of-the-box thinkers,” says Mesa. This makes them great for conversation, as whatever they say is mysterious and intriguing.

Pisces = Standout Traits: Their Brilliant Imagination

Pisces is the artist of the zodiac. “Their minds are made of dreamy déjà vu and mystical bedtime stories. They’re brilliant visionaries and a lot smarter than they seem. Don’t be fooled by Pisces’ dazed and confused disposition, they’re just strolling through different spiritual realms,” says Mesa. This imagination, though, can be really fun to explore, as you pick a Pisces’ brain for stories.